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A Hebrew Teacher Called Herself an Anti-Zionist. She Was Fired.
A complaint arguing that a Reform synagogue violated New York labor law could point toward a new strategy for Palestinian rights advocates.
Isaac Scher January 25, 2022
The Club Recreates the Ladino-Speaking World of Jewish Istanbul
The Netflix series punctures Turkey’s official narratives to present a more complicated and realistic picture.
Nesi Altaras January 21, 2022
“Don’t make universes out of nothing / Use what’s there– take it easy, but take it”
manuel arturo abreu January 21, 2022
Israeli Forces Kill Two Elderly Palestinians in Two Weeks
The latest victims of the occupation include a US citizen and a revered nonviolent activist.
Elisheva Goldberg January 20, 2022
Surviving Yet Another Prison Quarantine
Every Covid lockdown means losing the few privileges that make incarceration more bearable.
Christopher Blackwell January 14, 2022
A Logic of Elimination
Historian Lorenzo Veracini discusses settler colonialism, Zionism, and decolonial futures.
Abe Silberstein January 11, 2022
sol(ace) song
“few things we sojourners / have shaped contain so much space —”
Evie Shockley January 7, 2022
We’re Still Living Through the Aftermath of January 6th
The Capitol Riot was an extreme manifestation of the right’s decades-long efforts to subvert democracy.
David Klion January 6, 2022
A Brooklyn Rally Against Antisemitism Offers Right-Wing Solutions
After a Jewish man was attacked for wearing an IDF hoodie, demonstrators responded with calls for more cops.
Alex Kane January 5, 2022
Desmond Tutu’s Lifelong Struggle Against Apartheid
South Africa’s moral leader frequently clashed with Israel and the American Jewish establishment.
Alex Kane December 29, 2021
Republicans’ Revealing Arguments Against the Islamophobia Envoy
The antisemitism envoy is exactly what congressional Republicans fear the Islamophobia envoy could become: a threat to free speech.
Peter Beinart December 29, 2021
Letter from the Editors
2021 at Jewish Currents
The Editors December 27, 2021
Columbia Grad Students Are Close to Victory—But Some Issues Remain Unresolved
The largest labor action in the country has the potential to transform higher education.
Arielle Isack December 24, 2021
AIPAC’s New PACs Signal a Strategic Shift
Washington’s flagship Israel lobby is turning to a more explicit fundraising model.
Alex Kane December 22, 2021
“Pro-Israel” Pundits Don’t Talk About Israel
Many of the hawkish commentators frequently described as Israel experts show surprisingly little interest in the on-the-ground reality in the state they admire.
Peter Beinart December 20, 2021
An Archive of the Present
A conversation with scholar Gil Z. Hochberg about the limits and potential of the archive
Hazem Fahmy December 17, 2021
From Migrations
“and there was something beloved in the days and in the memory of the days / and it took me my whole life to wake up”
Gloria Gervitz December 17, 2021
Survivor’s Guilt
In his Novi Sad trilogy of post-Holocaust fictions, the Serbian novelist Aleksandar Tišma examines the psychologically warping effects of antisemitism.
Jess Bergman December 14, 2021
The Origins of the Ukraine Crisis
A guide for the perplexed
David Klion December 10, 2021
Middle East Studies Association Votes to Consider Endorsing BDS
An endorsement of the BDS movement would be another indicator of just how much Israel’s apartheid system disquiets academia in the US.
Alex Kane December 9, 2021
The Passenger
“It’s Jewish blood that’s bringing the German people together.”
Ulrich Alexander Boschwitz December 9, 2021
Jamaal Bowman’s Trip to Israel Sparks Debate in DSA Over Electoral Strategy
The congressman’s divergence from DSA’s line on Israel/Palestine has led the socialist group to reexamine its approach to endorsements.
Alex Kane December 7, 2021
The Politically Expedient Jewishness of Éric Zemmour
For the new standard bearer of the French far right, Jewish identity provides cover for Islamophobia, racism, and antisemitism.
Mitchell Abidor and Miguel Lago December 6, 2021
The Bard of Ambivalence
A playlist for Stephen Sondheim, 1930-2021
Max Freedman December 3, 2021
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