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Israel’s Crackdown on Hebron
Intensified restrictions on Palestinian life in the West Bank city, introduced after October 7th, could become permanent and even spread elsewhere.
Maya Rosen February 13, 2024
An Israeli “Buffer Zone” Could Shape Gaza’s Post-War Reality
By creating a militarized border area inside Gaza, Israel has started shrinking the Palestinian territory while opening the door for future Jewish settlements.
Alex Kane February 6, 2024
Regional War: An Explainer
Answers to common questions about the broadening war in the Middle East.
Alex Kane and Jonathan Shamir January 17, 2024
“Not a Day Goes by Where I Don’t Think About Leaving”
Two Biden administration staffers describe growing internal dissent over the US’s refusal to call for a ceasefire in Gaza.
Alex Kane January 9, 2024
Israel’s “Humanitarian” Expulsion
The Israeli right is capitalizing on the aftermath of October 7th to build support for a permanent transfer of Palestinians out of Gaza.
Jonathan Shamir December 12, 2023
Building the Case for US Complicity
Despite stacked odds, Palestine advocates are pursuing legal avenues to charge American officials with aiding and abetting Israeli war crimes.
Alex Kane December 5, 2023
Amid a Settler Onslaught, Protective Presence Activism Falters
As settlers rampage, Israeli and international activists are struggling to leverage their relative privilege to protect Palestinians in the West Bank.
Aman Abhishek November 28, 2023
The Push to “Deactivate” Students for Justice in Palestine
Civil liberties experts say a law banning “material support for terrorism” is being used to quash pro-Palestine speech.
Alex Kane November 21, 2023
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