The Right’s Anti-Israel Insurgents
A burgeoning anti-Zionist strain in the America First movement looks to capitalize on popular disaffection over Palestine for its own ends.
Ben Lorber May 15, 2024
The Anti-Union Lobby’s Newest Weapon
Now armed with cynical antisemitism allegations, the corporate-backed effort to destroy unions is ramping up.
Jeff Schuhrke May 10, 2024
Who Has the Right to “Disrupt” the University?
The very administrators now cracking down on student protests’ “disruptiveness” have been dismantling higher education for decades.
Dennis M. Hogan May 3, 2024
Anatomy of a Moral Panic
The repressive machine currently arrayed against campus protests follows a familiar pattern.
Adam Haber and Matylda Figlerowicz May 2, 2024
Between Exclusion and Exploitation
Israel’s far right wants to permanently replace Palestinian workers, but employing them has become key to maintaining the occupation.
Jonathan Shamir March 20, 2024
The Campaign to Abolish UNRWA
The recent defunding of the aid agency is part of a longstanding effort to extinguish Palestinian refugees’ dreams of return.
Peter Beinart February 13, 2024
What the UAW Ceded in Endorsing Biden
Union leaders have not only betrayed their ceasefire call, but also backtracked on their fight to redefine the labor movement as a truly political force.
Aparna Gopalan February 2, 2024
Harvard Is Ignoring Its Own Antisemitism Experts
The university’s new advisory group on antisemitism elevates political concerns over academic integrity.
Peter Beinart December 11, 2023
The Problem of the Unionized War Machine
Union workers in the US weapons industry present a paradox for anti-war labor activists, but a history of “conversion” campaigns offers a route through the impasse.
Jeff Schuhrke November 22, 2023
A Textbook Case of Genocide
Israel has been explicit about what it’s carrying out in Gaza. Why isn’t the world listening?
Raz Segal October 13, 2023
Revaluing the Strike
Rather than viewing strikes as a last-resort bargaining tactic, the labor movement must embrace them as engines of political transformation.
Erik Baker September 27, 2023
Abbas Is America’s Man
American condemnations of the PA president’s antisemitism gloss over the US’s role in propping up his authoritarian rule.
Dana El Kurd September 14, 2023
Could Israel Carry Out Another Nakba?
Expulsionist sentiment is common in Israeli society and politics. To ignore the warning signs is to abdicate responsibility.
Peter Beinart April 19, 2023
Little Bargains
The recent strikes at the University of California demonstrated the need to radically democratize the labor movement.
Michael Paul Berlin February 24, 2023
Empty Gestures
Even unprecedented criticism of Israel by American Jewish leaders rings hollow without action.
Joshua Leifer February 16, 2023
Antisemitic Zionists Aren’t a Contradiction in Terms
Pundits express surprise when antisemitism and Zionism overlap, but the ideologies share much in common—and many adherents.
Peter Beinart January 10, 2023
For the Biden Administration, There Are No Red Lines On Israel
At the J Street Conference this past weekend, Secretary of State Antony Blinken delivered a speech fit for AIPAC.
Peter Beinart December 6, 2022
Israel’s Ascendant Far Right Can’t Be Understood by Analogy
In other countries, the right clashes with the center over the basic nature of the state—but Israel’s Itamar Ben-Gvir and his rivals are on the same page about ethnocracy.
Peter Beinart November 7, 2022
Progressive Groups Need a New Approach to Fighting AIPAC
Unless left-wing groups band together, Congress will grow even more hostile to Palestinian rights and other progressive priorities.
Peter Beinart October 31, 2022
Kahanism’s Raucous Return
Knesset member Itamar Ben-Gvir, a follower of far-right ideologue Meir Kahane, is surging in popularity on the promise of realizing ideas like the forced expulsion of Palestinians and leftists.
Joshua Leifer September 23, 2022
The Israel Lobby’s New Campaign Playbook
Israel advocacy groups have developed strategies to raise huge sums for their candidates by appealing to corporate interests.
Peter Beinart July 15, 2022
Eric Adams’s Moral Panics
To defeat a politics of right-wing reaction organized around criminalization, the left needs to put real power behind the principle of abolition.
Kay Gabriel April 19, 2022
The Wrong Way to Boycott
In contrast to ineffective—or even unethical—actions targeting Russian culture and individuals, the Palestinian BDS campaign is a model of how to use boycott and divestment efforts strategically.
Yousef Munayyer March 22, 2022
Justifications for Destroying a People
The arguments Russia’s government deploys to dehumanize Ukrainians are strikingly similar to the ones Israel’s government uses to dehumanize Palestinians.
Peter Beinart March 8, 2022
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