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    Unlearning Woody Allen

    February 1, 2018David Klion

    It’s a cop-out to say that the heart wants what it wants. We have to ask ourselves who taught the heart what it wants, and whether it’s capable of wanting something more.

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    The Making and Unmaking of the Podhoretz Dynasty

    December 19, 2017David Klion

    Norman Podhoretz's Making It and the Neoconservative Legacy   I. NORMAN PODHORETZ'S MEMOIR Making It is not exactly a good book, but it’s a better book than anyone gave it credit for in 1967. Upon its initial publication, it was savaged by the circle of New York intellectuals the author had spent his early career endearing himself to, a struggle that comprises the book’s main subject. Re-issued for its 50th anniversary by the New York Review of Books, Making It in 2017 reads half as a li...

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