Celan’s Ferryman
Pierre Joris, who has been translating Paul Celan into English for more than 50 years, discusses a life lived with the poet’s work.
Fanny Howe June 7, 2021
When “Antifa” Is the Enemy
A new group calling itself “Jewish-Israeli Dissent” is challenging the German left’s unbridled support for Israeli government policies.
Isabel Frey June 3, 2021
The TikTok Generation Takes to the Streets of Jerusalem
Fayrouz Sharqawi, director of the Jerusalem-based organization Grassroots Al-Quds, discusses emerging forms of mobilization across Palestine.
Dana El Kurd May 21, 2021
Portrait of a Siege
Jehad al-Saftawi’s photographs in My Gaza make up an intimate archive of daily life amid destruction.
Lakshmi Padmanabhan May 10, 2021
Ghost in the Machine
Intellectual historian Peter E. Gordon discusses the role of theology and secularization in the work of the Frankfurt School philosophers.
Nathan Goldman March 16, 2021
The Collective Work of Abolition
Organizer and educator Mariame Kaba discusses transformative justice, refusing a politics of revenge, and her new book, We Do This ‘Til We Free Us.
Claire Schwartz February 25, 2021
The Queer Art of Divorce
Composer Ethan Philbrick and novelist Torrey Peters discuss what it means to make art and community after a marriage ends.
Haley Mlotek February 17, 2021
Loving By Knowing Less
Performer Sharon Mashihi discusses using autofiction to arrive at the truth of the first-generation experience in her new audio series, Appearances.
Sandra Fox February 11, 2021
Siege Mentality
The Jewish Currents editorial staff discusses what the Capitol putsch means for the right and the left.
The Editors January 12, 2021
White Savior Cinema
A conversation with Palestinian German director Lexi Alexander about Wonder Woman’s promotion of Arab stereotypes, her experiences of racism behind the camera, and the stakes of accurately portraying marginalized communities on screen.
Rebecca Pierce January 8, 2021
Visions in Penal Time
Scholar Nicole R. Fleetwood discusses how incarcerated artists navigate the constraints of the prison’s built environment.
Zoé Samudzi January 4, 2021
The Palestinian Cause at a Moment of Transition
On the eve of the Biden administration, after the manifest failure of Oslo, four Palestinian thinkers ask: Where do we go from here?
Inès Abdel Razek, Salem Barahmeh, Dana El Kurd, and Fadi Quran December 21, 2020
Oedipal Riot
Aaron Sorkin’s The Trial of the Chicago 7 includes glimpses of the real, drained of ideological significance.
Jewish Currents and Friends November 3, 2020
Calling a Nazi a Nazi
Journalist Talia Lavin discusses the imperative—and the dangers—of covering the far right.
Nina Zweig October 21, 2020
Are We Post-Sepharadim?
A conversation with scholar Devin E. Naar about what meaningful Sephardic representation might look like in the wake of near-total erasure.
Arielle Angel October 20, 2020
Degrees of Separation
Playwright David Adjmi discusses his estrangement from the Syrian Jewish community, his ambivalence about identity politics, and his new memoir Lot Six.
Alisa Solomon October 8, 2020
Depatriarchalizing Judaism
On the 30th anniversary of her groundbreaking book Standing Again at Sinai, feminist theologian Judith Plaskow discusses the choice to remain within a patriarchal religious framework.
Susan Reimer-Torn September 10, 2020
American Anti-Communism Abroad
Vincent Bevins, author of The Jakarta Method, discusses the legacy of US intervention in Indonesia and Brazil.
Noah Kulwin September 9, 2020
Inheriting the Impossible
Historian Beshara Doumani, who holds the first endowed faculty chair in Palestinian studies at an American university, discusses his work and the shifting campus climate on Palestine.
Gabi Kirk September 3, 2020
Beyond Good Intentions
Organizers of the Not Free to Desist campaign discuss their efforts to push Jewish institutions to embrace anti-racism.
Rebecca Pierce August 27, 2020
The Future of Jewish News
The new millennial editor of The Detroit Jewish News discusses his plans to revitalize the paper for a new era.
Mari Cohen August 25, 2020
an american pickle
A Pickle-Shaped Void
The Jewish Currents editorial staff falls into a vat of brine.
The Editors August 11, 2020
An Act of Pure Presence
Justin Taylor discusses his new memoir, writing about his father, and depression as a failure of narrative.
Joshua Cohen July 31, 2020
anti bibi protesters
Till Bibi Goes Home
An activist in Israel’s anti-Netanyahu protests discusses the movement to unseat the prime minister.
Mairav Zonszein July 28, 2020
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