The Sanitizing of Conservative Judaism
Conservative Judaism’s origins lie in a donor plan to neutralize and refine the radical Jewish immigrant masses.
Allen Lipson October 19, 2022
The Best Place in the World for Soviet Jews
The Soviet Jewry Movement exposed a rift between Israel and the US that persists to this day.
Jonathan Dekel-Chen May 26, 2022
The Hidden Joys of Soviet Jews
In compiling an oral history of Soviet Jewish experience, asking different questions yields surprising answers.
Olesya Shayduk-Immerman May 25, 2022
The Other Soviet Jewish Dissidents
A circle of activists known as pravozashchitniki, who advanced a universalist argument for Soviet human rights, have been largely erased from Jewish communal memory.
Emily Tamkin May 25, 2022
How Jewish Currents Covered the Soviet Jewry Movement
Even once the magazine accepted the evidence of Soviet antisemitism, it continued to distrust the politics of the mainstream campaign.
Lawrence Bush May 24, 2022
Henry “Scoop” Jackson and the Jewish Cold Warriors
An alliance between Jewish activists and congressional neocons made Soviet Jewry a key issue in superpower relations—and reshaped American Jewish politics in the process.
Hadas Binyamini May 24, 2022
The Ambivalent Émigrés
Antisemitism was a fact of life for Soviet Jews, but it did not top their list of reasons to leave.
Anna Shternshis May 23, 2022
Introduction: The Soviet Jewry Movement, Revisited
At its root, the struggle over the fate of Soviet Jews was a struggle over where in the world Jews belonged.
Tova Benjamin May 23, 2022
What We Did: How the Jewish Communist Left Failed the Palestinian Cause
A reckoning with the events of 1948, when the American Jewish Communist left—and the magazine that later became Jewish Currents—abandoned the idea of a single state in Palestine with equal rights for all.
Dorothy M. Zellner May 12, 2021
The Anti-Democratic Origins of the ADL and AJC
The history of the ADL and AJC reveals that they were created to consolidate the power of wealthy men and stifle the grassroots left.
Emmaia Gelman March 12, 2021
Residents of all the neighborhoods: Unite!
A new translation of the “Manifesto of the First Congress of the Federation of Residents of All the Popular Neighborhoods of Salonica” from 1924.
Devin E. Naar February 12, 2021
New York’s First-Time Women Voters
A 1918 dispatch from a Yiddish newspaper documents the experiences of women legally voting for the first time.
Miriam Karpilove June 4, 2019
Our White Supremacy Problem
Exposing the roots of intra-Jewish prejudice
Devin E. Naar April 29, 2019
Hagode shel Peysekh (with a Socialist Twist)
A translation of a 1919 Socialist Haggadah published by the Galician Bund.
Jewish Social Democrat Party April 19, 2019
The Skokie March That Wasn’t
How radical activists took on the Jewish establishment, the cops, and the Nazis.
Isaac Brosilow November 7, 2018