The Education of Desire
On putting the world back together
Dionne Brand March 21, 2022
The Matter of Who’s Who
On solving for race
Lauren Michele Jackson March 21, 2022
Handle with Care
On invisible ink and archival imagination
Simone Browne March 21, 2022
Reading Otherwise
On kinship, racial pedagogy, and reading as revision
Claire Schwartz March 21, 2022
A Sound Without a Source
Ghédalia Tazartès undermined any assumptions of origins, creating music, and living a life, proper to his diasporic condition.
Joe Bucciero February 14, 2022
From Minneapolis to Jerusalemb
On Black–Palestinian solidarity
Hannah Black October 25, 2021
Reclaiming the Covenant of Fate
As American Jewry’s Zionist consensus crumbles, we must learn to address one another across communal divides.
Peter Beinart September 20, 2021
The Nakba Demands Justice
Reckoning with the ongoing Palestinian catastrophe means giving the land back.
Kaleem Hawa May 14, 2021
Teshuvah: A Jewish Case for Palestinian Refugee Return
Given our history, how can Jews deny another people the right to return to their homeland?
Peter Beinart May 11, 2021
This Is Not a #YomHaShoah Instagram Post
If I give you my grandparents’ stories, what will you do with them, dear “followers,” and friends, and “friends”?
Helen Betya Rubinstein April 8, 2021
The Radical Case for the Traditional Haggadah
Leftist seders often use versions of the Passover text that articulate contemporary political commitments—but the classical haggadah allows us to make our politics our own.
Emily Filler March 25, 2021
“Is He Jewish?”
On the Lox Club, an exclusive new dating app, an obsession with Jewish continuity papers over an absence of Jewish content.
Mari Cohen March 3, 2021
stan lee
This Is Not a Secret Jewish History of Stan Lee
The comics creator barely thought of himself as a Jew. What does it mean when fans and critics claim him as one?
Abraham Josephine Riesman February 26, 2021
An Anti-Imperialist Father and His American Diplomat Son
Robert Malley’s 2008 reflections on his father’s left-wing, anti-colonial commitments shed light on his own political formation.
Robert Malley February 4, 2021
The Radical Heschel
Remembering the prophetic legacy of Abraham Joshua Heschel
Cornel West December 23, 2020
My Mommies and Me
Searching for the soul of America in Mormon mommy blogger Instagram
Alexandra Tanner December 18, 2020
New York Socialists in the Legislature—and Out
Five socialists are headed to the New York state legislature. The story of the five socialists elected in 1919 provides a sobering warning.
Joshua B. Freeman September 11, 2020
The Sound of Messianic Time
Yo La Tengo’s new drone album, released into the formlessness of quarantine, evokes the unfulfilled waiting of Jewish messianism.
Nathan Goldman August 14, 2020
In the Dark
Covid-19 has illustrated the stakes of a lack of access to information in prisons.
Stephen Wilson and Michael Ness July 21, 2020
Separation Wall
Yavne: A Jewish Case for Equality in Israel-Palestine
The two-state solution is dead. It’s time for liberal Zionists to abandon Jewish–Palestinian separation and embrace equality.
Peter Beinart July 7, 2020
Against Analogy
To build solidarity in this moment, white Jews should resist the impulse to highlight similarities between histories of antisemitism and anti-Blackness.
Ben Ratskoff June 9, 2020
Translating Black Lives Matter into Yiddish
Amid an eruption of protests over police brutality, a Black performer of Yiddish music reflects on an attempt to “touch Blackness from inside Yiddish.”
Anthony Russell June 5, 2020
On a Man’s Greatness
One of Israel’s most esteemed poets celebrates her teacher, scholar Paul Ernst Kahle, for his quiet heroism in Nazi Germany.
Lea Goldberg April 7, 2020
Exodus From Now
Reflections from quarantine on the Jewish commandment to make a calendar.
Arielle Angel April 7, 2020
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