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David Klion is a writer and a contributing editor at Jewish Currents.

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Faces of Flight
Ukrainian refugees in Israel cannot be reduced to any single narrative.
Anna Lukashevsky November 14, 2022
Not Quite a Green New Deal
The Inflation Reduction Act is only a fraction of what climate activists demanded—but it’s a start.
David Klion August 4, 2022
A Historic Win for the Left in Colombia
Progressive International’s David Adler discusses Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez’s breakthrough victory, and Latin America’s wider shift.
David Klion June 23, 2022
After Chesa Boudin
James King, a criminal justice reform activist in the Bay Area, discusses the progressive San Francisco district attorney in the wake of a successful recall campaign.
David Klion June 9, 2022
What the Popular History of the Soviet Jewry Movement Leaves Out
An interview with Tova Benjamin, the curator of the Jewish Currents Soviet Issue’s centerpiece section.
David Klion May 26, 2022
The Failure of Subway Policing
Eric Adams’s cop-centric approach isn’t likely to make New Yorkers safer
David Klion April 14, 2022
The Dangers of a “New Cold War” with Russia
A conversation with the historian and foreign policy expert Stephen Wertheim.
David Klion March 24, 2022
The Jewish World’s Ambivalence About Russian Oligarchs
As Western governments sanction Putin’s inner circle, Israel and various Jewish organizations are more hesitant.
David Klion March 10, 2022
Our Oligarch
Jewish institutions have accepted hundreds of millions of dollars from Putin confidante Roman Abramovich. Will Russia’s invasion of Ukraine force a reckoning?
David Klion March 3, 2022
Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: An Explainer
Responses to common questions on day one of Putin’s war of choice.
David Klion February 24, 2022
The Jewish Left on Jeopardy!
An interview with three-time champion and longtime activist Emma Saltzberg.
David Klion February 11, 2022
We’re Still Living Through the Aftermath of January 6th
The Capitol Riot was an extreme manifestation of the right’s decades-long efforts to subvert democracy.
David Klion January 6, 2022
The Origins of the Ukraine Crisis
A guide for the perplexed
David Klion December 10, 2021
Will Politico’s New Owner Allow Criticism of Israel?
German media giant Axel Springer demands that its employees support Israel, capitalism, and NATO.
David Klion November 12, 2021
The Right’s War on “Wokeness” in Virginia
Progressives can’t afford to avoid the new culture war.
David Klion November 5, 2021
Manchin and Sinema’s Dying Brand of Centrism
The Senate moderates may weaken Biden’s agenda, but they can’t stop the left’s takeover of the Democratic Party.
David Klion October 8, 2021
Spencer Ackerman
Mainlining Fear and Hatred
An interview with Spencer Ackerman, author of Reign of Terror.
David Klion September 17, 2021
Michael Shulan
What the 9/11 Museum Could Have Been
Michael Shulan, the museum’s former creative director, on the 20-year legacy of the attacks and his unrealized vision.
David Klion September 10, 2021
Sicily Wildfires
“There’s Plenty of Suffering that Can Be Prevented”
Climate journalist Kate Aronoff on how to process the UN climate report.
David Klion August 13, 2021
Nina Turner and Bernie Sanders
Lessons From Defeat
Reporter Daniel Marans on Nina Turner’s loss, the role of Jewish organizing and the Israel lobby, and what it all means for the left.
David Klion August 6, 2021
When Cruelty Builds Community
Adam Serwer discusses his collection of writings on the Trump era.
David Klion July 30, 2021
Progressives Are Losing Patience with Biden’s Iran Policy
Left-wing voices on foreign policy say pressuring the administration may serve their goals better than joining it.
David Klion March 9, 2021
Trump and Modi
Neofascism After Trump
A conversation with political theorist Ajay Singh Chaudhary on contemporary fascism in a global context.
David Klion January 22, 2021
Trump tiny desk
“Almost the Complete Opposite of Fascism”
A conversation with Corey Robin on the surprisingly weak presidency of Donald Trump
David Klion December 4, 2020
Mara Wilson
Q&A with Mara Wilson
An interview with the former child star about her Jewish upbringing and being a lefty millennial Jew in Hollywood.
David Klion August 28, 2020
The First Draft of Biden’s Israel Policy
Pro-Israel advocacy groups and progressive operatives are each claiming policy victories in the battle over the Democratic Party platform.
David Klion July 27, 2020
Q & A with Peter Beinart
Our editor-at-large discusses the background of his essay on the end of the two-state solution, and responds to its critics.
David Klion July 10, 2020
Q & A with Gabi Kirk
An interview with the author of our recent feature on California’s ethnic studies curriculum.
David Klion May 14, 2020
The Iran Deal’s Opponents Helped Get Us Here
After the Soleimani strike, Jews must hold our institutions accountable for their role in undermining diplomatic solutions.
David Klion January 14, 2020
“Our Solidarity Will Defeat White Nationalism”
Stosh Cotler, CEO of Bend the Arc, describes getting arrested protesting Trump in Pittsburgh a year after the massacre.
David Klion October 30, 2019
Trump’s “Disloyalty” Comments Are What the Jewish Right Believes
The idea that Jews must be loyal to Israel doesn’t originate with the president.
David Klion August 22, 2019
What Being Jewish Means to Bernie
In the 2016 race, Sanders said little about his Jewishness. Now, in his 2020 campaign, he’s speaking up.
David Klion July 17, 2019
Jeffrey Goldberg Doesn’t Speak for the Jews
The editor of The Atlantic represents the failure of the liberal establishment.
David Klion August 2, 2018
Unlearning Woody Allen
It’s a cop-out to say that the heart wants what it wants.
David Klion February 2, 2018
The Making and Unmaking of the Podhoretz Dynasty
Fifty years after Making It, a neocon’s memoir re-examined.
David Klion December 19, 2017