Restoring the Bipartisan Consensus
Joe Biden’s selection of Kamala Harris, who has always toed the AIPAC line on Israel/Palestine, is part of the campaign’s pitch that polarization can be undone.
Joshua Leifer September 15, 2020
Israel-Advocacy Groups Urge Facebook to Label Criticism of Israel as Hate Speech
Pressuring social media platforms to adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism is the latest strategy to silence critics of Israel.
Lara Friedman August 19, 2020
Compassionate Politics Over Compassionate Gestures
Any sustainable peace between Israel and its immediate neighbors will still require ending the occupation and resolving the Palestinian refugee issue.
Yaël Mizrahi-Arnaud August 18, 2020
cori bush
Cori Bush’s Message From the Grassroots
Bush’s victory in a St. Louis congressional primary escalates an insurgency from the Democratic Party’s left wing.
Joshua Leifer August 5, 2020
The Real War on Free Speech
Some of the Harper’s letter signatories use their defense of “free speech” to silence support for Palestinian rights.
Mari Cohen and Joshua Leifer July 23, 2020
The Resilient Fiction of the Two-State Solution
The lack of a viable two-state solution doesn’t mean liberal Zionists will stop believing in one.
Joshua Leifer July 9, 2020
The New Dutch Far Right
Thierry Baudet and the party he leads are laundering racist politics into the mainstream.
Nicolaas P. Barr July 2, 2020
Jamaal Bowman Reminds Progressives They Can Win
The 44-year-old Bronx principal deals a blow to the Democratic establishment—and the hawkish pro-Israel groups that rallied behind his opponent.
Joshua Leifer June 25, 2020
de Blasio
Why de Blasio Defends the Police
In a city reliant on real estate capital—and thus, on policing—even a self-professed liberal mayor is still, ultimately, a law-and-order mayor.
Joshua Leifer June 22, 2020
Jews of Color and the Policing of White Space
The infamous 911 call in Central Park has hard lessons for Jewish communal spaces.
Rebecca Pierce May 29, 2020
An Argument Among Friends
The muted Haredi response to Bill de Blasio’s comments reflects a longstanding relationship.
Joshua Leifer May 1, 2020
A New Cold War Threatens Chinese Americans
The previous cold wars exacted a terrible toll on American Jews. The new cold war will do the same for Chinese Americans.
Peter Beinart April 30, 2020
Let the Right Have the Conference of Presidents
Liberal groups have an opportunity to reassess their membership in a body designed to rubber-stamp right-wing policy.
Noah Kulwin April 29, 2020
Orbán’s Illiberalism Tests the EU
After a dramatic power grab by the Hungarian prime minister, will the European Union finally stand up against the nation’s slide into autocracy?
Joshua Leifer April 16, 2020
“The Beginning of Breakdown”
Benny Gantz’s capitulation to Netanyahu’s right-wing coalition has left Israel’s constitutional order more vulnerable to right-wing efforts to undermine it.
Joshua Leifer March 31, 2020
“The Only Left That Is Left”
After its gains in the latest elections, the Joint List has a chance to become Israel’s true opposition: one rooted in Arab–Jewish partnership.
Joshua Leifer March 5, 2020
No Time to Waste
The annexation of the West Bank appears imminent. Is the American Jewish peace camp ready to respond?
Mairav Zonszein February 27, 2020
The Scarlet B
Bernie Sanders’s use of the word “bigotry” to describe AIPAC is a gamechanger.
Peter Beinart February 26, 2020
States Are Moving to Class Criticism of Israel as Antisemitism
Bills making their way through the Arizona and Iowa legislatures would codify the controversial IHRA definition of antisemitism into hate crime and civil rights law.
Lara Friedman February 20, 2020
Civic Religion and the Secular Jew
The discourse around Bernie Sanders’s faith highlights the inadequacy of conventional frameworks for understanding American Jewish life.
Joshua Leifer February 14, 2020
Bloomberg Bibi
“The One Issue That Matters”
Time and again, Michael Bloomberg’s unquestioning devotion to Israel has led him to defend immoral and disastrous policies.
Peter Beinart February 13, 2020
Trump Bibi Vision
A Threat, Not an Offer
Trump and Netanyahu’s so-called peace plan is designed to be unacceptable to Palestinians, to justify the repression that will follow.
Joshua Leifer January 29, 2020
Trump Kushner Bibi
What’s In It For Trump
The president’s new Mideast “peace plan” is designed to satisfy his narrow personal interests.
Peter Beinart January 29, 2020
The Iran Deal’s Opponents Helped Get Us Here
After the Soleimani strike, Jews must hold our institutions accountable for their role in undermining diplomatic solutions.
David Klion January 14, 2020
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