Understanding Labour’s Antisemitism Crisis
The new British Jewish left is mobilizing to reframe the narrative around antisemitism in Labour.
Arielle Angel December 6, 2019
Turning Possibility into Power
Former Israeli Knesset member Dov Khenin discusses how to build political power and pass radical legislation in a right-wing climate.
Libby Lenkinski December 3, 2019
Best-Case Scenario
Jewish Currents interviews the authors of A Planet to Win about the radical potential of the Green New Deal.
Jewish Currents November 12, 2019
“Our Solidarity Will Defeat White Nationalism”
Stosh Cotler, CEO of Bend the Arc, describes getting arrested protesting Trump in Pittsburgh a year after the massacre.
David Klion October 30, 2019
Fighting for Rojava
A Jewish American anarchist who fought alongside the Kurds against ISIS reflects on his experiences and the current state of the region.
Michael McCanne October 29, 2019
Naming the Dead
Novelist Maaza Mengiste discusses the erasure of women’s war stories, photography as a weapon of subjugation, and her new book, The Shadow King.
Lauren Goldenberg October 17, 2019
The Exorcist
Collaborators Aaron Henne and Erith Jaffe-Berg discuss theatre dybbuk’s new performance about a Jewish descent into Hell.
Leora Blum October 8, 2019
Becoming Yigal Amir
Director Yaron Zilberman and actor Yehuda Nahari Halevi discuss their new film, Incitement, which reckons with the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.
Corey Atad October 2, 2019
Standing Up to Likud’s Voter Suppression
Raluca Ganea discusses the role of grassroots activism in Israel’s flailing democracy.
Libby Lenkinski September 12, 2019
Hope Wrapped in Barbed Wire
Israeli author Etgar Keret discusses translation, mixing pathos with humor, and his new book of short stories, Fly Already.
Bradley Babendir September 5, 2019
There’s No Such Thing as “Free Speech”
Writer P.E. Moskowitz discusses how the left can take back the “technology” of free speech.
Sophia Steinert-Evoy August 21, 2019
Know Your “Enemy”
Ethiopian Israeli organizer Avi Yalou discusses the usefulness of the occupation to maintaining oppressive systems within Israel.
Libby Lenkinski August 19, 2019
The Future of the Forward
New Forward editor Jodi Rudoren discusses what’s next for the 122-year-old institution.
Rachel Cohen July 31, 2019
The Price of Living Together
Houria Bouteldja lays out the choice facing the Jewish community: provisional privilege or solidarity.
Isabel Frey June 26, 2019
Apartheid Is Israel’s “Desired Reality”
An interview with Haaretz journalist Amira Hass about occupation, the diaspora, and what comes next.
Mari Cohen June 12, 2019
Catastrophic Love
Hadar Ahuvia’s new show explores the language of Zionism’s folk dances in order to face the Nakba.
Svetlana Kitto May 22, 2019
An Optimist Signs Off
An exit interview with Haaretz columnist Bradley Burston.
Naomi Zeveloff May 14, 2019
Undercover with New York Nazis
An interview with an activist who spent three months infiltrating the alt-right.
Michael McCanne May 1, 2019
Taking a Stan
An interview with the 19-year-old Taylor Swift fan who went to prison rather than serve in the IDF.
Jacobin Magazine April 12, 2019
You Can Give This to Your Gentile Friends
Nathan Englander talks about God and the internet in his new novel
Lauren Goldenberg April 10, 2019
‘We Are Always Met With Violence’: Gaza’s March of Return At One Year
Activist Jehad Abusalim reflects on Gaza’s 2018 protests.
Naomi Dann March 29, 2019
America’s Jewish Colonizers
The author of The Jews’ Indian connects North American Jewish migration to colonial history.
Hadas Binyamini March 7, 2019
Spiritual Skillshare
Two multidisciplinary artists discuss the film about their chavruta, exchanging drum lessons for bat mitzvah lessons.
Gabriela Geselowitz February 22, 2019
Finding Jewish Community in Tattoos
An interview with Toronto-based tattoo artist Joey Nicholson.
Isaac Brosilow February 13, 2019
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