Porzellan Manufaktur Allach
Robert Russell’s recent exhibition exposes idyllic trinkets as sites of Nazi domination and imagination.
Rotem Rozental September 28, 2023
Portraits of Encounter
In paintings of Queens’s blue-collar workers and immigrant communities, Aliza Nisenbaum explores the small-scale politics of interpersonal relationships.
Jillian Steinhauer August 16, 2023
The images that comprise Open evoke the almost spectral omnipresence of a malevolent state power.
Morgan Ashcom July 18, 2023
Do Less
nibia pastrana santiago confronts the politics of movement by making dances that refuse to dance.
nibia pastrana santiago February 15, 2023
Under the Hood
A sanitized Philip Guston retrospective tries so hard not to offend that it skirts around the most interesting aspect of Guston’s work: his meditations on the American Jewish relationship to anti-Black violence.
Zoé Samudzi November 16, 2022
Post-Soviet Realism
Zoya Cherkassky-Nnadi’s oeuvre looks frankly at the immigrant experience.
Rotem Rozental June 13, 2022
“The AIDS Crisis is Still Beginning”
In Gregg Bordowitz’s decades of aesthetic experimentation, ritualized attention to the present is a route to the past and the future.
Tausif Noor October 7, 2021
Female Forms
Hannah Wilke, whose vaginal sculptures from the 1960s and ’70s are undergoing a revival, eschewed political stagecraft for feminist indeterminacy.
Nina Renata Aron August 31, 2021
Material Conditions
Rachel Breen’s textile work connects the garment industry to the suffering that sustains it.
Sheila Regan July 6, 2021
Hide and Seek
Adam Liam Rose’s recent works on paper investigate the violence and vulnerability of structures built for “safety.”
Ariel Goldberg January 14, 2021
A Journey Into the Heart of Whiteness
For more than 50 years, Rosalind Fox Solomon has sought to understand whiteness from its margins.
Zoé Samudzi July 22, 2020
Doron Langberg and the New Queer Intimism
An emerging movement in painting depicts everyday queer life with striking intimacy.
Tyler Malone December 9, 2019
Devra Freelander
Far Away, Deep Inside
Devra Freelander’s climate conscious works ask: What does it mean to love what you destroy, and to destroy what you love?
Devra Freelander November 26, 2019
Shirley Wegner’s Unsettled Landscapes
In Wegner’s photographs, we are looking not at historic events but at collective memories.
Michael McCanne September 4, 2019
Structuring Voids: Jenny Yurshansky’s Malleable Monuments
Jenny Yurshansky’s work explores the search for clarity in the impossible face of trauma.
Martabel Wasserman April 25, 2019
The Art of Irreverence: Martha Rosler’s War on Complacency
“What I’m saying is, history’s a bitch.”
Rachel Wetzler April 12, 2019
Benyamin Reich’s ‘Imagine: Dreams of the Third Generation’
An Israeli photographer in Berlin explores subterranean currents in Jewish-German relationships.
Maia Ipp November 27, 2018
Charting Power
The artist uses maps from Israel/Palestine and drains them of their political utility.
Amir Guberstein October 9, 2018
The Other Iron Dome
An artist finds vulnerability in cast iron sculptures of Israel’s “Iron Dome.”
Bonny Nahmias September 13, 2018
Boycott! The Art of Economic Activism
Selections from the Center for the Study of Political Graphics’ traveling exhibition.
Carol A. Wells September 12, 2018
What People in Solitary Confinement Want to See
A collection of images from the participatory art project Photo Requests From Solitary.
Photo Requests From Solitary September 7, 2018