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Remembering Khalil Abu Yahia
The Gazan scholar and activist, who was killed in an Israeli airstrike last month, believed in the radical potential of solidarity.
Maya Rosen and Erez Bleicher November 6, 2023
“We Have Lost the Ability to Provide True Care”
Three doctors describe coping with fatal shortages and agonizing choices in Gaza’s overwhelmed hospitals.
Hammam Alloh, Yousef Al-Akkad, and Reda Abu Assi October 30, 2023
Calls for a Ceasefire Get Little Traction in Congress
Three weeks into Israel’s assault on Gaza, only about 10% of House Democrats have called for an end to the bombing.
Alex Kane October 27, 2023
prologue for now - Gaza
“I’ve taken this inventory before for all the ‘human animals’ ”
Dionne Brand October 27, 2023
An Anti-Palestinian Crackdown Across Europe
European leaders are responding to growing pro-Palestine protests with an unprecedented wave of repression.
Jonathan Shamir October 26, 2023
“The Settlers Can Do Whatever They Want With Us”
An employee of the Palestinian Authority testifies to a brutal attack at the hands of Israeli settlers in the West Bank.
Mohammad Matar October 25, 2023
“Here’s your math. Here’s your hot take. / That number isn’t a number. / That number is a first word, a nickname, a birthday song in June.”
Hala Alyan October 20, 2023
Dispatches from the West Bank
In the West Bank, violence and dispossession intensify as the line between settler and soldier is fast disappearing.
Mustafa, Luna, Mariam, Ghassan Najjar, and Sabri October 20, 2023
A “McCarthyite Backlash” Against Pro-Palestine Speech
From university disciplinary hearings to death threats, supporters of Palestinian rights are facing a wave of reprisals.
Alex Kane October 20, 2023
Gazan Workers Stuck in Purgatory After Israel Revokes Permits
In what human rights groups call “a prohibited act of vengeance,” Israel has stripped Gazan workers of their legal status, detaining many without trial.
Jonathan Shamir October 19, 2023
The Wisdom of the Shiva
A letter from the publisher of Jewish Currents.
Daniel May October 19, 2023
Major News Networks Sideline Palestinian Analysts
Leading Palestinian commentators describe canceled appearances and segments pulled from CBS and CNN shows.
Mari Cohen October 18, 2023
Dispatches from Gaza
Three Palestinians describe life under constant Israeli bombardment—and lay out their visions for liberation.
Mohammed Zraiy, Khalil Abu Yahia, and Rania Hussein October 17, 2023
A Textbook Case of Genocide
Israel has been explicit about what it’s carrying out in Gaza. Why isn’t the world listening?
Raz Segal October 13, 2023
Letter From the Editor
“We Cannot Cross Until We Carry Each Other”
The editor-in-chief of Jewish Currents on recommitting to our movements in this moment
Arielle Angel October 12, 2023
The Hamas Attacks and Israeli Response: An Explainer
An explainer answering readers’ questions about the situation in Israel/Palestine after October 7th.
Alex Kane, Mari Cohen, Jonathan Shamir, and Isaac Scher October 10, 2023
Recognizing the Roma Holocaust
In his recent book Rain of Ash, historian Ari Joskowicz examines the evolving relationships between Jews and Roma in the struggle for justice.
Daniel Kraft October 5, 2023
In an excerpt from her new essay collection Naked, a burlesque performer considers the complications of desire.
Fancy Feast October 5, 2023
A Visa Program Exception for Israel
The US has admitted Israel into the Visa Waiver Program even though the country continues to discriminate against Palestinian American travelers.
Alex Kane October 3, 2023
Archives of Israeli Oppression
Akevot Institute founder Lior Yavne on how unearthing government records can illuminate ongoing injustices.
Mitchell Abidor September 29, 2023
After the Hit-and-Run
Can restorative justice offer crash victims like me—and the drivers who harmed us—the healing we need?
Mari Cohen September 28, 2023
Reading Baldwin After Kanye
A conversation about James Baldwin’s 1967 essay, “Negroes are Anti-Semitic Because They are Anti-White.”
nyle fort, Marc Lamont Hill, Daniel May, Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, and Ben Ratskoff September 28, 2023
Porzellan Manufaktur Allach
Robert Russell’s recent exhibition exposes idyllic trinkets as sites of Nazi domination and imagination.
Rotem Rozental September 28, 2023
Light Among The Nations
For Yoram Hazony, the founder of the National Conservative movement, Israel is an illiberal model for the international nationalist brigade.
Suzanne Schneider September 28, 2023
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