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How the IDF Ignores Its Own Rules of Engagement
Experts say revising the IDF’s open-fire regulations may accomplish little in a context where soldiers often ignore existing limits.
Alex Kane September 13, 2022
Terms of Entry
Solmaz Sharif’s Customs probes the boundaries of the social to imagine a we on revolution’s other side.
Claire Schwartz September 12, 2022
Growing Up in the Struggle
In a new podcast, Zayd Ayers Dohrn unpacks his family’s radical history.
Claire Schwartz September 8, 2022
World With No Escape
In his final novel, Last Times, Victor Serge achieved the ethical vision that sometimes eluded him in life.
Mitchell Abidor September 7, 2022
Beyond Grievance
Though it may be a potent political tool, grievance can also maintain our investment in our own oppression.
Arielle Angel September 6, 2022
The Conglomeration of Literature
The antitrust case against Penguin Random House’s acquisition of Simon & Schuster has reignited longstanding anxieties about corporate consolidation in publishing.
Nathan Goldman August 25, 2022
As Israel Raids Palestinian Human Rights Groups, US Response Is Muted
Advocates say the State Department’s lack of condemnation emboldened Israel to launch unprecedented assaults on civil society organizations.
Alex Kane August 23, 2022
An Unsolvable Rubik’s Cube
Linda Kinstler’s new book explores the posthumous trial of a Latvian Nazi collaborator and the void at the heart of Holocaust memory.
Helen Betya Rubinstein August 18, 2022
Second Man
“If a man has traveled on a train / with a second man and that / second man dies, the other / accepts the rest of his life.”
Nachoem M. Wijnberg August 18, 2022
What a Bureaucratic Pentagon Decision Says About Biden’s Palestine Policy
By keeping the US Security Coordinator’s military rank the same, Biden doubled down on the pre-Trump status quo: supporting the Palestinian Authority, but doing little to end Israel’s occupation.
Alex Kane August 16, 2022
Starbucks Workers Fight Back
Boston-area baristas can’t count on officials to enforce labor law—so they’re doing it themselves.
Aparna Gopalan August 11, 2022
A Butterfly in Gaza
“It was just a week ago that I saw Gazan children practicing childhood the way they are supposed to, but that must have been deemed too good for them.”
Kholoud Balata August 10, 2022
Israel’s Gaza Offensive: An Explainer
A closer look at an operation that killed dozens of Palestinians.
Alex Kane and Mari Cohen August 9, 2022
Not Quite a Green New Deal
The Inflation Reduction Act is only a fraction of what climate activists demanded—but it’s a start.
David Klion August 4, 2022
Republicans Are Helping New York Democrats Target the Left’s Israel Criticism
The New York Solidarity Network is the latest example of a national trend: members of both parties joining together to squash progressive scrutiny of Israel.
Alex Kane August 2, 2022
Can the Palestinian Belong to a Universal History?
Yazan Khalili on how German media used a smear campaign to disrupt the exhibition documenta.
Ben Ratskoff July 28, 2022
The Widening Net of Punishment
Dorothy Roberts and Charlotte Shane on the criminalization of abortion and the expansion of the police state.
Claire Schwartz July 28, 2022
More Life
Couples Therapy seeks to portray not just particular couples but the fraught practice of coupledom.
Hannah Black July 27, 2022
Ben & Jerry’s Path to Boycotting Israeli Settlements
The president of the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation speaks about the impact of visits to the occupied territories.
Alex Kane July 26, 2022
All These Beloved Books
“You are nothing / but chambers of unblocked light.”
Miller Oberman July 22, 2022
A Leftist’s Guide to Inflation
How price spikes, and the backlash against them, threaten any kind of progressive agenda.
Aparna Gopalan July 21, 2022
Decline Personified
Biden’s Israel trip didn’t accomplish much, but it symbolized the increasingly passive US role in the region.
Joshua Leifer July 19, 2022
The Israel Lobby’s New Campaign Playbook
Israel advocacy groups have developed strategies to raise huge sums for their candidates by appealing to corporate interests.
Peter Beinart July 15, 2022
Progressives Have Abandoned Haredi Children
Under pressure from communal leaders, left-wing Democrats in New York have failed to defend the right to a secular education.
Naftuli Moster July 14, 2022
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