The Resilient Fiction of the Two-State Solution

The lack of a viable two-state solution doesn’t mean liberal Zionists will stop believing in one.

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Separation Wall

Yavne: A Jewish Case for Equality in Israel-Palestine

The two-state solution is dead. It’s time for liberal Zionists to abandon Jewish–Palestinian separation and embrace equality.

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Hillary Clinton

The More Things Change

Curtis Sittenfeld’s Rodham imagines the world exactly as it always was.

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“They say a dislocated dead soul pumps out curses / like a t-shirt cannon.”

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The New Dutch Far Right

Thierry Baudet and the party he leads are laundering racist politics into the mainstream.

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Invisible Violence

The protesters of today are writing in the margins of our cities. It’s about time we read them.

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Leaked Memo Details ADL’s Annexation Response

A leaked memo shows the group hopes to maintain a pro-civil-rights veneer while opposing any policy pressure on Israel.

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Some Notes on Jewish Lesbian Identity

“A poor Jew trying to climb out of her class learns to associate her lower-classness with her Jewishness (also her femaleness).”

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Communal Money

Amy Schiller discusses the limits of “scientific philanthropy,” and how money can be a tool toward collective power-sharing.

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Provisions #7: “repair a world or build / a new one inside my body”

Meditations in a crisis on poems by Solmaz Sharif, Pablo Neruda, and Cameron Awkward-Rich.

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No Time for Nostalgia

When We Were Arabs does little to expand the political possibilities for a younger, American Mizrahi milieu.

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Jewish Groups Embrace BLM, With Conditions

Some Jewish groups appear to be putting aside Israel-related grievances with the Black Lives Matter movement. Others aim to show support without backing its more radical demands.

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