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“My life was going on / in the next room. There // were board games and / Pinochle”
Andrea Cohen March 31, 2023
Jamaal Bowman and Bernie Sanders Urge the Biden State Department to Investigate Israeli Use of US Weapons
A letter signed by eight other Democrats is congressional progressives’ most forceful response yet to Israel’s new far-right government.
Alex Kane March 29, 2023
What’s Next for Netanyahu’s Judicial Overhaul?
After a protest surge and the delay of Netanyahu’s plan to gut the judiciary, +972 Magazine editor Edo Konrad discusses the prime minister’s likely next moves—and how the popular opposition relates to the fight for Palestinian freedom.
Alex Kane March 28, 2023
Lessons From the Blast Radius
Drawing on the disorienting experience of becoming disabled, the artist Johanna Hedva explores the feeling of being out of sync with capitalist time.
Liz Bowen March 27, 2023
What Comes Next for Jews of Color Activism?
As Jewish institutions neglect the diversity commitments they made in 2020, anti-racism organizers experiment with new approaches.
Arielle Isack March 23, 2023
The Other Movement to Divest from Israel
Experts on anti-BDS laws say the statutes could ensnare companies that pull out of Israel over the planned judicial overhaul.
Alex Kane March 21, 2023
Idlers of the World, Unite!
In Paul Lafargue’s irreverent 1883 pamphlet The Right to Be Lazy, satire is not a tool of glib mockery, but a utopian strategy for imagining another world.
Charlie Tyson March 20, 2023
“What did the child dream of / back home in the provinces, / with nothing behind but landscape?”
Jameson Fitzpatrick March 17, 2023
Biden Won’t Stop Netanyahu’s Judicial Coup
The US has diplomatic tools that could put pressure on Israel—but the president seems unlikely to use them.
Joshua Leifer March 14, 2023
The Right to Grieve
To demand the freedom to mourn—not on the employer’s schedule, but in our own time—is to reject the cruel rhythms of the capitalist status quo.
Erik Baker March 13, 2023
greenblatt at the adl
ADL Staffers Dissented After CEO Compared Palestinian Rights Groups to Right-Wing Extremists, Leaked Audio Reveals
A special meeting called to answer internal critics shows that the ADL’s vocal opposition to the anti-Zionist left is controversial even within the organization.
Mari Cohen and Alex Kane March 8, 2023
Huwara and the Dangers of Annexation
A destructive settler attack on the village of Huwara showcased the immediate effects of a further tilt toward legal Israeli annexation of the West Bank.
Elisheva Goldberg March 7, 2023
Entering the DreamSpace
The new manifesto from the Nap Ministry’s Tricia Hersey argues for a vision of rest as politically generative. But what kind of resistance, really, is rest?
Helen Betya Rubinstein March 6, 2023
Shall We Not Revenge?
In his polemic against Germany’s “Theater of Memory”—which relegates Jews to bit parts in the nation’s redemption narrative—poet Max Czollek may have traded one melodrama for another.
Sanders Isaac Bernstein March 3, 2023
So Trued to a Roar
“No answer, unless of leaves / acquiring light, and small lives / going about their business / of being less”
Christian Wiman March 3, 2023
Who Benefits When Jews Are Afraid?
In the lead-up to the recent Day of Hate, national Jewish defense organizations—along with media and law enforcement—played right into white supremacists’ strategy.
Ben Lorber March 2, 2023
Israel’s Raids on Palestinian Cities: An Explainer
A closer look at the IDF operations that are intensifying violence in Israel/Palestine.
Alex Kane February 28, 2023
The Fragile Now
A Ukrainian poet reflects on the new ordinary.
Lyudmyla Khersonska February 27, 2023
Little Bargains
The recent strikes at the University of California demonstrated the need to radically democratize the labor movement.
Michael Paul Berlin February 24, 2023
Building Jewish Life Behind Bars
A new organization called Matir Asurim provides Jewish resources in prisons and resists the policing of Jewish identity.
Aviva Stahl February 23, 2023
Israel’s Class War Conservatives
The divide over the Netanyahu government’s “judicial overhaul” plan is defined less by ideological differences than a populist politics of resentment.
Joshua Leifer February 22, 2023
Illustrated Essay
The Fight for the Sabbath
The partnership between rabbis and labor that delivered the two-day weekend.
Avi Garelick February 21, 2023
Empty Gestures
Even unprecedented criticism of Israel by American Jewish leaders rings hollow without action.
Joshua Leifer February 16, 2023
Do Less
nibia pastrana santiago confronts the politics of movement by making dances that refuse to dance.
nibia pastrana santiago February 15, 2023
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