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Michael Shulan
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What the 9/11 Museum Could Have Been
Michael Shulan, the museum’s former creative director, on the 20-year legacy of the attacks and his unrealized vision.
David Klion September 10, 2021
Shabbat Terror in the West Bank
For religious Zionist settlers in the South Hebron Hills, attacks on Palestinians have become a Shabbat afternoon pastime.
Maya Rosen September 9, 2021
Auschwitz-Birkenau, A Guided Tour for American Students
“This pebble here is a monument to someone. / So is a cloud a stub a poppy a dog—”
Polina Barskova September 3, 2021
San Antonio abortion protest
From the Newsletter
“Funding Abortion Is a Radical Act of Compassion”
An abortion fund worker in Texas on how their efforts will shift now that the state has effectively banned abortion after six weeks
Arielle Swernoff September 2, 2021
Female Forms
Hannah Wilke, whose vaginal sculptures from the 1960s and ’70s are undergoing a revival, eschewed political stagecraft for feminist indeterminacy.
Nina Renata Aron August 31, 2021
From the Newsletter
Britain’s Labour Antisemitism Controversy, Revisited
An interview with British socialist historian David Renton on lessons from Jeremy Corbyn’s tenure as Labour leader.
Shane Burley August 27, 2021
Kabul evacuation
From the Newsletter
“No One Wants to Listen to the Afghan People”
A conversation with scholar Mejgan Massoumi on how Afghans have experienced the war between the United States and the Taliban.
Marya Hannun August 20, 2021
Sicily Wildfires
From the Newsletter
“There’s Plenty of Suffering that Can Be Prevented”
Climate journalist Kate Aronoff on how to process the UN climate report.
David Klion August 13, 2021
Listen: Political Depression
Jewish Currents staff discuss the relationship between political feelings and therapy.
Jewish Currents August 10, 2021
Nina Turner and Bernie Sanders
From the Newsletter
Lessons From Defeat
Reporter Daniel Marans on Nina Turner’s loss, the role of Jewish organizing and the Israel lobby, and what it all means for the left.
David Klion August 6, 2021
From the Newsletter
When Cruelty Builds Community
Adam Serwer discusses his collection of writings on the Trump era.
David Klion July 30, 2021
Wound is the Origin of Wonder
“Do you hear our onceness / beating at the door? How the past / outlasts on either end”
Maya C. Popa July 30, 2021
Selling the Holocaust
Three writers and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, including Plunder author Menachem Kaiser, discuss the conventions of the “3G memoir” and the commodification of Holocaust stories.
Arielle Angel July 28, 2021
Listen: Rallies, Surveys, and Ice Cream
Jewish Currents staff discuss the sparsely attended “No Fear” rally, the surprising results of the Jewish Electorate Institute poll of American Jewish voters, and the announcement that Ben & Jerry’s will stop selling ice cream in the occupied Palestinian territories.
Jewish Currents July 27, 2021
Exporting the Tools of Apartheid
NSO Group, the Israeli firm that sells its spyware to authoritarian regimes around the world, emerged from a military unit that perfected its surveillance techniques on Palestinians.
Yousef Munayyer July 26, 2021
Ben & Jerry's
From the Newsletter
Ben & Jerry’s Tests Anti-BDS Laws
Lara Friedman on the wider stakes for free speech.
Mari Cohen July 23, 2021
Avodah Considers Stepping Out on Israel/Palestine
Under pressure from constituents, progressive domestic Jewish groups may break their silence on the occupation.
Mari Cohen July 22, 2021
It’s Time to Name Anti-Palestinian Bigotry
Anti-Palestinianism is as ubiquitous as it is invisible.
Peter Beinart July 16, 2021
The State of the Genre
Jews with Money
Last year, a number of American Jewish novels tackled the fraught subject of Jewishness and wealth.
Josh Lambert July 15, 2021
Listen: Couples Therapy
Jewish Currents staff and their non-Jewish partners discuss the meaning of Jewishness in their homes and relationships.
Jewish Currents July 13, 2021
Sick Day
“Being young with a broken heart, it’s not the same as being old with a broken heart.”
Dea Hadar July 12, 2021
Pink Peacock
From the Newsletter
The Yiddish Tote Rankling Glasgow Police
A co-founder of the queer, anarchist café Pink Peacock discusses recent run-ins with law enforcement and Jewish leftism in the UK.
Arielle Angel July 9, 2021
Birth Certificate
“I saw a knife covered with dirt and blood. I picked it up. I held the cherub by its wings.”
Sinan Antoon July 9, 2021
Material Conditions
Rachel Breen’s textile work connects the garment industry to the suffering that sustains it.
Sheila Regan July 6, 2021
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