Co-Resistance at a Crossroads
As anti-Palestinian violence in the West Bank reaches new heights, a beleaguered movement gathers to reflect.
Maya Rosen April 16, 2024
Weaponization and Denial
Since October 7th, Israel’s use of evidentiary claims as justification for its devastation of Gaza has fed a countervailing strain of untruth.
Linda Kinstler April 10, 2024
Facing Amalek
Reading the biblical injunction to genocide amid a genocide
Maya Rosen March 22, 2024
The Work of the Witness
Three months into a livestreamed genocide, we must ask—what does all this looking do?
Sarah Aziza January 12, 2024
The Luminous Dark
How can we understand Hanukkah in a way that rejects colonial conceptions of light and dark?
Lexie Botzum December 12, 2023
The Abolitionist Logic of “Everyone for Everyone”
A call from the families of hostages contains the seed of true safety.
Dan Berger December 1, 2023
Hayim Katsman’s Vision of Struggle
In a 2019 paper, a scholar and activist killed by Hamas on October 7th imagined a way forward for the Israeli left.
Hayim Katsman November 14, 2023
Meditations on Cixous
Four writers reflect on the feminist theorist’s work.
Jo Mrelli, aracelis girmay, Sarah Hamerschlag, and Jules Gill-Peterson September 28, 2023
Light Among The Nations
For Yoram Hazony, the founder of the National Conservative movement, Israel is an illiberal model for the international nationalist brigade.
Suzanne Schneider September 28, 2023
To Grieve the World Like a Dying Friend
What does it mean to build toward a future on a planet in the midst of collapse?
Cynthia Friedman August 3, 2023
Looking for a Lineage in the Lusk Archive
The records of a New York surveillance committee from the time of the First Red Scare document a radical world—and its demise.
Ben Nadler and Oksana Mironova July 18, 2023
The Strange Hours
Finding a new relationship with rest in early motherhood
Maryam Ivette Parhizkar April 10, 2023
Dreams Under Confinement
Mapping the pandemic’s collective unconscious
Rona Lorimer April 3, 2023
The Right to Grieve
To demand the freedom to mourn—not on the employer’s schedule, but in our own time—is to reject the cruel rhythms of the capitalist status quo.
Erik Baker March 13, 2023
The Trap of Palestinian Participation
An open letter considers the impossible choice facing Palestinians: Participate as a token in conversations premised on their oppression, or be branded rejectionists.
Tareq Baconi February 10, 2023
Edifice Complex
Restoring the term “burnout” to its roots in landlord arson puts the dispossession of poor city dwellers at its center.
Bench Ansfield January 3, 2023
Understanding Apartheid
Embracing a radical critique of Israeli apartheid is a precondition for bringing it to a just end.
Noura Erakat and John Reynolds November 1, 2022
Point of No Return
Palestinians cannot turn back the hands of time. But we might still imagine a world beyond exile.
Dylan Saba October 24, 2022
Answering Said’s Call
While discourse on Israel-Palestine has shifted for the better since 1989, meeting Said’s challenge will require American Jewish intellectuals to recognize that Palestinian equality and Jewish safety are ultimately intertwined.
Peter Beinart September 21, 2022
The Embattled Edward Said
Facing attacks on multiple fronts, Said nevertheless continued to challenge Israel’s monopoly on representations of Palestine.
Nubar Hovsepian September 21, 2022
Therapy Was Never Secular
Reclaiming the religious roots of mental healthcare.
hannah baer September 14, 2022
Refusing to Bury the Living
Emigrating from the USSR to the US meant fleeing one system of mass incarceration for another.
Egina Manachova May 9, 2022
Bela’s Pilgrim
The story of my salvation
Bela Shayevich April 25, 2022
Darkness in the Holy Land
An introduction to the Haggadah of the Black Panthers in Israel.
Reuven Abergel April 13, 2022
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