Prisoners of the Occupation

An excerpt from a play written with former Palestinian political prisoners and attacked and suppressed by Israel’s Ministry of Culture.

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Art in a State of Emergency

July 31, 2018Arielle Angel

What is the artist’s responsibility in a time of political crisis?

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What Happens When the Alt-Right Believes in Climate Change

August 13, 2018Casey Williams

White nationalists are readying for war against the coming generation of climate migrants.

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Jeffrey Goldberg Doesn’t Speak for the Jews

August 2, 2018David Klion

The editor of The Atlantic represents the failure of the liberal establishment.

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One Year of
Jewish Currents


A Birthright Protest Livestream Disappeared From Facebook

August 2, 2018Aviva Stahl

The social network has long been accused of enabling Israeli rule over Palestinians.

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The Loss of Little Boy

August 6, 2018Philip Fried

A poet reflects on the language of war and loss on the 73rd anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima.

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New Voices' Nice Jewish Editor Will Focus on Abuses of Power

August 14, 2018Abby Holtzman

A letter from the editor in chief of New Voices, a publication by and for American Jewish students.

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Please Go To My Country and Say Salaam

July 24, 2018Emily C. Bell

An interview with Gazan painter Malak Mattar.

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Dziga Vertov: The Man Behind the Movie Camera

August 8, 2018Julia Alekseyeva

A comic about the Soviet father of 20th century documentary filmmaking.

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