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What the Popular History of the Soviet Jewry Movement Leaves Out
An interview with Tova Benjamin, the curator of the Jewish Currents Soviet Issue’s centerpiece section.
David Klion May 26, 2022
The Best Place in the World for Soviet Jews
The Soviet Jewry Movement exposed a rift between Israel and the US that persists to this day.
Jonathan Dekel-Chen May 26, 2022
The Hidden Joys of Soviet Jews
In compiling an oral history of Soviet Jewish experience, asking different questions yields surprising answers.
Olesya Shayduk-Immerman May 25, 2022
“Israel Knows It Will Have Impunity”
Two weeks after Shireen Abu Akleh was killed—by Israeli soldiers, according to eyewitnesses—no independent body is investigating her death.
Isaac Scher May 24, 2022
How Jewish Currents Covered the Soviet Jewry Movement
Even once the magazine accepted the evidence of Soviet antisemitism, it continued to distrust the politics of the mainstream campaign.
Lawrence Bush May 24, 2022
The Soviet Jewry Movement, Revisited
At its root, the struggle over the fate of Soviet Jews was a struggle over where in the world Jews belonged.
The Ambivalent Émigrés
Antisemitism was a fact of life for Soviet Jews, but it did not top their list of reasons to leave.
Anna Shternshis May 23, 2022
Introduction: The Soviet Jewry Movement, Revisited
At its root, the struggle over the fate of Soviet Jews was a struggle over where in the world Jews belonged.
Tova Benjamin May 23, 2022
Shared Grief Is Not Enough
After the Buffalo massacre, Jewish institutions must confront their own complicity with white supremacy.
Rebecca Pierce May 19, 2022
The State of the Genre
Books of Sarah
In 2021, Jewish fiction grappled, in registers both tragic and comic, with questions of gender, power, and sexual politics.
Josh Lambert May 18, 2022
The Voice of a Generation, Silenced
Three Palestinian writers remember the legendary journalist Shireen Abu Akleh
Tareq Baconi, Zaha Hassan, and Mezna Qato May 17, 2022
“You Cannot Unsee This Image”
Rashid Khalidi on the colonial logic that devalues eyewitness accounts of the murder of Shireen Abu Akleh
Dylan Saba May 17, 2022
from Flight and Metamorphosis
“A stranger always has / his homeland in his arms”
Nelly Sachs May 13, 2022
Remembering Kathy Boudin
Three comrades on the life and legacy of a radical activist
Laura Whitehorn, Roslyn D. Smith, and Bill Ayers May 12, 2022
Israel’s High Court Rules in Favor of Forced Population Transfer
Over 1,000 Palestinians could now be expelled from their homes in Masafer Yatta.
Elisheva Goldberg May 10, 2022
Why There’s No Such Thing as a Jewish Gaucho
The Murders of Moisés Ville examines the violence lurking beneath tales of a Jewish utopia in rural Argentina.
Lily Meyer May 10, 2022
Refusing to Bury the Living
Emigrating from the USSR to the US meant fleeing one system of mass incarceration for another.
Egina Manachova May 9, 2022
Rehearsing Defeat
Rallies won’t save abortion rights. What will?
Arielle Angel May 5, 2022
Illustrated Essay
Jewish Essay
An exploration of Jewishness in contemporary Russia.
Victoria Lomasko May 4, 2022
New Israeli Border Policies Track, Trace, and Restrict Palestinian Visitors to the West Bank
A new border ordinance, which has not yet taken effect, radically revises Israel’s policies for foreign visits to the occupied territories.
Isaac Scher May 3, 2022
Assuming the Perspective of the Ancestor
Philosopher Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò on building constructive, future-oriented politics, at scale.
Claire Schwartz May 3, 2022
How a Defender of Palestinian Rights Lost His Way
As the Washington director of Human Rights Watch, Tom Malinowski fought for justice in Israel-Palestine. All that changed once he got to Congress.
Peter Beinart May 2, 2022
The ADL Doubles Down on Opposing the Anti-Zionist Left
CEO Jonathan Greenblatt argued that Palestine-solidarity groups are “the photo inverse of the extreme right,” and promised that fighting them would become more central to his mission.
Mari Cohen and Isaac Scher May 1, 2022
Ramadan in Gaza
“Thinking that I was having a nightmare, I forced my eyes to stay shut. But then, the second bomb came.”
Kholoud Balata April 29, 2022
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