After More Than 100 Arms Shipments to Israel, Biden Withholds One
Experts say the administration’s attempt to “send a message” to Israel falls flat as it skirts legal requirements to cut off arms transfers.
Alex Kane May 16, 2024
Chuck Schumer and Democrats’ New Line on “Netanyahu’s War”
The majority leader’s recent speech exemplifies his party’s effort to isolate Netanyahu and pacify voters without changing policy.
Alex Kane March 26, 2024
Israeli Aid Policies Drive Starvation
US initiatives to airdrop and ship aid to Gaza are logistical workarounds to a political problem.
Elisheva Goldberg and Maya Rosen March 12, 2024
Understanding Biden’s Settler Sanctions Strategy
The administration’s sanctions on Israeli settlers are an attempt to mollify its disillusioned base without confronting the Israeli government.
Alex Kane March 5, 2024
Pro-Palestine Politics Hit a Wall in Keir Starmer’s Labour Party
The leadership of the UK’s main opposition party has managed to contain internal dissent over Israel’s war on Gaza.
Dahlia Krutkovich and Jonathan Shamir February 27, 2024
J Street’s Pro-War Stance Prompts Staff Departures
The liberal Zionist lobbying group’s support for Israel’s assault on Gaza has sparked staff dissent and alienated onetime allies.
Mari Cohen February 9, 2024
What the Israeli Public Doesn’t See
In largely ignoring the suffering of Palestinian civilians in Gaza, the Israeli media both shapes and reflects public opinion.
Elisheva Goldberg February 7, 2024
The Epidemiological War on Gaza
Disease is poised to become an even deadlier second front in Israel’s assault on the besieged Strip.
Maya Rosen January 5, 2024
Top Executive Leaves ADL Over CEO’s Praise of Elon Musk
Yaël Eisenstat’s departure is the most prominent instance of post-October 7th dissent within the organization.
Mari Cohen and Alex Kane January 3, 2024
Democrats Slam Lack of Congressional Oversight on Israel Arms Sale
Despite its stated concern about the civilian toll in Gaza, the Biden administration is using emergency powers to expedite weapons transfers to Israel.
Alex Kane December 14, 2023
Progressive Zionists Choose a Side
In attending the November 14th March for Israel and refusing to call for a ceasefire, many progressive Jewish groups have cast their lot with the Jewish mainstream.
Mari Cohen December 8, 2023
Hostages’ Families Fight to Be Heard
The families of those held in Gaza have faced violence and neglect in their quest to retrieve their loved ones.
Maya Rosen November 15, 2023
Crisis at the 92nd Street Y
A recent controversy suggests the post-October 7th political landscape will pose existential challenges for Jewish institutions trying to maintain pro-Israel politics alongside a broad cultural mission.
Mari Cohen November 8, 2023
Calls for a Ceasefire Get Little Traction in Congress
Three weeks into Israel’s assault on Gaza, only about 10% of House Democrats have called for an end to the bombing.
Alex Kane October 27, 2023
An Anti-Palestinian Crackdown Across Europe
European leaders are responding to growing pro-Palestine protests with an unprecedented wave of repression.
Jonathan Shamir October 26, 2023
A “McCarthyite Backlash” Against Pro-Palestine Speech
From university disciplinary hearings to death threats, supporters of Palestinian rights are facing a wave of reprisals.
Alex Kane October 20, 2023
Gazan Workers Stuck in Purgatory After Israel Revokes Permits
In what human rights groups call “a prohibited act of vengeance,” Israel has stripped Gazan workers of their legal status, detaining many without trial.
Jonathan Shamir October 19, 2023
Major News Networks Sideline Palestinian Analysts
Leading Palestinian commentators describe canceled appearances and segments pulled from CBS and CNN shows.
Mari Cohen October 18, 2023
The Hamas Attacks and Israeli Response: An Explainer
An explainer answering readers’ questions about the situation in Israel/Palestine after October 7th.
Alex Kane, Mari Cohen, Jonathan Shamir, and Isaac Scher October 10, 2023
“Biden’s Legacy Will Be Apartheid”
President Biden has answered Prime Minister Netanyahu’s extremist government with only the mildest of rebukes. Critics say he is failing to meet the moment.
Alex Kane September 20, 2023
Step by Step
Can Holocaust remembrance stones break Spain’s “Pact of Silence” around its civil war?
Andrew Silverstein July 18, 2023
The Strange Logic of Germany’s Antisemitism Bureaucrats
An army of antisemitism commissioners was supposed to help Germany atone for its past. Critics say it is evidence of a memory effort gone haywire.
Peter Kuras July 18, 2023
The Hindu Nationalists Using the Pro-Israel Playbook
Inspired by Jewish groups that cast criticism of Israel as antisemitism, Hindu American organizations are advancing a concept of “Hinduphobia” that puts India beyond reproach.
Aparna Gopalan June 28, 2023
The Israeli Far Right’s Man in Princeton
How did Im Tirtzu founder Ronen Shoval end up promoting Israel’s judicial overhaul at one of the US’s most prestigious universities?
Dahlia Krutkovich and Sarah Rosen June 8, 2023
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