How Far Is J Street Willing to Go?
Its annual conference has become a space for left-wing criticism of Israel, but the organization remains cautious.
Arianna Skibell November 6, 2019
Don’t Call It an Anniversary
One year after the Tree of Life attack, the Jewish community of Pittsburgh is still trying to make sense of what happened.
C.A. Pinkham October 28, 2019
Tradition Compels Us to Respond
Religious communities are confronting the threat of climate change with activism.
Arianna Skibell September 25, 2019
We Will Protect Each Other
Efforts to scare anti-ICE protesters with extrajudicial violence won’t work.
Eve Condon August 16, 2019
Flirting With Fascism
The National Conservatism Conference in Washington had a very 1930s vibe.
David Austin Walsh July 24, 2019
UChicago Wildcat Strike Empties Classrooms
The grad student union’s three-day work stoppage was a demonstration of power.
Chloe Watlington and Lee Harris June 6, 2019
Protesters Shut Down Pro-Palestine Event
A commemoration of the Nakba in Queens was canceled over threats.
Alex Kane May 23, 2019
Running the Palestine Marathon
An unanticipated window into the lives of Palestinians under Israeli occupation.
Jen Marlowe May 6, 2019
Holocaust Revisionism Hits the Streets of New York
Antifascist Jews and allies confronted a Polish nationalist rally at Foley Square last Sunday.
Outlive Them NYC April 5, 2019
The NYC Women’s March Careens Into a Debate About Zionism
The Women’s March Alliance and Zioness co-hosted an event last Thursday.
Toby Irving January 22, 2019
White Nationalism on the Ballot in Brooklyn
Jews protest state senator Marty Golden for unrenounced ties to white nationalists.
Sam Adler-Bell November 5, 2018
A Bid to Be Seen
On the Palestine Museum US, which opened this spring.
Michael McCanne September 24, 2018
Dobranotch Delights in New York
The St. Petersburg-based klezmer ensemble brings the party to Little Odessa and the East Village.
Samantha Shokin September 17, 2018
Jewish Solidarity in Charlottesville
A dispatch from Jewish anti-fascists in Virginia on the anniversary of the Unite the Right rally.
Jewish Solidarity Caucus August 24, 2018
How to Fight the Netanyahu Government (and Win)
To stop deportations of asylum seekers, we needed to build a coalition across racial and economic lines.
Alon-Lee Green July 19, 2018
Why We’re Launching “The Jewish Vote”
Inspired by our radical past, Jewish activists in NYC announce a new progressive electoral initiative.
Katie Unger July 17, 2018
Jews Rally in Solidarity with Local 217 at the Stamford Hilton
“There is only one boss, and that is God above.”
Avigayil Halpern July 10, 2018
Daniel Kahn’s Yiddish Militancy
A concert-goer inspired by Daniel Kahn’s fiercely political Yiddish music asks: how does this tradition inform how we act, here and now?
Jonah S. Boyarin July 5, 2018
Families Occupy ICE Offices in NYC
Dozens of families occupied the Manhattan offices of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Thursday afternoon.
Scott Heins June 23, 2018
The Hometown Resistance to Kirstjen Nielsen’s Border Atrocities
Over 300 students and alumni of Kirstjen Nielsen’s high school alma mater have signed an open letter condemning the DHS chief.
Marc Daalder June 20, 2018
San Francisco’s Burgeoning Socialist Movement Scores an Election Day Victory
Twin victories at the polls are a coming-out party for San Francisco socialists. Will more—and more radical—victories follow?
Chris Roberts June 11, 2018
Keep Looking Until You Find It
A surprising encounter with the Book of Ruth at a participatory art ritual in New York.
Maia Ipp May 24, 2018
IfNotNow Activists Take to the Streets Protesting the ‘Embassy of Occupation’
Young American Jews protested on Washington streets on Monday, as dozens of Palestinian demonstrators were killed by Israeli forces in Gaza.
Noah Kulwin May 14, 2018
Israel Convicts A Palestinian Poet, NYC Writers Gather In Solidarity
Palestinian poet and photographer Dareen Tatour faces the possibility of years in prison.
Jake Offenhartz May 7, 2018
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