Who’s Trying to Kill BDS on Campus?
An interview with Forward reporter Josh Nathan-Kazis.
Rachel Cohen January 21, 2019
Making History, Blintzes, and Trouble
Longtime leftist activists Dick and Mickey Flacks reflect on their lives, their work, and their new memoir.
Jacob Plitman January 21, 2019
The Lost World of Yiddish Anarchists
It’s more than just Yom Kippur Balls.
Claire Ehrlich January 15, 2019
The Language of Displacement
Mexican author Myriam Moscona talks about building a legacy for Ladino in the world.
Alejandro Meter and Myriam Moscona December 4, 2018
Reading for Silence
Idra Novey talks about US intervention through a female gaze, reading silence in literature, and the strange prescience of her new novel, Those Who Knew.
Lauren Goldenberg November 5, 2018
The Road to Trans Liberation
Chicago poet H. Melt discusses their new chapbook.
Hannah Steinkopf-Frank and H. Melt October 30, 2018
Sacred Ruins
Performance artist Sacha Yanow speaks with filmmaker Sasha Wortzel about queer and Jewish inheritances in Yanow’s new performance “Cherie Dre,” conceived in the ruins of the Borscht Belt.
Sacha Yanow and Sasha Wortzel October 18, 2018
Julia Salazar In Her Own Words
In a Q&A just ahead of her primary, the New York state senate candidate addresses her past, present, and the future of her campaign.
Jacob Plitman August 27, 2018
The Sharpness Comes Later
Multimedia artists Hadassa Goldvicht and Jacqueline Nicholls discuss self-censorship, labels like “Jewish” and “feminist” art, art as prayer, and more.
Hadassa Goldvicht and Jacqueline Nicholls August 21, 2018
Please Go To My Country and Say Salaam
An interview with Gazan painter Malak Mattar.
Emily C. Bell July 24, 2018
The Best Argument for Socialism
An interview with Keith Gessen about his new novel, A Terrible Country.
Lauren Goldenberg July 18, 2018
Forgotten Histories: Women of the First Intifada
An interview with Julia Bacha, director of Naila and the Uprising.
Aviva Stahl July 6, 2018
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