Justifications for Destroying a People
The arguments Russia’s government deploys to dehumanize Ukrainians are strikingly similar to the ones Israel’s government uses to dehumanize Palestinians.
Peter Beinart March 8, 2022
AIPAC Refuses to Learn From Its Mistakes on Iran
Because AIPAC and its allies cannot concede that Iran is a regional power in the Middle East, they promote policies that bring the US closer to war.
Peter Beinart January 31, 2022
Republicans’ Revealing Arguments Against the Islamophobia Envoy
The antisemitism envoy is exactly what congressional Republicans fear the Islamophobia envoy could become: a threat to free speech.
Peter Beinart December 29, 2021
“Pro-Israel” Pundits Don’t Talk About Israel
Many of the hawkish commentators frequently described as Israel experts show surprisingly little interest in the on-the-ground reality in the state they admire.
Peter Beinart December 20, 2021
The Politically Expedient Jewishness of Éric Zemmour
For the new standard bearer of the French far right, Jewish identity provides cover for Islamophobia, racism, and antisemitism.
Mitchell Abidor and Miguel Lago December 6, 2021
How the US Media Misreads Naftali Bennett
Despite recent favorable coverage, the new Israeli prime minister is just as authoritarian and anti-Palestinian as his predecessor.
Peter Beinart October 11, 2021
A Guide to the Fight Over Iron Dome Funding
We answer readers’ questions about the vote to fund Israel’s anti-missile system that has exposed sharp divisions among Democrats.
Alex Kane September 28, 2021
Exporting the Tools of Apartheid
NSO Group, the Israeli firm that sells its spyware to authoritarian regimes around the world, emerged from a military unit that perfected its surveillance techniques on Palestinians.
Yousef Munayyer July 26, 2021
It’s Time to Name Anti-Palestinian Bigotry
Anti-Palestinianism is as ubiquitous as it is invisible.
Peter Beinart July 16, 2021
The Insurrectionists’ Reward
A new wave of anti-protest legislation effectively gives far-right vigilantes the power of the police.
Joshua Clover June 23, 2021
A Closer Look at the ‘Uptick’ in Antisemitism
The ADL is reporting a surge in antisemitic incidents. But confirming a spike in hate crimes is a notoriously difficult task.
Mari Cohen May 27, 2021
The Rise of the New Settler State
In Lod and other so-called “mixed” cities, recent violence stems in part from the presence of religious Zionist groups that have transposed the settler movement’s methods back inside the Green Line.
Joshua Leifer May 27, 2021
A Guide to the Current Crisis in Israel/Palestine
We asked our readers what they needed to know about the situation in Israel/Palestine. Our staff is compiling a developing set of answers to the most commonly asked questions.
Mari Cohen, Joshua Leifer, and Alex Kane May 13, 2021
France’s “Sarah Halimi Law” Won’t Combat Antisemitism
In France, Jewish suffering has become the excuse for a “tough on crime” politics that endangers marginalized groups while doing nothing to protect Jews.
Jacob Hamburger May 7, 2021
The Anti-Trans Lobby’s Real Agenda
A new wave of legislation seeks to enshrine an evangelical understanding of the gender binary and exclude transness from the public sphere.
Jules Gill-Peterson April 27, 2021
Rejoining the Iran Nuclear Deal Is Not Enough
To promote peace in the Middle East, the Biden administration must accept that Iran is not uniquely malevolent, but one brutal regime among the rest.
Peter Beinart March 1, 2021
There Is No Right to a State
The American Jewish establishment argues that denying Jews a state of their own violates their right to national self-determination. They’re wrong.
Peter Beinart January 27, 2021
How “Pro-Israel” Orthodoxy Keeps US Foreign Policymaking White
Recent attacks on Raphael Warnock are part of a long history of Black politicians being targeted for sympathizing with Palestinians.
Peter Beinart December 22, 2020
The Tragedy of Jeremy Corbyn
Corbyn’s leadership augured a new era of left ascendancy in the UK. Instead, it has ended with the left badly defeated and bitterly divided.
Joshua Leifer November 27, 2020
Obama and the Israel Lobby
In his new memoir, the former president subtly reveals how AIPAC stymied his administration.
Peter Beinart November 25, 2020
Are 95% of Jews Really Zionists?
Polls of American Jewish opinion on Israel may not be asking the right questions.
Caroline Morganti October 29, 2020
Israel’s Repressive Diplomacy
The recent normalization agreements with Arab states rely on—and contribute to—growing authoritarianism.
Peter Beinart October 26, 2020
It’s Time to Re-Radicalize the Abortion Movement
As the prospect of a solidly conservative Supreme Court threatens Roe v. Wade, we must return the abortion movement to its neglected radical roots.
Jenny Brown October 7, 2020
The Myth of Rabin the Peacemaker
The Oslo Accords were not derailed by his death; they achieved exactly what Rabin wanted.
Amjad Iraqi September 27, 2020
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