Birthright Israel and #MeToo

April 18, 2018Sarah Seltzer

Jewish Currents spoke with more than 50 Birthright Israel participants and staffers about their experiences with the often-fraught sexual and gender dynamics on the famous free trip to Israel. Here is what we found.

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On an Emerging Diasporism

April 16, 2018Jacob Plitman

The simultaneous crises of the Trump presidency in America and the ongoing rightward radicalization of Israel are fueling a Diasporic revival. Where might it take us?

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Culturally Muslim

April 16, 2018Shuja Haider

Growing up Pakistani-American, the first time I recognized myself in the world of a novel was when I read Philip Roth’s Portnoy’s Complaint.

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Of All Places

April 16, 2018Maia Ipp

“I have the answer I give and the answer I don’t give.”

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A Guerilla Workshop on Pinkwashing

April 16, 2018Emily Strauss

A dispatch from an organizer: in the organized LGBTQ community, Jews and Muslims demand discussion of Israel/Palestine.

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Unlearning Woody Allen

February 1, 2018David Klion

It’s a cop-out to say that the heart wants what it wants. We have to ask ourselves who taught the heart what it wants, and whether it’s capable of wanting something more.

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