Jersey City
Contextualizing the Jersey City Shooting
Despite their antisemitic beliefs, the killers may have more in common with typical mass shooters than with white nationalists.
Alex Yablon December 13, 2019
The Real Target of Trump’s Executive Order
Jews are understandably anxious, but the main threat is toward pro-Palestine activists.
Joshua Leifer December 12, 2019
Brexit Is Bad for the Jews
A Labour win is Britain’s best chance of staying in the European Union—a guard against far-right nationalism.
Raphael Magarik December 4, 2019
Netanyahu’s Last Stand
The embattled prime minister hopes a strike on Gaza will help him form a unity government.
Edo Konrad November 13, 2019
Bibiism After Bibi
Israel’s longest-serving prime minister may be out, but his legacy will outlast him.
Etan Nechin September 20, 2019
Trump’s “Disloyalty” Comments Are What the Jewish Right Believes
The idea that Jews must be loyal to Israel doesn’t originate with the president.
David Klion August 22, 2019
This Is the Important Part
Leveraging US military aid to Israel is the only serious path to peace.
Noah Kulwin August 15, 2019
Democrats Fail the Left, Once Again
Trump’s racist attacks on Ilhan Omar have been enabled by her own party.
Noah Kulwin July 19, 2019
Whose Concentration Camps?
AOC is drawing the correct lessons from Holocaust history, unlike mainstream Jewish institutions.
Noah Kulwin June 19, 2019
The Congressional Black-Jewish Caucus Is a Sham
Linking arms with allies of white supremacists to fight white supremacy won’t work.
Noah Kulwin June 6, 2019
Doomed to Repeat It
The case against Iran in 2019 looks a lot like the case against Iraq in 2002.
Noah Kulwin May 16, 2019
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