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“They Want To Kick Us Out of This Land”
An interview with journalist and activist Basil al-Adraa about covering settler violence
Mari Cohen October 15, 2021
Philanthropist Michael Leven Donated to Canary Mission Blacklist
The revelation makes him the third major American Jewish funder associated with the project.
Abby Seitz and Alex Kane October 14, 2021
When Settler Becomes Native
Examining the claim of Jewish indigeneity in the land of Israel
JB Brager October 13, 2021
How the US Media Misreads Naftali Bennett
Despite recent favorable coverage, the new Israeli prime minister is just as authoritarian and anti-Palestinian as his predecessor.
Peter Beinart October 11, 2021
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Manchin and Sinema’s Dying Brand of Centrism
The Senate moderates may weaken Biden’s agenda, but they can’t stop the left’s takeover of the Democratic Party.
David Klion October 8, 2021
Sanders Pushes Gaza Aid in Exchange for “Yes” Vote on Iron Dome Funds
The Senate’s most prominent Israel critic will join the rest of the Democratic caucus in voting for aid for the anti-missile system.
Alex Kane October 7, 2021
“The AIDS Crisis is Still Beginning”
In Gregg Bordowitz’s decades of aesthetic experimentation, ritualized attention to the present is a route to the past and the future.
Tausif Noor October 7, 2021
What the Jewish Left Learned From Occupy
An oral history
To The Reasoning Of Eternal Voices, To The Waves That Have Kept Me From Reaching You—
“The chaplain tracing a cross / of oil with his thumb on your forehead, and your eyes following / upward his hand, then holding, following, / holding.”
Brian Tierney October 1, 2021
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When Prison Guards Refuse Vaccines
A dispatch from an incarcerated person in Pennsylvania on the risks unvaccinated guards pose to prisoners.
Mari Cohen and Stephen Wilson October 1, 2021
That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore
In The Netanyahus, Joshua Cohen tries and fails to reanimate the canonical Jewish American novel.
Nathan Goldman September 29, 2021
The various buildings that makeup the Rikers Island jail complex, shot from across the river.
A Week on Rikers Island
“No human should be in a place like that.”
A Guide to the Fight Over Iron Dome Funding
We answer readers’ questions about the vote to fund Israel’s anti-missile system that has exposed sharp divisions among Democrats.
Alex Kane September 28, 2021
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Does Everybody Really Hate the Jews?
Unpacking the suspect framing of a new survey on campus antisemitism.
Mari Cohen September 24, 2021
A Prison Break Liberates the Palestinian Political Imagination
Six detainees’ dramatic escape from a maximum-security Israeli prison has sparked demonstrations across the occupied territories and shifted Palestinians’ sense of what is possible.
Dalia Hatuqa September 23, 2021
What the Record Doesn’t Show
By offering the group as a model for present-day politics, Sarah Schulman’s history of ACT UP reproduces the movement’s failures and exclusions.
Vicky Osterweil September 22, 2021
Reclaiming the Covenant of Fate
As American Jewry’s Zionist consensus crumbles, we must learn to address one another across communal divides.
Peter Beinart September 20, 2021
Spencer Ackerman
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Mainlining Fear and Hatred
An interview with Spencer Ackerman, author of Reign of Terror.
David Klion September 17, 2021
Museum Piece
“onto the cellophane snack bags / blown into corners and a few / resplendent sunbleached cans you projected / a prefabricated sorrow”
Ari Banias September 17, 2021
When Palestinian Political Speech Is “Incitement”
Since May, Israeli police have doubled down on their use of an expansive counterterrorism law to stamp out Palestinian activism online.
Sophia Goodfriend September 15, 2021
House Progressives Renew Effort to Block Bomb Deliveries to Israel
An exclusive report on a long-shot push—led by Reps. Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib, and Pocan—to stop the export of US-made weapons.
Alex Kane September 14, 2021
On Loving Jews
For Jews engaged in Palestine solidarity work, what might be gained by refusing excommunication from our own communities?
Arielle Angel September 13, 2021
Portraits of Empire
George W. Bush’s recent book of paintings betrays liberal empire’s role not as fascism’s alternative but as its co-conspirator.
Claire Schwartz September 10, 2021
Michael Shulan
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What the 9/11 Museum Could Have Been
Michael Shulan, the museum’s former creative director, on the 20-year legacy of the attacks and his unrealized vision.
David Klion September 10, 2021
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