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The Education of Desire
On putting the world back together
Dionne Brand March 21, 2022
The Matter of Who’s Who
On solving for race
Lauren Michele Jackson March 21, 2022
Handle with Care
On invisible ink and archival imagination
Simone Browne March 21, 2022
Reading Otherwise
On kinship, racial pedagogy, and reading as revision
Claire Schwartz March 21, 2022
Russia’s Anti-War Protesters Are Facing Unprecedented Repression
Putin’s regime is cracking down on the last vestiges of political dissent.
Oksana Mironova and Ben Nadler March 17, 2022
Internal ADL Memo Recommended Ending Police Delegations to Israel Amid Backlash
The controversial program, now on pause, was characterized by senior staff as high cost and low reward.
Alex Kane and Sam Levin March 17, 2022
Knesset Renews Permanent Residency Ban for Palestinian Spouses of Israeli Citizens
The controversial law is intended to protect a Jewish demographic majority.
Alex Kane March 16, 2022
An American Talisman
What kinds of Jewish stories would suit the Tennessee school board?
Eli Valley March 15, 2022
Fables of Finitude
In Pure Colour, Sheila Heti asks what it would mean to love the stories that link us to the past without imagining that they will carry us into the future.
Nora Caplan-Bricker March 14, 2022
Prayer of a Man in Snow
“Today there is no bloodstain / on the snow; no one was shot; there’s just snow and snow”
Israel Emiot March 11, 2022
The Jewish World’s Ambivalence About Russian Oligarchs
As Western governments sanction Putin’s inner circle, Israel and various Jewish organizations are more hesitant.
David Klion March 10, 2022
What a BDS-Supporting President Means for Chile’s Jewish and Palestinian Diasporas
In Chile, home to a significant Palestinian community as well as a smaller Jewish enclave, the election of leftist Gabriel Boric may galvanize a shift in the politics of Israel/Palestine.
Jess Schwalb March 10, 2022
A Judicial Reprieve for Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah
Israel’s Supreme Court has ruled that four families slated for eviction can remain in their homes—for now.
Elisheva Goldberg March 8, 2022
Justifications for Destroying a People
The arguments Russia’s government deploys to dehumanize Ukrainians are strikingly similar to the ones Israel’s government uses to dehumanize Palestinians.
Peter Beinart March 8, 2022
The Many Oblivions of Babi Yar
An ambitious creative team promised to make Kyiv home to the biggest and most impressive Holocaust museum in all of Europe. Before Russia attacked the city, scholars and artists had spent years in pitched disagreement over the vision of the memorial.
Linda Kinstler March 7, 2022
Our Oligarch
Jewish institutions have accepted hundreds of millions of dollars from Putin confidante Roman Abramovich. Will Russia’s invasion of Ukraine force a reckoning?
David Klion March 3, 2022
The Overlooked Loyalties of Ethel Rosenberg
A new biography of the martyr captures the texture of her life and times but fails to fully investigate her political convictions.
Mitchell Abidor March 2, 2022
A Progressive Foreign Policy Response to the War in Ukraine
An interview with Matt Duss, Bernie Sanders’s foreign policy adviser, on Russia’s invasion.
Alex Kane March 1, 2022
I Need My Blood
“I will not lock my blood inside my heart, / neither will I shed my blood for naught”
Itzik Feffer February 25, 2022
Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: An Explainer
Responses to common questions on day one of Putin’s war of choice.
David Klion February 24, 2022
How the Seattle Jewish Federation Blocked a Donation to B’Tselem
Donor-advised funds have legal discretion to deny gifts to groups that criticize Israel.
Alex Kane February 23, 2022
Reclaiming a Minor Literature
The editor of diasporic Hebrew journal Mikan Ve’eylakh seeks to recover the possibilities of Hebrew language not tied to the State of Israel.
Maya Rosen February 21, 2022
Mizrakh mi ma’arav
Jewish Currents is proud to release Black Ox Orkestar’s first recording in more than a decade.
Black Ox Orkestar February 18, 2022
Ukraine in Limbo
Amid Western intelligence warnings that Russia could invade at any time, Ukrainians are trying to go about their daily lives.
Linda Kinstler February 18, 2022
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