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Put Up, Take Down
A hostage poster diary comic
Solomon Brager February 26, 2024
“The Scenes in Rafah Are Straight From a Nightmare”
Three displaced Palestinians describe unlivable conditions in a city bracing for imminent Israeli invasion.
Zak Hania, Ahmed Totah, and Sameera Wafi February 20, 2024
Israel’s Crackdown on Hebron
Intensified restrictions on Palestinian life in the West Bank city, introduced after October 7th, could become permanent and even spread elsewhere.
Maya Rosen February 13, 2024
The Campaign to Abolish UNRWA
The recent defunding of the aid agency is part of a longstanding effort to extinguish Palestinian refugees’ dreams of return.
Peter Beinart February 13, 2024
J Street’s Pro-War Stance Prompts Staff Departures
The liberal Zionist lobbying group’s support for Israel’s assault on Gaza has sparked staff dissent and alienated onetime allies.
Mari Cohen February 9, 2024
What the Israeli Public Doesn’t See
In largely ignoring the suffering of Palestinian civilians in Gaza, the Israeli media both shapes and reflects public opinion.
Elisheva Goldberg February 7, 2024
An Israeli “Buffer Zone” Could Shape Gaza’s Post-War Reality
By creating a militarized border area inside Gaza, Israel has started shrinking the Palestinian territory while opening the door for future Jewish settlements.
Alex Kane February 6, 2024
What the UAW Ceded in Endorsing Biden
Union leaders have not only betrayed their ceasefire call, but also backtracked on their fight to redefine the labor movement as a truly political force.
Aparna Gopalan February 2, 2024
“You Cannot Study Israel Without Palestine”
A conversation with the editors of the new academic journal Palestine/Israel Review, which advocates a “relational approach” to studying the region’s intertwined histories.
Mari Cohen January 31, 2024
“Even as We Are Trying to Help, We Are Being Attacked”
Three humanitarian workers in Gaza describe the challenges of providing aid while struggling to survive.
Jameel, Juliette Touma, and Mohammed Al Khatib January 23, 2024
The “Postcolonial” Colonization of Kashmir
In a new book, historian Hafsa Kanjwal charts India’s decades-long consolidation of power in the occupied region.
Deeksha Udupa January 22, 2024
Regional War: An Explainer
Answers to common questions about the broadening war in the Middle East.
Alex Kane and Jonathan Shamir January 17, 2024
The Work of the Witness
Three months into a livestreamed genocide, we must ask—what does all this looking do?
Sarah Aziza January 12, 2024
Israel’s Defense
Eli Valley January 10, 2024
“Not a Day Goes by Where I Don’t Think About Leaving”
Two Biden administration staffers describe growing internal dissent over the US’s refusal to call for a ceasefire in Gaza.
Alex Kane January 9, 2024
The Epidemiological War on Gaza
Disease is poised to become an even deadlier second front in Israel’s assault on the besieged Strip.
Maya Rosen January 5, 2024
Top Executive Leaves ADL Over CEO’s Praise of Elon Musk
Yaël Eisenstat’s departure is the most prominent instance of post-October 7th dissent within the organization.
Mari Cohen and Alex Kane January 3, 2024
“A Day in the Life of Abed Salama” After October 7th
Nathan Thrall on his new book and the escalating repression of pro-Palestine speech.
Mari Cohen December 19, 2023
Democrats Slam Lack of Congressional Oversight on Israel Arms Sale
Despite its stated concern about the civilian toll in Gaza, the Biden administration is using emergency powers to expedite weapons transfers to Israel.
Alex Kane December 14, 2023
Israel’s “Humanitarian” Expulsion
The Israeli right is capitalizing on the aftermath of October 7th to build support for a permanent transfer of Palestinians out of Gaza.
Jonathan Shamir December 12, 2023
The Luminous Dark
How can we understand Hanukkah in a way that rejects colonial conceptions of light and dark?
Lexie Botzum December 12, 2023
Harvard Is Ignoring Its Own Antisemitism Experts
The university’s new advisory group on antisemitism elevates political concerns over academic integrity.
Peter Beinart December 11, 2023
Progressive Zionists Choose a Side
In attending the November 14th March for Israel and refusing to call for a ceasefire, many progressive Jewish groups have cast their lot with the Jewish mainstream.
Mari Cohen December 8, 2023
Building the Case for US Complicity
Despite stacked odds, Palestine advocates are pursuing legal avenues to charge American officials with aiding and abetting Israeli war crimes.
Alex Kane December 5, 2023
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