The Complicity of Israeli Academia
Scholar Maya Wind discusses Israeli universities’ longstanding role in Palestinian subjugation.
Raphael Magarik May 23, 2024
Reviving the Language of Empire
Aziz Rana on revisiting the anti-imperialism of the 1960s and ’70s amid the return of left internationalism.
Nora Caplan-Bricker May 9, 2024
Weeping for Babylon
Avi Shlaim discusses the factors behind the exodus of Iraqi Jews and how the concept of the “Arab-Jew” can chart an alternative future.
Zvi Ben-Dor Benite April 15, 2024
“Nothing Is Immutable”
Literary scholar Saree Makdisi discusses Zionism’s structures of denial, imperial racial logics, and the horizon of coexistence.
Claire Schwartz April 12, 2024
The Suppressed Lineage of American Jewish Dissent on Zionism
In his recent book Our Palestine Question, historian Geoffrey Levin uncovers the long history of American Jewish concern for Palestinian rights.
Emma Saltzberg March 13, 2024
“A Counterrevolution Always Comes”
Vincent Bevins on the lessons that the global mass protests of the 2010s hold for our moment.
Alex Press March 6, 2024
“You Cannot Study Israel Without Palestine”
A conversation with the editors of the new academic journal Palestine/Israel Review, which advocates a “relational approach” to studying the region’s intertwined histories.
Mari Cohen January 31, 2024
The “Postcolonial” Colonization of Kashmir
In a new book, historian Hafsa Kanjwal charts India’s decades-long consolidation of power in the occupied region.
Deeksha Udupa January 22, 2024
“A Day in the Life of Abed Salama” After October 7th
Nathan Thrall on his new book and the escalating repression of pro-Palestine speech.
Mari Cohen December 19, 2023
“Never Again” After October 7th
Scholars of the Holocaust discuss the mobilization of Jewish memory in the wake of Hamas’s attacks and Israel’s war on Gaza.
Linda Kinstler November 29, 2023
Recognizing the Roma Holocaust
In his recent book Rain of Ash, historian Ari Joskowicz examines the evolving relationships between Jews and Roma in the struggle for justice.
Daniel Kraft October 5, 2023
Archives of Israeli Oppression
Akevot Institute founder Lior Yavne on how unearthing government records can illuminate ongoing injustices.
Mitchell Abidor September 29, 2023
A Strangeness Inside Your Self
Hélène Cixous discusses writing as a woman, the meaning of Jewishness, and the impossibility of understanding.
Claire Schwartz September 28, 2023
Reading Baldwin After Kanye
A conversation about James Baldwin’s 1967 essay, “Negroes are Anti-Semitic Because They are Anti-White.”
nyle fort, Marc Lamont Hill, Daniel May, Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, and Ben Ratskoff September 28, 2023
Can Tourism Be Liberatory?
In Invited to Witness, scholar Jennifer Lynn Kelly discusses the political possibilities of Palestinian solidarity tourism.
Raphael Magarik July 27, 2023
A Century of Disappointment
In her new book Political Disappointment, Sara Marcus excavates historical responses to political loss that might help us hold on to our radical aspirations.
Ari M. Brostoff July 21, 2023
Unpacking Israel’s Legal Fictions
Noura Erakat discusses the Jenin invasion and Israel’s efforts to unilaterally change the laws of war.
Alex Kane July 14, 2023
The Heat of an Old Tale
In her new book, Happily, Sabrina Orah Mark uses fairy tale forms to open the hidden doors of family life.
Kate Bernheimer July 13, 2023
Necessary Defense
Director Daniel Goldhaber on turning Andreas Malm’s eco-terrorist manifesto How to Blow Up a Pipeline into a heist movie.
Malcolm Harris April 18, 2023
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
The Jewish Currents staff takes on Christmas.
Jewish Currents December 23, 2022
Playing Jewish
The Jewish Currents staff discusses Nathan Fielder’s The Rehearsal.
Jewish Currents September 19, 2022
The Widening Net of Punishment
Dorothy Roberts and Charlotte Shane on the criminalization of abortion and the expansion of the police state.
Claire Schwartz July 28, 2022
Immigrants From a Place That No Longer Exists
A conversation between post-Soviet millennial Jews on the left
Sex According to the State
Andrea Long Chu talks to Paisley Currah about setting aside identity in trans scholarship and politics in favor of a focus on material harm.
Andrea Long Chu June 29, 2022
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