In the Hole
Five incarcerated men on the minute-by-minute experience of solitary confinement.
Christopher Blackwell, Aaron Edward Olson, Antoine Davis, Raymond Williams, and Jonathan Kirkpatrick April 20, 2023
Flu, 1918
Remembering a year of hell and devastation—the year of the Spanish flu.
Rose Riegelhaupt June 14, 2021
At Hutto
A lawyer reflects on his experience meeting with asylum seekers in a Texas detention center to prepare them for their credible fear interviews.
Michael Lieberman November 2, 2020
The Bookworm
When Yiddish books are destroyed, who will miss them?
Isaac Brosilow July 13, 2020
Some Notes on Jewish Lesbian Identity
“A poor Jew trying to climb out of her class learns to associate her lower-classness with her Jewishness (also her femaleness).”
Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz July 6, 2020
Honoring the Dead From a Distance
A socially distant taharah is an oxymoron that underscores the particular agony of this moment.
Jordana Rosenfeld May 27, 2020
Dead Sea
Finding strength in brokenness after a traumatic trip to Israel
Kathleen Rice-Guter December 16, 2019
An Infinite Deal
Blocking the Damascus Gate on Jerusalem Day.
Ari Shahn June 5, 2019
A Chaste Piece of Ass
Performing womanhood onstage and off.
Shayna Goodman April 18, 2019
Notes from the Underground
An overnight stay in the Vilna Ghetto’s newest attraction.
Menachem Kaiser November 26, 2018
Transitions in Jewish Time: A Trans Writer Visits the Mikveh
“Going to the mikveh meant giving my body, as it was, a place to be loved and called to holiness.”
Jayce Koester June 12, 2018
“Three More Pieces”
“I don’t recall that those colorful brochures from Israel, sent to Russian Jews like my family, mentioned the Palestinians.”
Sasha Senderovich May 17, 2018
(Re)Writing Remembrance
Two grandchildren of Holocaust survivors exchange letters on making art and meaning from the Holocaust.
Maia Ipp and Arielle Angel April 17, 2018
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