Israeli Aid Policies Drive Starvation
US initiatives to airdrop and ship aid to Gaza are logistical workarounds to a political problem.
Elisheva Goldberg and Maya Rosen
The Suppressed Lineage of American Jewish Dissent on Zionism
In his recent book Our Palestine Question, historian Geoffrey Levin uncovers the long history of American Jewish concern for Palestinian rights.
Emma Saltzberg
Israel’s Crackdown on Hebron
Intensified restrictions on Palestinian life in the West Bank city, introduced after October 7th, could become permanent and even spread elsewhere.
Maya Rosen
Put Up, Take Down
A hostage poster diary comic
Solomon Brager
Understanding Biden’s Settler Sanctions Strategy
The administration’s sanctions on Israeli settlers are an attempt to mollify its disillusioned base without confronting the Israeli government.
Alex Kane
An Israeli “Buffer Zone” Could Shape Gaza’s Post-War Reality
By creating a militarized border area inside Gaza, Israel has started shrinking the Palestinian territory while opening the door for future Jewish settlements.
Alex Kane
Between Exclusion and Exploitation
Israel’s far right wants to permanently replace Palestinian workers, but employing them has become key to maintaining the occupation.
Jonathan Shamir
The Campaign to Abolish UNRWA
The recent defunding of the aid agency is part of a longstanding effort to extinguish Palestinian refugees’ dreams of return.
Peter Beinart
Facing Amalek
Reading the biblical injunction to genocide amid a genocide
Maya Rosen
What the Israeli Public Doesn’t See
In largely ignoring the suffering of Palestinian civilians in Gaza, the Israeli media both shapes and reflects public opinion.
Elisheva Goldberg
J Street’s Pro-War Stance Prompts Staff Departures
The liberal Zionist lobbying group’s support for Israel’s assault on Gaza has sparked staff dissent and alienated onetime allies.
Mari Cohen
Current IssueWinter 2024
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