Toward a Sober Assessment of Campus Antisemitism
In a moment when many American Jews are afraid—and their fear is being used to erode civil liberties—we must examine the incidents coming across our screens with calm.
Ben Lorber November 28, 2023
On Addressing Jews
The death of the two-state paradigm provides an opportunity for the Palestinian national movement to once again speak explicitly to Jews.
Peter Beinart and George Bisharat September 18, 2023
Herzog’s Lullaby
The Biden administration indulges the Israeli President’s nostalgia act even as the promise of a true democracy slips away in Israel/Palestine.
Matthew Duss July 25, 2023
Reform Judaism Needs an Identity Beyond Israel
A major conference proposes to “re-charge” the movement by strengthening ties to the Jewish state, neglecting an opportunity to develop its unique religious vision.
David Regenspan May 30, 2023
Who Benefits When Jews Are Afraid?
In the lead-up to the recent Day of Hate, national Jewish defense organizations—along with media and law enforcement—played right into white supremacists’ strategy.
Ben Lorber March 2, 2023
The Jerusalem Declaration’s Fatal Flaw
Though the JDA improves upon the IHRA definition of antisemitism, it falters in preserving a link between antisemitism and speech about Israel/Palestine.
Samer Abdelnour April 21, 2021
Why I Signed the Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism
Despite my worry that any definition of antisemitism reinforces beliefs in Jewish exceptionalism, the flawed and widely adopted IHRA definition needs outright replacement.
Barry Trachtenberg March 26, 2021
Why I’m Traveling to Alabama
Unions built our country. Now, we need to build them.
Jamaal Bowman March 5, 2021
When “Jewish Security” Means Muslim Surveillance
Mitchell Silber’s commitment to a debunked surveillance methodology makes him unfit to protect the Jewish community.
Asad Dandia February 24, 2020
Aida Touma-Sliman
Strangers in Our Homeland
A Palestinian Member of the Knesset reacts to the Trump-Netanyahu “peace plan.”
Aida Touma-Sliman February 6, 2020
How to Fight Antisemitism
The forces fomenting antisemitism are the forces arrayed against oppressed people around the world, including Palestinians.
Bernie Sanders November 11, 2019