AIPAC Isn’t the Whole Story
The Israel lobby represents a broad constellation of interests.
Jonah S. Boyarin March 4, 2019
Bad Faith
The dogpile on Ihan Omar reinforces the double-standard for women of color.
Nylah Burton February 14, 2019
Where’s the Lie?
Calling out the Israel lobby is not ipso facto antisemitism.
Noah Kulwin February 11, 2019
American Uses and Misuses of the Holocaust
Wielding Holocaust memory to make America look good is an American tradition.
Mari Cohen February 8, 2019
On Accompaniment
The migrant caravan brings solidarity practices with them on their journey north.
Rachel Ida Buff February 7, 2019
Only a Green New Deal Can Save Us
The crisis of climate change is too important to leave in the hands of billionaires.
Kate Aronoff, Daniel Aldana Cohen, Alyssa Battistoni, and Thea Riofrancos February 5, 2019
Ocasio-Cortez’s Jewish Heritage Isn’t About You
AOC’s announcement of Jewish heritage needs to be read in the context of Sephardic and Latin American history.
Maxwell Ezra Greenberg and Max Modiano Daniel January 18, 2019
What Ocasio-Cortez’s Jewish Heritage Means
Claiming Jewish heritage is fundamentally different than claiming Jewishness. But it still matters.
Shaul Magid January 8, 2019
Jack Kirby’s Golem
Ben Grimm’s Jewishness has been hiding in plain sight for decades.
Ben Schwartz December 26, 2018
Unrequited Love: When Women Study the Talmud
Women Talmud scholars find different paths through a patriarchal text.
Susan Reimer-Torn December 11, 2018
Marc Lamont Hill Did Nothing Wrong
Moral seriousness is no reason to be fired.
Noah Kulwin November 30, 2018
Are we building Holocaust memory all wrong?
Samuel Holleran November 26, 2018
On Shiva, Personal and Collective
The writer remembers a shiva for her father, Krishna, at a moment of collective Jewish grief and fumbling for solidarity.
Dania Rajendra November 6, 2018
The Long Jewish Relationship with Thomas Jefferson
What explains the long history of Jewish admiration for this particular founding father?
Bennett Muraskin November 3, 2018
Sunday School After Squirrel Hill: Resources and Reflection
Teachers share thoughts and resources on how to talk to students about antisemitism and intersectional justice in the wake of the Squirrel Hill shooting.
Kayla Ginsburg and Abby Harris-Ridker October 30, 2018
After Squirrel Hill
A New York City vigil imagines a path forward.
Noah Kulwin October 29, 2018
Universities Must Reckon With Their Role in the Occupation
A University of Michigan instructor explains why she declined to recommend a student for a study abroad program in Israel.
Lucy Peterson October 23, 2018
The Soros Myth
Antisemitism has long been a tool of the right wing to undermine democracy.
Dove Kent October 11, 2018
Morality, Fate, Faith, Freedom: Reasons to Revisit Bernard Malamud
“Can a writer write for all men from a position of minority? Malamud’s work convinces me.”
Nellie Hermann October 8, 2018
The DOJ Fired Me For Protesting Family Separation. I Don’t Regret It.
Speaking truth to power is necessary to force political change.
Allison Hrabar October 2, 2018
Writing About the Present: Mirror, Body, Shadow
An essay from Joshua Cohen’s new collection, Attention: Dispatches from a Land of Distraction.
Joshua Cohen August 27, 2018
Jeffrey Goldberg Doesn’t Speak for the Jews
The editor of The Atlantic represents the failure of the liberal establishment.
David Klion August 2, 2018
Art in a State of Emergency
What is the artist’s responsibility in a time of political crisis?
Arielle Angel July 31, 2018
“What does Vietnam have to do with Tisha B’Av?”
Most Jews who observe Tisha B’Av spend it mourning in synagogue. In 1972, this group spent the holiday in the streets—presaging today’s era of political ritual.
Isaac Brosilow July 26, 2018
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