Founded in 1946, Jewish Currents is a magazine committed to the rich tradition of thought, activism, and culture on the Jewish left and the left more broadly.

As an award-winning magazine of politics, culture, and ideas, we publish quarterly in print and daily online. We have received acclaim for our in-depth reporting, trenchant analysis, and rigorous cultural criticism, and for our attention to literary quality and style.

Issues we cover include antisemitism and its weaponization, the inner workings of Jewish communal organizations, the politics of Israel/Palestine on the ground and internationally, race and racialization, strategies and horizons of American left movements, the global rise of the far right, diasporic cultural expression, labor, climate, incarceration, immigration, and feminism. Since relaunching in 2018 with a new staff and design, we have established ourselves as an essential voice in the contemporary conversation.

Daniel May
Arielle Angel
Executive Editor
Nora Caplan-Bricker
Deputy Publisher
Naomi Gordon-Loebl
Managing Director
Cynthia Friedman
Managing Editor
Nathan Goldman
Culture Editor
Claire Schwartz
Associate Editor
Mari Cohen
News Editor
Aparna Gopalan
Senior Reporter
Alex Kane
Art Direction & Design
Marc Jonathan Costello
Jonathan Shamir
Israel/Palestine Fellow
Maya Rosen
Peter Beinart
Contributing Editors
Ari M. Brostoff
Maia Ipp
David Klion
Siddhartha Mahanta
Ben Ratskoff
Dylan Saba
Contributing Writers
Mitchell Abidor
Jess Bergman
Christopher Blackwell
Isaac Brosilow
Elisheva Goldberg
Linda Kinstler
Raphael Magarik
Rebecca Pierce
Susan Reimer-Torn
Helen Betya Rubinstein
Zoé Samudzi
Isaac Scher
Alisa Solomon
Eli Valley
Operations Assistant
Diana Varenik
Fargo Nissim Tbakhi
Director of Community Engagement
Solomon Brager
Board of Directors
Kathleen Peratis, Co-Chair
Mark Egerman, Co-Chair
Carrie Shapiro, Treasurer
Naomi Dann, Secretary
Zoe Friedman-Cohen
Masha Gessen
Ben Korman
Libby Lenkinski
Lizzy Ratner
Abraham Josephine Riesman
Nadia Saah
Tali Stolzenberg-Myers
Advisory Board
Kate Aronoff
Judith Butler
Letty Cottin Pogrebin
Anne Germanacos
Susannah Heschel
Joy Ladin
Devin E. Naar
Chanda Prescod-Weinstein
Dahlia Scheindlin
Omar Shakir
Simone Zimmerman
JC Council
Alice Radosh, Co-Chair
Tamar Zinn, Co-Chair
Anthony Arnove
Mia Bagneris
Ajay Singh Chaudhary
Helen Engelhardt
Dick Flacks
Zelda Gamson
Esther Leysorek Goodman
Stephanie Greenwood
Jessica de Koninck
Judee Rosenbaum
Shaiya Rothberg
Mitchell Silver
Editor Emeritus
Lawrence Bush
Founding Editors
Louis Harap, (1904-1998)
Morris U. Schappes, (1907-2004)