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Israel’s Gaza Offensive: An Explainer
A closer look at an operation that killed dozens of Palestinians.
Alex Kane and Mari Cohen August 9, 2022
Not Quite a Green New Deal
The Inflation Reduction Act is only a fraction of what climate activists demanded—but it’s a start.
David Klion August 4, 2022
Republicans Are Helping New York Democrats Target the Left’s Israel Criticism
The New York Solidarity Network is the latest example of a national trend: members of both parties joining together to squash progressive scrutiny of Israel.
Alex Kane August 2, 2022
Can the Palestinian Belong to a Universal History?
Yazan Khalili on how German media used a smear campaign to disrupt the exhibition documenta.
Ben Ratskoff July 28, 2022
The Widening Net of Punishment
Dorothy Roberts and Charlotte Shane on the criminalization of abortion and the expansion of the police state.
Claire Schwartz July 28, 2022
More Life
Couples Therapy seeks to portray not just particular couples but the fraught practice of coupledom.
Hannah Black July 27, 2022
Ben & Jerry’s Path to Boycotting Israeli Settlements
The president of the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation speaks about the impact of visits to the occupied territories.
Alex Kane July 26, 2022
All These Beloved Books
“You are nothing / but chambers of unblocked light.”
Miller Oberman July 22, 2022
A Leftist’s Guide to Inflation
How price spikes, and the backlash against them, threaten any kind of progressive agenda.
Aparna Gopalan July 21, 2022
Decline Personified
Biden’s Israel trip didn’t accomplish much, but it symbolized the increasingly passive US role in the region.
Joshua Leifer July 19, 2022
The Israel Lobby’s New Campaign Playbook
Israel advocacy groups have developed strategies to raise huge sums for their candidates by appealing to corporate interests.
Peter Beinart July 15, 2022
Progressives Have Abandoned Haredi Children
Under pressure from communal leaders, left-wing Democrats in New York have failed to defend the right to a secular education.
Naftuli Moster July 14, 2022
“We Want Accountability”
As Biden visits Israel, the slain Palestinian American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh’s family pushes for justice.
Alex Kane July 12, 2022
Office Hours
Office Hours: Valeriya Nakshun
“If we focus on ourselves without making connections to a larger culture, our culture won’t survive.”
George Prigov July 11, 2022
Craft Talk
“This drone-baby becomes / an imagined condition the poem has released into the world. / I do not know what it intends. I do not know what it will eat.”
Fargo Nissim Tbakhi July 8, 2022
When the Clinic Becomes Part of the Carceral State
A former Rikers physician on unfreedom’s corrosive relationship to care.
Rachael Bedard July 7, 2022
The Challenge of Defending Memory in Germany
A Berlin conference organized to combat right-wing appropriation of Holocaust memory faces enduring backlash over Palestine.
Joshua Leifer July 7, 2022
Progressives Introduce Amendment to Force US Investigation into Israel’s Killing of Shireen Abu Akleh
The amendment comes after the State Department released a waffling statement on the death of the Palestinian American journalist.
Alex Kane July 6, 2022
Immigrants From a Place That No Longer Exists
A conversation between post-Soviet millennial Jews on the left
Ben & Jerry’s Clashes With Unilever Over BDS
The ice cream maker is suing its parent company for selling off its business interests in Israel to a local company that plans to sell in West Bank settlements.
Alex Kane July 5, 2022
The Ginzburg Geography
Jewlia Eisenberg’s posthumous album pays tribute to histories of Jewish anti-fascism.
Ianna Hawkins Owen July 1, 2022
The Long Counterrevolution
Challenging the Supreme Court’s rollback of basic rights demands a radical new constitutional vision.
Dylan Saba June 30, 2022
Sex According to the State
Andrea Long Chu talks to Paisley Currah about setting aside identity in trans scholarship and politics in favor of a focus on material harm.
Andrea Long Chu June 29, 2022
The Arkansas Anti-Boycott Case, Explained
A ruling by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals upholding the state’s anti-BDS law could be heading to the Supreme Court.
Mari Cohen June 28, 2022
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