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Alex Kane is a senior reporter for Jewish Currents.

What the Fossil Fuel Industry Learned from Anti-BDS Laws
Attacks on Israel’s critics have become the template for efforts to suppress climate activism, gun control advocacy, and other progressive movements.
Alex Kane April 4, 2022
How the War in Ukraine Is Changing Israel’s Refugee Policies
Rules are changing in a hurry for non-Jewish Ukrainian refugees, but refugees from other regions haven’t yet benefited.
Alex Kane March 29, 2022
Internal ADL Memo Recommended Ending Police Delegations to Israel Amid Backlash
The controversial program, now on pause, was characterized by senior staff as high cost and low reward.
Alex Kane and Sam Levin March 17, 2022
Knesset Renews Permanent Residency Ban for Palestinian Spouses of Israeli Citizens
The controversial law is intended to protect a Jewish demographic majority.
Alex Kane March 16, 2022
A Progressive Foreign Policy Response to the War in Ukraine
An interview with Matt Duss, Bernie Sanders’s foreign policy adviser, on Russia’s invasion.
Alex Kane March 1, 2022
How the Seattle Jewish Federation Blocked a Donation to B’Tselem
Donor-advised funds have legal discretion to deny gifts to groups that criticize Israel.
Alex Kane February 23, 2022
Deutsche Welle Firings Set Chilling Precedent for Free Speech in Germany
Seven Arab and Muslim journalists have lost their jobs for the alleged “antisemitism” of criticizing Israel.
Alex Kane February 16, 2022
Jamaal Bowman Withdraws Co-Sponsorship of Bill Backing Israel’s Abraham Accords
Bowman’s reversal on the Israel Relations Normalization Act points toward growing opposition to the diplomatic agreements within the broader progressive movement.
Alex Kane February 15, 2022
Photo of printed copies of Amnesty International's report on a table.
Why Liberal Zionist Groups Won’t Say “Apartheid”
Pressed for specific disagreements with the use of the term, leaders of several prominent Jewish organizations focused on how its application might alienate their constituencies.
Mari Cohen and Alex Kane February 10, 2022
The Amnesty Report on Israeli Apartheid: An Explainer
Responses to common questions about the human rights organization’s decision to recognize the nature of the occupation.
Alex Kane February 9, 2022
No Justice for a Palestinian American Who Died in IDF Custody
The soldiers responsible for Omar Assad’s death at 78 have faced no meaningful consequences.
Alex Kane February 2, 2022
Activestills and the Making of a Decolonial Archive
Members of the Israel/Palestine-based photo collective explain their approach to their work.
Alex Kane January 28, 2022
A Brooklyn Rally Against Antisemitism Offers Right-Wing Solutions
After a Jewish man was attacked for wearing an IDF hoodie, demonstrators responded with calls for more cops.
Alex Kane January 5, 2022
Desmond Tutu’s Lifelong Struggle Against Apartheid
South Africa’s moral leader frequently clashed with Israel and the American Jewish establishment.
Alex Kane December 29, 2021
AIPAC’s New PACs Signal a Strategic Shift
Washington’s flagship Israel lobby is turning to a more explicit fundraising model.
Alex Kane December 22, 2021
Middle East Studies Association Votes to Consider Endorsing BDS
An endorsement of the BDS movement would be another indicator of just how much Israel’s apartheid system disquiets academia in the US.
Alex Kane December 9, 2021
Jamaal Bowman’s Trip to Israel Sparks Debate in DSA Over Electoral Strategy
The congressman’s divergence from DSA’s line on Israel/Palestine has led the socialist group to reexamine its approach to endorsements.
Alex Kane December 7, 2021
George Washington University Employees Offered Support to Palestinian Students. Now They Say They’re Paying the Price.
After criticizing “Israeli apartheid” and offering a processing space to Palestinian students in June, a campus office has been prevented from serving its regular functions, according to a civil rights complaint.
Alex Kane November 16, 2021
“I Campaigned on Right, Not on Fear”
If he loses due to his support for BDS, Florida congressional candidate Omari Hardy says his “conscience will be clear.”
