Sex According to the State
Andrea Long Chu talks to Paisley Currah about setting aside identity in trans scholarship and politics in favor of a focus on material harm.
Andrea Long Chu June 29, 2022
The View from the Ground
What overturning Roe means for abortion funds.
Arielle Swernoff June 24, 2022
Learning in the Dark
Feminist writer and organizer Meredith Tax on her reissued classic The Rising of the Women, and the long, entangled histories of women’s movements and labor struggles.
Avi Steinberg June 1, 2022
“You Cannot Unsee This Image”
Rashid Khalidi on the colonial logic that devalues eyewitness accounts of the murder of Shireen Abu Akleh
Dylan Saba May 17, 2022
Assuming the Perspective of the Ancestor
Philosopher Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò on building constructive, future-oriented politics, at scale.
Claire Schwartz May 3, 2022
Waiting on the French Left to Decolonize Itself
Houria Bouteldja and Françoise Vergès on the French Presidential Elections.
Claire Schwartz April 8, 2022
The Limitations of the Scream
Filmmaker Nadav Lapid discusses the difficulty—and dangers—of attempting to cast off his Israeli identity.
Corey Atad April 6, 2022
Reclaiming a Minor Literature
The editor of diasporic Hebrew journal Mikan Ve’eylakh seeks to recover the possibilities of Hebrew language not tied to the State of Israel.
Maya Rosen February 21, 2022
Activestills and the Making of a Decolonial Archive
Members of the Israel/Palestine-based photo collective explain their approach to their work.
Alex Kane January 28, 2022
A Logic of Elimination
Historian Lorenzo Veracini discusses settler colonialism, Zionism, and decolonial futures.
Abe Silberstein January 11, 2022
Meir Kahane’s Long Shadow
The far-right activist and politician died in disgrace, but Shaul Magid’s new book argues that his ideas have shaped mainstream American Judaism.
Raphael Magarik November 24, 2021
“I Campaigned on Right, Not on Fear”
If he loses due to his support for BDS, Florida congressional candidate Omari Hardy says his “conscience will be clear.”
Alex Kane October 25, 2021
For the Sake of Truth
Poet and activist Mohammed El-Kurd discusses his debut collection, the vexed meanings of visibility, and the long history of Palestinian freedom struggles.
Claire Schwartz October 21, 2021
Selling the Holocaust
Three writers and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, including Plunder author Menachem Kaiser, discuss the conventions of the “3G memoir” and the commodification of Holocaust stories.
Arielle Angel, Maia Ipp, and Menachem Kaiser July 28, 2021
What We Talk About When We Talk About “Intermarriage”
The Jewish Currents editorial staff takes on “Jewish continuity.”
Jewish Currents June 30, 2021
Celan’s Ferryman
Pierre Joris, who has been translating Paul Celan into English for more than 50 years, discusses a life lived with the poet’s work.
Fanny Howe June 7, 2021
When “Antifa” Is the Enemy
A new group calling itself “Jewish-Israeli Dissent” is challenging the German left’s unbridled support for Israeli government policies.
Isabel Frey June 3, 2021
The TikTok Generation Takes to the Streets of Jerusalem
Fayrouz Sharqawi, director of the Jerusalem-based organization Grassroots Al-Quds, discusses emerging forms of mobilization across Palestine.
Dana El Kurd May 21, 2021
Portrait of a Siege
Jehad al-Saftawi’s photographs in My Gaza make up an intimate archive of daily life amid destruction.
Lakshmi Padmanabhan May 10, 2021
Ghost in the Machine
Intellectual historian Peter E. Gordon discusses the role of theology and secularization in the work of the Frankfurt School philosophers.
Nathan Goldman March 16, 2021
The Collective Work of Abolition
Organizer and educator Mariame Kaba discusses transformative justice, refusing a politics of revenge, and her new book, We Do This ‘Til We Free Us.
Claire Schwartz February 25, 2021
The Queer Art of Divorce
Composer Ethan Philbrick and novelist Torrey Peters discuss what it means to make art and community after a marriage ends.
Haley Mlotek February 17, 2021
Loving By Knowing Less
Performer Sharon Mashihi discusses using autofiction to arrive at the truth of the first-generation experience in her new audio series, Appearances.
Sandra Fox February 11, 2021
Siege Mentality
The Jewish Currents editorial staff discusses what the Capitol putsch means for the right and the left.
The Editors January 12, 2021
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