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Revaluing the Strike
Rather than viewing strikes as a last-resort bargaining tactic, the labor movement must embrace them as engines of political transformation.
Erik Baker September 27, 2023
By Such Honorifics, You Attempt to Summon the Old Country You Have Never Seen
“Chosen affliction / Spilt milk / Pool of amnesia / Extreme sport / Terminal psychodrama”
Momtaza Mehri September 22, 2023
When Prisons Privilege Family Ties, Who Gets Left Behind?
Prisons sometimes temper their isolating nature by connecting prisoners to family, but State Raised individuals are still excluded.
Raymond Williams September 21, 2023
“Biden’s Legacy Will Be Apartheid”
President Biden has answered Prime Minister Netanyahu’s extremist government with only the mildest of rebukes. Critics say he is failing to meet the moment.
Alex Kane September 20, 2023
On Addressing Jews
The death of the two-state paradigm provides an opportunity for the Palestinian national movement to once again speak explicitly to Jews.
Peter Beinart and George Bisharat September 18, 2023
Abbas Is America’s Man
American condemnations of the PA president’s antisemitism gloss over the US’s role in propping up his authoritarian rule.
Dana El Kurd September 14, 2023
An Anti-Migrant Offensive In Israel
Recent police violence against Israel’s Eritrean minority is a window into the government’s escalating hostility towards non-Jewish immigrants.
Alex Kane September 12, 2023
Chile’s Documentarian of Dashed Dreams
Fifty years after a coup ended Chile’s socialist experiment, the films of Patricio Guzmán—now on view in a New York retrospective—offer a guide to the era and its long shadow.
Mitchell Abidor September 7, 2023
The End of Widady
Settler attacks are rapidly depopulating Palestinian communities in Area C of the West Bank.
Joshua Leifer September 6, 2023
“To Hell with This Depressing Atmosphere”
Three comics from Tits & Clits, the most risqué of the second wave’s underground women’s anthologies
Jillian Steinhauer August 24, 2023
Israel’s TikTok Extremists
Far-right content has taken Israeli TikTok by storm, rallying the country’s youth in support of Jewish supremacy.
Sophia Goodfriend August 22, 2023
Portraits of Encounter
In paintings of Queens’s blue-collar workers and immigrant communities, Aliza Nisenbaum explores the small-scale politics of interpersonal relationships.
Jillian Steinhauer August 16, 2023
Israel’s Anti-Miscegenation Law
A new law classifies some sexual crimes as “terrorism,” signaling an intent to target Arabs—and a goal of preventing racial mixing.
Elisheva Goldberg August 15, 2023
The New Debate Over Aid to Israel
Once a consensus position, US funding of Israel now has new detractors from the heart of the political establishment.
Alex Kane August 8, 2023
To Grieve the World Like a Dying Friend
What does it mean to build toward a future on a planet in the midst of collapse?
Cynthia Friedman August 3, 2023
Abolishing Israel’s Reasonableness Standard: An Explainer
The Knesset just passed the first step in the controversial judicial overhaul plan. What does it mean and what happens next?
Elisheva Goldberg August 1, 2023
Two Poems
“Eager for big words the woman whispered / Do you still love me / Do you see the death squads of tradition”
Joyce Mansour July 28, 2023
Can Tourism Be Liberatory?
In Invited to Witness, scholar Jennifer Lynn Kelly discusses the political possibilities of Palestinian solidarity tourism.
Raphael Magarik July 27, 2023
Herzog’s Lullaby
The Biden administration indulges the Israeli President’s nostalgia act even as the promise of a true democracy slips away in Israel/Palestine.
Matthew Duss July 25, 2023
A Century of Disappointment
In her new book Political Disappointment, Sara Marcus excavates historical responses to political loss that might help us hold on to our radical aspirations.
Ari M. Brostoff July 21, 2023
Must We Have Children?
An investigation of the biblical injunction to “be fruitful and multiply.”
Laynie Soloman July 19, 2023
The PA’s Slow-Motion Collapse
In the aftermath of Israel’s attack on Jenin, the Palestinian Authority’s efforts to regain legitimacy risk hastening its potentially terminal decline.
Joshua Leifer July 18, 2023
Looking for a Lineage in the Lusk Archive
The records of a New York surveillance committee from the time of the First Red Scare document a radical world—and its demise.
Ben Nadler and Oksana Mironova July 18, 2023
Family Ties
For novelist Rona Jaffe, the drive for independence was inculcated in the intimate sphere of the family, where care could look an awful lot like coercion.
Jess Bergman July 18, 2023
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