Language: Replete with Transformative Monsters
“language not assembled embitterment / or ruse / or disjunctive gesture / but alive”
Will Alexander November 4, 2022
Everyday People
“Everyday people do impossible things / Bury their child on a warm / Spring day then make / A fresh pot of coffee”
Ana Božičević October 21, 2022
Red Puncta
“The other girls’ bodies / conduct a current of faith but she stands outside / of the circuit.”
Jenny Xie October 7, 2022
Second Man
“If a man has traveled on a train / with a second man and that / second man dies, the other / accepts the rest of his life.”
Nachoem M. Wijnberg August 18, 2022
All These Beloved Books
“You are nothing / but chambers of unblocked light.”
Miller Oberman July 22, 2022
Craft Talk
“This drone-baby becomes / an imagined condition the poem has released into the world. / I do not know what it intends. I do not know what it will eat.”
Fargo Nissim Tbakhi July 8, 2022
“Dark of plenty, of fracture. God’s dark / of perfect recall.”
Maya C. Popa June 24, 2022
Gay Travel (or Music Makes the People Come Together)
“B slid through security checkpoint / after security checkpoint, // each playing a different era of Madonna.”
Kyle Carrero Lopez June 10, 2022
Die Schreibblockade: Selections
“I have returned to the city of my dead. / It is the living who live there. I do not know them.”
Eugene Ostashevsky May 27, 2022
from Flight and Metamorphosis
“A stranger always has / his homeland in his arms”
Nelly Sachs May 13, 2022
Palestinian Painter
“He’s painting a new house, / even a new garden. / Without shrapnel, / without twisted metal beams”
Mosab Abu Toha April 15, 2022
The Bone Museum
“I approached the bones— / the skeleton mounted / an echo of kinship”
Donika Kelly March 25, 2022
Prayer of a Man in Snow
“Today there is no bloodstain / on the snow; no one was shot; there’s just snow and snow”
Israel Emiot March 11, 2022
I Need My Blood
“I will not lock my blood inside my heart, / neither will I shed my blood for naught”
Itzik Feffer February 25, 2022
The Argument
“I can’t hear myself, just the things that he said.”
Noah Baldino February 11, 2022
“Don’t make universes out of nothing / Use what’s there– take it easy, but take it”
manuel arturo abreu January 21, 2022
sol(ace) song
“few things we sojourners / have shaped contain so much space —”
Evie Shockley January 7, 2022
From Migrations
“and there was something beloved in the days and in the memory of the days / and it took me my whole life to wake up”
Gloria Gervitz December 17, 2021
Ode to the Security Woman
“The security woman / rubbed on my pussy / like it was Aladdin’s lamp”
Mona Kareem November 12, 2021
you must believe in spring
“you would trade a skull of yes/no for quiet, two slushed thoughts / per foot below, but there it goes dewing the frost of your plan”
Kemi Alabi October 29, 2021
To The Reasoning Of Eternal Voices, To The Waves That Have Kept Me From Reaching You—
“The chaplain tracing a cross / of oil with his thumb on your forehead, and your eyes following / upward his hand, then holding, following, / holding.”
Brian Tierney October 1, 2021
Museum Piece
“onto the cellophane snack bags / blown into corners and a few / resplendent sunbleached cans you projected / a prefabricated sorrow”
Ari Banias September 17, 2021
Auschwitz-Birkenau, A Guided Tour for American Students
“This pebble here is a monument to someone. / So is a cloud a stub a poppy a dog—”
Polina Barskova September 3, 2021
Wound is the Origin of Wonder
“Do you hear our onceness / beating at the door? How the past / outlasts on either end”
Maya C. Popa July 30, 2021
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