What Comes Next for Jews of Color Activism?
As Jewish institutions neglect the diversity commitments they made in 2020, anti-racism organizers experiment with new approaches.
Arielle Isack March 23, 2023
greenblatt at the adl
ADL Staffers Dissented After CEO Compared Palestinian Rights Groups to Right-Wing Extremists, Leaked Audio Reveals
A special meeting called to answer internal critics shows that the ADL’s vocal opposition to the anti-Zionist left is controversial even within the organization.
Mari Cohen and Alex Kane March 8, 2023
New Report Could Hamstring Palestine Advocacy in Britain’s Largest Student Organization
Long a platform for anti-Zionist politics in the UK, the National Union of Students has agreed to limit speech about Israel/Palestine.
Dahlia Krutkovich February 8, 2023
J Street’s Balancing Act Comes Under Pressure
The liberal Zionist organization is proving too critical of Israel for the mainstream Democratic establishment it courts—and not critical enough for its own constituency.
Alex Kane February 1, 2023
How a Giant of Responsible Investing Agreed to an Israel Exception
After a multi-year campaign by Jewish groups, Morningstar—a major firm known for socially responsible investing—is softening its approach to Israeli human rights abuses.
Mari Cohen January 25, 2023
The Gamified Occupation
A Fauda-themed escape room in Tel Aviv gives customers a taste of military rule.
Sophia Goodfriend December 16, 2022
Palestine Is a Proxy Fight in a Fractious DSA
With a sizable gap between the left’s demand for Palestinian liberation and the pro-Israel tack of national politics, Palestine takes center stage in arguments about discipline and electoralism.
Alex Kane December 15, 2022
In Internal Memo, American Jewish Committee Blasts Op-Ed on “Jewish-Free Zones” at Berkeley Law
The group’s disavowal of an article written by Israel advocate Kenneth Marcus revealed tension over the best strategy to combat campus Palestine activism.
Mari Cohen and Alex Kane October 14, 2022
The GOP’s Plan to Build the Third Temple
Republicans are working with Kahanist activists to advance a violent vision of Jewish control over Jerusalem’s holy sites.
Corey Sherman October 7, 2022
The Political Unconscious
Is psychoanalysis in Israel/Palestine doomed to reinforce the dynamics of the occupation?
Eta Demby October 3, 2022
The Fight for the Future of Israel Studies
Donors view Israel studies as a vehicle for countering Palestine activism on campus. But many of the scholars they fund don’t toe the line.
Mari Cohen September 28, 2022
Progressives Introduce Amendment to Force US Investigation into Israel’s Killing of Shireen Abu Akleh
The amendment comes after the State Department released a waffling statement on the death of the Palestinian American journalist.
Alex Kane July 6, 2022
Progressive Lawmakers Demand Stop to Israeli “War Crime” in Masafer Yatta
In a letter to the Secretary of State, 15 House Democrats urged the administration to intervene against the expulsion of Palestinians from West Bank villages.
Isaac Scher May 31, 2022
How a Defender of Palestinian Rights Lost His Way
As the Washington director of Human Rights Watch, Tom Malinowski fought for justice in Israel-Palestine. All that changed once he got to Congress.
Peter Beinart May 2, 2022
The ADL Doubles Down on Opposing the Anti-Zionist Left
CEO Jonathan Greenblatt argued that Palestine-solidarity groups are “the photo inverse of the extreme right,” and promised that fighting them would become more central to his mission.
Mari Cohen and Isaac Scher May 1, 2022
Deborah Lipstadt vs. “The Oldest Hatred”
In her new role as antisemitism envoy, Deborah Lipstadt will attempt to fight a scourge of antisemitism that she seems to regard as incurable.
Mari Cohen April 28, 2022
What the Fossil Fuel Industry Learned from Anti-BDS Laws
Attacks on Israel’s critics have become the template for efforts to suppress climate activism, gun control advocacy, and other progressive movements.
Alex Kane April 4, 2022
Internal ADL Memo Recommended Ending Police Delegations to Israel Amid Backlash
The controversial program, now on pause, was characterized by senior staff as high cost and low reward.
Alex Kane and Sam Levin March 17, 2022
What a BDS-Supporting President Means for Chile’s Jewish and Palestinian Diasporas
In Chile, home to a significant Palestinian community as well as a smaller Jewish enclave, the election of leftist Gabriel Boric may galvanize a shift in the politics of Israel/Palestine.
Jess Schwalb March 10, 2022
The Many Oblivions of Babi Yar
An ambitious creative team promised to make Kyiv home to the biggest and most impressive Holocaust museum in all of Europe. Before Russia attacked the city, scholars and artists had spent years in pitched disagreement over the vision of the memorial.
Linda Kinstler March 7, 2022
Our Oligarch
Jewish institutions have accepted hundreds of millions of dollars from Putin confidante Roman Abramovich. Will Russia’s invasion of Ukraine force a reckoning?
David Klion March 3, 2022
In Protests, the Naqab Affirms Its Palestinian National Identity
In the Naqab region of southern Israel, as in East Jerusalem, the struggle over land is at the heart of the Palestinian question.
Dalia Hatuqa February 16, 2022
Jamaal Bowman Withdraws Co-Sponsorship of Bill Backing Israel’s Abraham Accords
Bowman’s reversal on the Israel Relations Normalization Act points toward growing opposition to the diplomatic agreements within the broader progressive movement.
Alex Kane February 15, 2022
Photo of printed copies of Amnesty International's report on a table.
Why Liberal Zionist Groups Won’t Say “Apartheid”
Pressed for specific disagreements with the use of the term, leaders of several prominent Jewish organizations focused on how its application might alienate their constituencies.
Mari Cohen and Alex Kane February 10, 2022
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