Philanthropist Michael Leven Donated to Canary Mission Blacklist
The revelation makes him the third major American Jewish funder associated with the project.
Abby Seitz and Alex Kane October 14, 2021
Sanders Pushes Gaza Aid in Exchange for “Yes” Vote on Iron Dome Funds
The Senate’s most prominent Israel critic will join the rest of the Democratic caucus in voting for aid for the anti-missile system.
Alex Kane October 7, 2021
A Prison Break Liberates the Palestinian Political Imagination
Six detainees’ dramatic escape from a maximum-security Israeli prison has sparked demonstrations across the occupied territories and shifted Palestinians’ sense of what is possible.
Dalia Hatuqa September 23, 2021
When Palestinian Political Speech Is “Incitement”
Since May, Israeli police have doubled down on their use of an expansive counterterrorism law to stamp out Palestinian activism online.
Sophia Goodfriend September 15, 2021
House Progressives Renew Effort to Block Bomb Deliveries to Israel
An exclusive report on a long-shot push—led by Reps. Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib, and Pocan—to stop the export of US-made weapons.
Alex Kane September 14, 2021
Avodah Considers Stepping Out on Israel/Palestine
Under pressure from constituents, progressive domestic Jewish groups may break their silence on the occupation.
Mari Cohen July 22, 2021
The Christian Zionist Group Shaping Holocaust Education in Florida
The state’s new learning standards reflect the influence of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations, a right-wing organization that believes Christians have a “Biblical responsibility” to support Israel.
Corey Sherman July 1, 2021
Days Before Approving Humanitarian Aid to Gaza, State Department Agreed to Contentious Bomb Sale to Israel
Days after progressive legislators attempted to block the sale, the administration quietly granted the export license.
Alex Kane May 25, 2021
Progressive Legislators to Introduce Resolution Blocking Bomb Sale to Israel
The resolution is a rebuke of the Biden administration’s Middle East policy, and a stark signal of progressive Democrats’ anger over Israel’s punishing assault on Gaza.
Alex Kane May 19, 2021
J Street Goes on Offense, Carefully
For the first time, the liberal Jewish lobby is placing advocacy for restricting military aid to Israel front and center.
Mari Cohen May 5, 2021
What Happened to IfNotNow?
The close of the Trump era finds the millennial anti-occupation group at a crossroads.
Aaron Freedman April 26, 2021
Revising the Dream
Members of the socialist-Zionist youth group Habonim Dror North America are increasingly pushing back on Zionism’s centrality in the movement.
Mari Cohen April 19, 2021
Can New York’s Progressives Stop Andrew Yang?
The shape of the mayoral race reveals the limits of the electoral power the left has built in the city since 2018.
Joshua Leifer April 15, 2021
All Talk
The coexistence camp Seeds of Peace prides itself on bringing Israeli and Palestinian teenagers into a fruitful dialogue process. But alumni and staff now say that the model does more harm than good.
Jess Rohan April 12, 2021
The Fight for the Right to Organize
The PRO Act would give contingent workers the right to collectively bargain. But organizers will have to cut through corporate-backed misinformation about the bill.
Clio Chang April 2, 2021
Fears of Government Surveillance Complicate Muslim Groups’ Access to Federal Security Funding
Muslim applicants to the Nonprofit Security Grant Program, which has long funneled money to Jewish organizations, express concerns about pressure to collaborate with law enforcement.
Mari Cohen March 30, 2021
The Right to a History Without Lies
With the ruling that two prominent Holocaust scholars must apologize for defaming the “good name” of the Polish nation, the chilling of speech enters a sinister new phase in Poland.
Linda Kinstler March 22, 2021
Former AIPAC Senior Operative Launches Group to Cultivate Democratic Support for Israel
Jonathan Kessler wants to offer progressives “a channel for their dissatisfaction that’s not disruptive of the US-Israel alliance.”
Alex Kane March 18, 2021
Progressives Are Losing Patience with Biden’s Iran Policy
Left-wing voices on foreign policy say pressuring the administration may serve their goals better than joining it.
David Klion March 9, 2021
Israel’s Islamists Side with Netanyahu
The prime minister is the main beneficiary of the fracturing of the Joint List.
Joshua Leifer February 16, 2021
How the ADL’s Israel Advocacy Undermines Its Civil Rights Work
Interviews with eight former ADL employees found that CEO Jonathan Greenblatt has repeatedly chosen to support crackdowns on criticism of Israel over protecting civil liberties, putting him in conflict with his own civil rights office.
Alex Kane and Jacob Hutt February 8, 2021
Authors of California Ethnic Studies Curriculum Decry Cuts to Arab Studies
California ethnic studies advocates say new additions to a statewide curriculum, including those pushed by Israel-advocacy groups, don’t align with the discipline’s mission.
Gabi Kirk February 3, 2021
The Complex Reality of Black–Jewish Coalitions in Georgia
Local organizers say Warnock and Ossoff’s winning campaign is a promising sign for intercommunal relations. But a romanticized narrative obscures persistent class divisions and conflict over Israel.
Mari Cohen January 26, 2021
Vaccination Under Occupation
Israel has a legal responsibility to ensure that Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza are vaccinated. The question is one of execution on the ground.
Mairav Zonszein January 12, 2021
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