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I Need My Blood
“I will not lock my blood inside my heart, / neither will I shed my blood for naught”
Itzik Feffer February 25, 2022
Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: An Explainer
Responses to common questions on day one of Putin’s war of choice.
David Klion February 24, 2022
Henry “Scoop” Jackson and the Jewish Cold Warriors
An alliance between Jewish activists and congressional neocons made Soviet Jewry a key issue in superpower relations—and reshaped American Jewish politics in the process.
Hadas Binyamini February 24, 2022
How the Seattle Jewish Federation Blocked a Donation to B’Tselem
Donor-advised funds have legal discretion to deny gifts to groups that criticize Israel.
Alex Kane February 23, 2022
Reclaiming a Minor Literature
The editor of diasporic Hebrew journal Mikan Ve’eylakh seeks to recover the possibilities of Hebrew language not tied to the State of Israel.
Maya Rosen February 21, 2022
Mizrakh mi ma’arav
Jewish Currents is proud to release Black Ox Orkestar’s first recording in more than a decade.
Black Ox Orkestar February 18, 2022
Ukraine in Limbo
Amid Western intelligence warnings that Russia could invade at any time, Ukrainians are trying to go about their daily lives.
Linda Kinstler February 18, 2022
Deutsche Welle Firings Set Chilling Precedent for Free Speech in Germany
Seven Arab and Muslim journalists have lost their jobs for the alleged “antisemitism” of criticizing Israel.
Alex Kane February 16, 2022
In Protests, the Naqab Affirms Its Palestinian National Identity
In the Naqab region of southern Israel, as in East Jerusalem, the struggle over land is at the heart of the Palestinian question.
Dalia Hatuqa February 16, 2022
Jamaal Bowman Withdraws Co-Sponsorship of Bill Backing Israel’s Abraham Accords
Bowman’s reversal on the Israel Relations Normalization Act points toward growing opposition to the diplomatic agreements within the broader progressive movement.
Alex Kane February 15, 2022
A Sound Without a Source
Ghédalia Tazartès undermined any assumptions of origins, creating music, and living a life, proper to his diasporic condition.
Joe Bucciero February 14, 2022
The Argument
“I can’t hear myself, just the things that he said.”
Noah Baldino February 11, 2022
The Jewish Left on Jeopardy!
An interview with three-time champion and longtime activist Emma Saltzberg.
David Klion February 11, 2022
Photo of printed copies of Amnesty International's report on a table.
Why Liberal Zionist Groups Won’t Say “Apartheid”
Pressed for specific disagreements with the use of the term, leaders of several prominent Jewish organizations focused on how its application might alienate their constituencies.
Mari Cohen and Alex Kane February 10, 2022
Should the Heart Make a Stone of Itself?
An interview with the photographer Jason Francisco.
Maia Ipp February 10, 2022
The Amnesty Report on Israeli Apartheid: An Explainer
Responses to common questions about the human rights organization’s decision to recognize the nature of the occupation.
Alex Kane February 9, 2022
The Jews Expelled from Labour over Antisemitism
To improve the British Labour Party’s electoral prospects, its leader, Keir Starmer, is pushing out the anti-imperialist, socialist left—and sanctioning a generation of Jewish activists.
Joshua Leifer February 7, 2022
Recording the Survival
A new exhibition in Miami seeks to establish Maryan S. Maryan’s work as vital to the landscape of 20th-century art.
Dana Bassett February 4, 2022
Biographical Fallacy
In a new biography of Judah P. Benjamin, a Southern Jew who served in the Confederate government, one man’s life can tell us only so much about the American Jewish encounter with slavery.
Richard Kreitner February 3, 2022
No Justice for a Palestinian American Who Died in IDF Custody
The soldiers responsible for Omar Assad’s death at 78 have faced no meaningful consequences.
Alex Kane February 2, 2022
AIPAC Refuses to Learn From Its Mistakes on Iran
Because AIPAC and its allies cannot concede that Iran is a regional power in the Middle East, they promote policies that bring the US closer to war.
Peter Beinart January 31, 2022
Activestills and the Making of a Decolonial Archive
Members of the Israel/Palestine-based photo collective explain their approach to their work.
Alex Kane January 28, 2022
What’s Behind Iran’s New Hebrew-Language News Site?
Tasnim’s foray into Hebrew is part of an escalating propaganda war between Israel and Iran.
Orly Noy January 28, 2022
Democrats Mostly Silent on Sheikh Jarrah Expulsions
Key members of Congress who criticized Israel last spring are declining to comment on Palestinian home demolitions.
Mari Cohen January 26, 2022
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