Alex Kane October 25, 2021
Ritchie Torres Is the Future of “Pro-Israel” Politics
While lawmakers of color have challenged the Democratic consensus on Israel, the Bronx congressman has become a powerful voice for upholding the status quo.
Alex Kane October 18, 2021
Philanthropist Michael Leven Donated to Canary Mission Blacklist
The revelation makes him the third major American Jewish funder associated with the project.
Abby Seitz and Alex Kane October 14, 2021
Sanders Pushes Gaza Aid in Exchange for “Yes” Vote on Iron Dome Funds
The Senate’s most prominent Israel critic will join the rest of the Democratic caucus in voting for aid for the anti-missile system.
Alex Kane October 7, 2021
A Guide to the Fight Over Iron Dome Funding
We answer readers’ questions about the vote to fund Israel’s anti-missile system that has exposed sharp divisions among Democrats.
Alex Kane September 28, 2021
House Progressives Renew Effort to Block Bomb Deliveries to Israel
An exclusive report on a long-shot push—led by Reps. Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib, and Pocan—to stop the export of US-made weapons.
Alex Kane September 14, 2021
Days Before Approving Humanitarian Aid to Gaza, State Department Agreed to Contentious Bomb Sale to Israel
Days after progressive legislators attempted to block the sale, the administration quietly granted the export license.
Alex Kane May 25, 2021
Progressive Legislators to Introduce Resolution Blocking Bomb Sale to Israel
The resolution is a rebuke of the Biden administration’s Middle East policy, and a stark signal of progressive Democrats’ anger over Israel’s punishing assault on Gaza.
Alex Kane May 19, 2021
“They Have Never Lived One Day of Freedom”
An interview with Rep. Betty McCollum, author of a bill that would restrict US military aid in support of the occupation.
Alex Kane May 14, 2021
A Guide to the Current Crisis in Israel/Palestine
We asked our readers what they needed to know about the situation in Israel/Palestine. Our staff is compiling a developing set of answers to the most commonly asked questions.
Mari Cohen, Joshua Leifer, and Alex Kane May 13, 2021
Former AIPAC Senior Operative Launches Group to Cultivate Democratic Support for Israel
Jonathan Kessler wants to offer progressives “a channel for their dissatisfaction that’s not disruptive of the US-Israel alliance.”
Alex Kane March 18, 2021
How the ADL’s Israel Advocacy Undermines Its Civil Rights Work
Interviews with eight former ADL employees found that CEO Jonathan Greenblatt has repeatedly chosen to support crackdowns on criticism of Israel over protecting civil liberties, putting him in conflict with his own civil rights office.
Alex Kane and Jacob Hutt February 8, 2021
The Settlers’ Man in Florida
The Republican Party in the era of Trump has become the party of the Israeli settler right, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis its most devoted champion.
Alex Kane July 30, 2020
From Bad to Worse
Ghada Majadle of Physicians for Human Rights fears that Israel’s restrictive policies could exacerbate the effects of a coronavirus outbreak in the West Bank and Gaza.
Alex Kane March 20, 2020
Josh Block
The Rise and Fall of The Israel Project
A leaked cache of documents reveals how the pro-Israel media advocacy group operated—and the factors that led to its demise.
Alex Kane February 18, 2020
IfNotNow’s Primary Strategy
The anti-occupation group is holding the 2020 contenders accountable on Israel/Palestine.
Alex Kane July 3, 2019
Protesters Shut Down Pro-Palestine Event
A commemoration of the Nakba in Queens was canceled over threats.
Alex Kane May 23, 2019
Netanyahu’s Cynical Betrayal of Holocaust History
Israel has made a Faustian bargain with the Central European far right.
Alex Kane February 28, 2019
The Left is Demanding “Abolish ICE.” But Jewish Groups Are Less Sure.
Left-leaning pillars of the American Jewish community are split on the newest progressive rallying cry.
Alex Kane July 5, 2018