Screw Capitalism!

November 13, 2018Jess Bergman

In her new book, Kristen Ghodsee explores how capitalism harms women, including in their intimate lives.

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Someday, This Occupation Will End

November 14, 2018Joshua Leifer

Two distinct but complementary visions of how to fight for justice in Palestine.

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November 12, 2018Yenta Mash

A new translation by Ellen Cassedy from the forthcoming collection On the Landing: Stories by Yenta Mash.

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The Skokie March That Wasn’t

November 7, 2018Isaac Brosilow

How radical activists took on the Jewish establishment, the cops, and the Nazis.

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One Year of
Jewish Currents


The Road to Trans Liberation

Chicago poet H. Melt discusses their new chapbook.

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All in the Family

November 6, 2018Eli Valley

When "some of my best friends are Jewish" just isn't enough.

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On Shiva, Personal and Collective

November 6, 2018Dania Rajendra

The writer remembers a shiva for her father, Krishna, at a moment of collective Jewish grief and fumbling for solidarity.

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Reading for Silence

November 5, 2018Lauren Goldenberg

Idra Novey talks about US intervention through a female gaze, reading silence in literature, and the strange prescience of her new novel, THOSE WHO KNEW.

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It’s Coming From Inside the House

November 8, 2018David Austin Walsh

Law enforcement ignores right-wing terrorism because officers share many of the same biases.

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