Translating Black Lives Matter into Yiddish

Amid an eruption of protests over police brutality, a Black performer of Yiddish music reflects on an attempt to “touch Blackness from inside Yiddish.”

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Living the Unlivable

Jasbir K. Puar on the Great March of Return and the perils of exceptionalizing the Gaza blockade.

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Exodus: Yitro

What does it mean that we do not consent to our ethical obligations?

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Jews of Color and the Policing of White Space

The infamous 911 call in Central Park has hard lessons for Jewish communal spaces.

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Police State Procedural

The new season of Fauda takes the denigration of Palestinians to new depths.

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Accounting for Jews of Color

Critics say a new article challenging the number of Jews of color undermines the slow progress Jews of color have made in securing communal funding for inclusivity efforts.

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Photo: Joseph Sohm

All Epidemics Are Social

The historical memory of those who lived through and organized during the AIDS crisis offers an invaluable resource in the struggle for a just response to the coronavirus emergency.

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Provisions #5: “tarnished, / problematic, and certainly uneven—a we

Meditations in a crisis on writing by René Ménil, Ari Banias, and Andrea Rexilius.

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Honoring the Dead From a Distance

A socially distant taharah is an oxymoron that underscores the particular agony of this moment.

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[unfinished draft]

“when fucking, I frequently mistake cries of pleasure for cries of faith”

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Who Speaks in the Jewish Novel?

In 2019, American Jewish fiction took a renewed interest in the question of who gets to write about whom.

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A Stranger in Silicon Valley

Anna Wiener’s memoir of her time in San Francisco tech subtly skewers the industry, but its elegantly disaffected style has its limits.

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