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The Sanitizing of Conservative Judaism
Conservative Judaism’s origins lie in a donor plan to neutralize and refine the radical Jewish immigrant masses.
Allen Lipson October 19, 2022
Israeli Settler Violence Surges as Palestinians Turn to Armed Resistance
The increase in settler violence is part of an intensification of Israeli repression—which also includes a closure on Shuafat, preventing Palestinians from leaving for work or study.
Joshua Leifer and Activestills October 18, 2022
Office Hours
Office Hours: Mabel Bellucci
“It was no longer necessary to have one group raise the question of abortion. Abortion became a pillar of all the fronts and coalitions.”
Camila Valle October 17, 2022
In Internal Memo, American Jewish Committee Blasts Op-Ed on “Jewish-Free Zones” at Berkeley Law
The group’s disavowal of an article written by Israel advocate Kenneth Marcus revealed tension over the best strategy to combat campus Palestine activism.
Mari Cohen and Alex Kane October 14, 2022
A Religious License to Discriminate?
Yeshiva University’s decision to ban a queer student club has sparked a lawsuit about discrimination at religious institutions.
Jess Schwalb October 13, 2022
Performative Utterances
In People Love Dead Jews and Jews Don’t Count, Dara Horn and David Baddiel inflame discourses that they claim to find disturbing.
Linda Kinstler October 12, 2022
The PA’s Faltering Authority
Palestinian opposition to the PA’s security coordination with Israel has risen to a level of intensity unseen since the Second Intifada.
Alex Kane October 11, 2022
Red Puncta
“The other girls’ bodies / conduct a current of faith but she stands outside / of the circuit.”
Jenny Xie October 7, 2022
The GOP’s Plan to Build the Third Temple
Republicans are working with Kahanist activists to advance a violent vision of Jewish control over Jerusalem’s holy sites.
Corey Sherman October 7, 2022
Jewish Studies Draws a Line on Tablet
The field’s largest scholarly association says it has “paused” its advertising relationship with the online magazine after receiving complaints from members.
Mari Cohen October 6, 2022
How Social Media Companies Silence Palestinians
A new report shows how Facebook and Instagram harm Palestinian freedom of expression—but leaves out the role of Israel’s Cyber Unit.
Alex Kane October 4, 2022
The Political Unconscious
Is psychoanalysis in Israel/Palestine doomed to reinforce the dynamics of the occupation?
Eta Demby October 3, 2022
The Desperate Ones
Ezra Furman on anger, making songs for movements, and her messianic Jewish album about the end of empire.
Jael Goldfine September 29, 2022
The Fight for the Future of Israel Studies
Donors view Israel studies as a vehicle for countering Palestine activism on campus. But many of the scholars they fund don’t toe the line.
Mari Cohen September 28, 2022
Kahanism’s Raucous Return
Knesset member Itamar Ben-Gvir, a follower of far-right ideologue Meir Kahane, is surging in popularity on the promise of realizing ideas like the forced expulsion of Palestinians and leftists.
Joshua Leifer September 23, 2022
A Lingering Division
More than three decades after the Crown Heights riot, the neighborhood’s Hasidic and Caribbean communities are still haunted.
Vinson Cunningham September 22, 2022
An Open Letter to American-Jewish Intellectuals
In an unpublished 1989 letter, Palestinian American scholar Edward Said calls on his Jewish counterparts to take a stance against Israel’s abuses of Palestinians.
Edward W. Said September 21, 2022
The Embattled Edward Said
Facing attacks on multiple fronts, Said nevertheless continued to challenge Israel’s monopoly on representations of Palestine.
Nubar Hovsepian September 21, 2022
Answering Said’s Call
While discourse on Israel-Palestine has shifted for the better since 1989, meeting Said’s challenge will require American Jewish intellectuals to recognize that Palestinian equality and Jewish safety are ultimately intertwined.
Peter Beinart September 21, 2022
Israel’s Repressive Toolkit Ensnares a Palestinian Human Rights Lawyer
Salah Hammouri has been jailed without trial for six months. If he’s ever released, he also faces deportation.
Alex Kane September 20, 2022
Second Language
The Belarusian novel Alindarka’s Children, recently translated into Scots and English, considers the political stakes of linguistic inequity.
Yiyun Li September 20, 2022
Playing Jewish
The Jewish Currents staff discusses Nathan Fielder’s The Rehearsal.
Jewish Currents September 19, 2022
Interrogating the “New Antisemitism”
In a new book, Antony Lerman demonstrates how Israel and its advocates have redefined antisemitism to include all criticism of the Jewish State.
Shane Burley September 15, 2022
Therapy Was Never Secular
Reclaiming the religious roots of mental healthcare.
hannah baer September 14, 2022
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