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Jamaal Bowman’s Trip to Israel Sparks Debate in DSA Over Electoral Strategy
The congressman’s divergence from DSA’s line on Israel/Palestine has led the socialist group to reexamine its approach to endorsements.
Alex Kane December 7, 2021
The Politically Expedient Jewishness of Éric Zemmour
For the new standard bearer of the French far right, Jewish identity provides cover for Islamophobia, racism, and antisemitism.
Mitchell Abidor and Miguel Lago December 6, 2021
The Bard of Ambivalence
A playlist for Stephen Sondheim, 1930-2021
Max Freedman December 3, 2021
The Gaps in Our Stories
A conversation with Israeli cartoonist Rutu Modan on her new graphic novel, Tunnels.
Abraham Riesman December 2, 2021
Photo Essay
Travesty Show
An illustrated correspondence
Nicholas Muellner and Helen Betya Rubinstein November 30, 2021
Meir Kahane’s Long Shadow
The far-right activist and politician died in disgrace, but Shaul Magid’s new book argues that his ideas have shaped mainstream American Judaism.
Raphael Magarik November 24, 2021
The Making of Satmar Williamsburg
In a new history of the Hasidic “fortress in Brooklyn,” a community’s struggle for the right to the city is not always waged in the common interest.
Samuel Stein November 23, 2021
The Long Reach of Restraint
For Israel’s Supreme Court, to exercise power might be to lose it.
Elisheva Goldberg November 22, 2021
Outside the Text
Sylvère Lotringer, who died last week, brought together French theorists, punk writers, and political insurrectionists through the avant-garde press Semiotext(e).
James Duesterberg November 19, 2021
The Right to Boycott Is Under Attack
The director of the new documentary Boycott discusses the high stakes of the legal fight against anti-BDS legislation.
Mari Cohen November 18, 2021
Bad Education
In The Loneliest Americans, Jay Caspian Kang suggests that for Asian Americans, the process of political consciousness raising has gone terribly wrong.
Zoe Hu November 17, 2021
George Washington University Employees Offered Support to Palestinian Students. Now They Say They’re Paying the Price.
After criticizing “Israeli apartheid” and offering a processing space to Palestinian students in June, a campus office has been prevented from serving its regular functions, according to a civil rights complaint.
Alex Kane November 16, 2021
Trick of the Light
In a film adaptation of Nella Larsen’s Passing, racial passing is about seeing as much as being seen.
Adrienne Brown November 15, 2021
Ode to the Security Woman
“The security woman / rubbed on my pussy / like it was Aladdin’s lamp”
Mona Kareem November 12, 2021
Will Politico’s New Owner Allow Criticism of Israel?
German media giant Axel Springer demands that its employees support Israel, capitalism, and NATO.
David Klion November 12, 2021
It Is Impossible to “Shrink the Conflict”
The Israeli government cannot significantly improve Palestinian lives without granting them basic rights.
Peter Beinart November 11, 2021
Photo Essay
Portraits of Resistance in Masafer Yatta
Israel’s Supreme Court will soon decide the case of the residents of Masafer Yatta, who have lived for decades under the threat of displacement by the military.
Emily Glick November 10, 2021
How Israel Advocates Shut Down a Union’s Motion to Endorse BDS
When unionists wrote a pro-Palestine motion, Israel advocates contrived a wide-ranging campaign to stop it from receiving a vote.
Isaac Scher November 8, 2021
The Right’s War on “Wokeness” in Virginia
Progressives can’t afford to avoid the new culture war.
David Klion November 5, 2021
Office Hours
Office Hours: Vitaly
“If I can’t come into the classroom ready to listen, it’s not an abolitionist space.”
Richie Reseda November 2, 2021
you must believe in spring
“you would trade a skull of yes/no for quiet, two slushed thoughts / per foot below, but there it goes dewing the frost of your plan”
Kemi Alabi October 29, 2021
Can Minneapolis Reimagine Policing?
A proposed new department would include professionals like mental health workers alongside cops.
Nathan Goldman October 29, 2021
Aaahh!!! Jewish Monsters
An illustrated guide
Elie Lichtschein October 29, 2021
“I Campaigned on Right, Not on Fear”
If he loses due to his support for BDS, Florida congressional candidate Omari Hardy says his “conscience will be clear.”
Alex Kane October 25, 2021
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