On Being a Fetish
Is identity-based kink ever kosher?
Fancy Feast August 20, 2019
The Right Kind of Continuity
Jeffrey Epstein and the sexual politics of Jewish philanthropy.
Ari M. Brostoff and Noah Kulwin August 7, 2019
Picturing Power
Moving protest from performance to disruption.
Arielle Angel July 22, 2019
The Jewish Case for Open Borders
How center-left immigration proposals lead to far-right policy.
Greg Afinogenov July 15, 2019
What Could Have Been
On Father of the Bride, Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig speaks to the crisis of Jewish identity in the shadow of Zionism’s broken promises.
Sophia Steinert-Evoy July 9, 2019
Here Anyone Can Live Free
The Israeli Pavilion at the Venice Biennale raises uncomfortable questions about who should make social practice art.
Samuel Holleran July 8, 2019
Lessons From Across the Pond
What British Jews can learn from the American Jewish left.
Emily Hilton July 2, 2019
Policing the Borders of Suffering
When it comes to concentration camps and other carceral spaces, the debate over vocabulary lays bare the inconsistencies in our fights for justice.
Zoé Samudzi June 21, 2019
If You Prick Watto, Does He Not Bleed?
Twenty years after The Phantom Menace, an antisemitic caricature reconsidered.
Aaron Freedman June 14, 2019
Hebrew Schools Are Failing Jewish Kids
Pro-Israel propaganda has supplanted a meaningful Jewish education.
Elena Gormley May 29, 2019
The Forward’s “Both Sides” Approach Has Failed
How an editor’s handling of the Omar controversy alienated Jews of color.
Nylah Burton May 15, 2019
The Sabbath, an Island in Time, Under Attack
Finding solace in ritual after Poway and Pittsburgh.
Jonah S. Boyarin May 10, 2019
Complex Inheritances
A trans interpretation of the story of Jacob and Esau.
Joy Ladin May 9, 2019
The Electoral College Erases the Jewish Vote
Worse, it allows a more conservative minority of Jews to stand for the whole community.
Aaron Freedman May 8, 2019
The Lethal Antisemitism of “Cultural Marxism”
A right-wing conspiracy theory has once again proved deadly.
Noah Berlatsky May 3, 2019
Paying to Work: On the Student/Worker Distinction
The universities have a vested interest in overdetermining the distinction between student and worker.
Hailey Huget May 2, 2019
Call It By Its Name
The right is scapegoating the left for its own deadly antisemitism.
Noah Kulwin April 30, 2019
Who Owns the Orange?
Reclaiming a queer Passover symbol.
Amy Berkowitz April 15, 2019
The Jewish Community’s Harassment Problem
Dependence on mega-donors clears the way for a toxic culture.
Catie Stewart April 4, 2019
Jewish Communities Must Root Out Islamophobia
After New Zealand, we need to challenge all institutions that fund anti-Muslim bigotry.
Donna Nevel March 22, 2019
This Purim, Stand Against Kahanism
We are still living with the consequences of the Hebron massacre.
Maya Rosen March 20, 2019
New Zealand
Sites of Worship, Sites of Resistance
After Christchurch, communities of faith must fight white supremacy with solidarity.
Rebecca Pierce March 19, 2019
Crocodile Tears After Christchurch
The right will never accept responsibility for the Islamophobia it has stoked.
Noah Kulwin March 16, 2019
Beyond the Black-Jewish Alliance
The only way to fix the relationship is to start over.
Nylah Burton March 8, 2019
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