Israel’s Crackdown on Hebron
Intensified restrictions on Palestinian life in the West Bank city, introduced after October 7th, could become permanent and even spread elsewhere.
Maya Rosen February 13, 2024
“Not a Day Goes by Where I Don’t Think About Leaving”
Two Biden administration staffers describe growing internal dissent over the US’s refusal to call for a ceasefire in Gaza.
Alex Kane January 9, 2024
Building the Case for US Complicity
Despite stacked odds, Palestine advocates are pursuing legal avenues to charge American officials with aiding and abetting Israeli war crimes.
Alex Kane December 5, 2023
Amid a Settler Onslaught, Protective Presence Activism Falters
As settlers rampage, Israeli and international activists are struggling to leverage their relative privilege to protect Palestinians in the West Bank.
Aman Abhishek November 28, 2023
The Push to “Deactivate” Students for Justice in Palestine
Civil liberties experts say a law banning “material support for terrorism” is being used to quash pro-Palestine speech.
Alex Kane November 21, 2023
Israel’s War on Journalists
By casting reporters as Hamas accomplices, Israel seeks to discredit critical coverage—and to justify unprecedented violence against Palestinian journalists.
Jonathan Shamir November 15, 2023
The Wisdom of the Shiva
A letter from the publisher of Jewish Currents.
Daniel May October 19, 2023
A Visa Program Exception for Israel
The US has admitted Israel into the Visa Waiver Program even though the country continues to discriminate against Palestinian American travelers.
Alex Kane October 3, 2023
An Anti-Migrant Offensive In Israel
Recent police violence against Israel’s Eritrean minority is a window into the government’s escalating hostility towards non-Jewish immigrants.
Alex Kane September 12, 2023
Chile’s Documentarian of Dashed Dreams
Fifty years after a coup ended Chile’s socialist experiment, the films of Patricio Guzmán—now on view in a New York retrospective—offer a guide to the era and its long shadow.
Mitchell Abidor September 7, 2023
The End of Widady
Settler attacks are rapidly depopulating Palestinian communities in Area C of the West Bank.
Joshua Leifer September 6, 2023
Israel’s TikTok Extremists
Far-right content has taken Israeli TikTok by storm, rallying the country’s youth in support of Jewish supremacy.
Sophia Goodfriend August 22, 2023
Israel’s Anti-Miscegenation Law
A new law classifies some sexual crimes as “terrorism,” signaling an intent to target Arabs—and a goal of preventing racial mixing.
Elisheva Goldberg August 15, 2023
The New Debate Over Aid to Israel
Once a consensus position, US funding of Israel now has new detractors from the heart of the political establishment.
Alex Kane August 8, 2023
The PA’s Slow-Motion Collapse
In the aftermath of Israel’s attack on Jenin, the Palestinian Authority’s efforts to regain legitimacy risk hastening its potentially terminal decline.
Joshua Leifer July 18, 2023
“We Are in a Daily Battle for Survival”
Abandoned by the Israeli government, the country’s Palestinian citizens live at the mercy of organized crime.
Elisheva Goldberg July 11, 2023
Recent Polls of US Jews Reflect Polarized Community
Trying to keep up with shifting opinion on Israel/Palestine, surveys of American Jews are beginning to ask new questions.
Caroline Morganti June 29, 2023
Under a Settler Government, Violence Grows
Haaretz’s West Bank correspondent Hagar Shezaf discusses why settler attacks on Palestinians are becoming bolder.
Alex Kane June 27, 2023
The US Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Modi
In pursuing a strategic alliance with India’s Hindu nationalist prime minister, Biden has betrayed his promises to uphold human rights.
Aparna Gopalan June 22, 2023
Fatima Mohammed Has No Regrets
The CUNY Law graduate, who delivered a commencement address criticizing Israel, gives her first interview since becoming the target of a national smear campaign.
Alex Kane June 21, 2023
Settlers’ Triumphant Return to Homesh
By granting Israeli citizens legal access to a disbanded settlement in the West Bank, the government has fulfilled one of the settler movement’s central demands.
Alex Kane June 13, 2023
Netanyahu’s Salami Method
Using a classic authoritarian strategy, the Israeli right has quashed dissent and entrenched the occupation slice by slice.
Joshua Leifer June 6, 2023
National Plan Reflects the Debate Over Antisemitism
While generally promising more of the same, the Biden plan signaled in multiple ways that progressive groups have succeeded in making Jewish politics a contested space.
Mari Cohen June 1, 2023
Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system intercepts rockets from the Gaza Strip on May 11th, 2023.
Iron Dome Is Not a Defensive System
The Iron Dome cannot meaningfully be considered “life-saving” in any value system that recognizes Palestinian humanity.
Dylan Saba May 25, 2023
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