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Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system intercepts rockets from the Gaza Strip on May 11th, 2023.
Iron Dome Is Not a Defensive System
The Iron Dome cannot meaningfully be considered “life-saving” in any value system that recognizes Palestinian humanity.
Dylan Saba May 25, 2023
The Palestinian Village in Smotrich’s Sights
Destroying the hamlet of Khan al-Ahmar has become a priority for Israel’s settler right, which aims to “cut the West Bank into two.”
Elisheva Goldberg May 23, 2023
“in the broadest conception / of black music, which is the / truest conception of black / music, black music can’t be / conceived.”
Fred Moten May 19, 2023
Even the Survivors Are Poisoned
A diary of wartime in Gaza
Anonymous May 18, 2023
The Intentional Cruelty of “Conflict Management” in Gaza
Successive Israeli governments have embraced a paradigm that all but guarantees perpetual war.
Joshua Leifer May 16, 2023
Photo Essay
Our Catastrophe
A photo essay to mark the 75th anniversary of the Nakba.
Nadia Saah May 15, 2023
A Shabbat for All Creation
Selections from Perek Shirah set to music testify to the holiness in all beings.
Nathan Salsburg May 12, 2023
How Would You Feel, Senator Rosen?
Jewish responses to a recent event commemorating the Nakba reveal a communal narcissism, which sees Palestinians’ very identity as being first and foremost about Jews.
Arielle Angel May 11, 2023
Palestinian Hunger Striker Khader Adnan’s Death: An Explainer
Responses to common questions about Adnan’s death while on hunger strike against Israeli detention, the increasingly violent aftermath, and what Adnan meant to Palestinians.
Alex Kane May 9, 2023
Yentl Meltdown
A trans writer wrestles with the classic Barbra Streisand movie Yentl.
Jett Allen May 4, 2023
Liberal Zionists Test the Efficacy of the World Zionist Congress
Protests against Israel’s judicial overhaul at the most recent congress highlight the forum’s limits.
Elisheva Goldberg May 3, 2023
Office Hours
Office Hours: Donald Whitehead
“Every time you break up a homeless encampment, you force people into isolation.”
Jesse Rabinowitz May 3, 2023
“The World’s Little Magazine”
A conversation with the editors of The Dial
Nora Caplan-Bricker April 27, 2023
Another Trip to Israel for Hakeem Jeffries
As other Democrats level criticism at Israel’s judicial overhaul plan, the House minority leader is doubling down on his relationship with the Jewish state.
Alex Kane April 25, 2023
Who’s Afraid of Absurdity?
A revival of Lorraine Hansberry’s last play, The Sign in Sidney Brustein’s Window, captures its author’s wry rejection of political nihilism.
Alisa Solomon April 25, 2023
The Nothing Letters
What might bloom in non-being?
Nathan Goldman and Claire Schwartz April 24, 2023
Pointed Handwriting
“I yelled out, Pull that child out from the frozen puddle! My throat kept screaming and my heart was like a pitch-black forest. The graves inside the forest hit me.”
Kim Hyesoon April 21, 2023
In the Hole
Five incarcerated men on the minute-by-minute experience of solitary confinement.
Christopher Blackwell, Aaron Edward Olson, Antoine Davis, Raymond Williams, and Jonathan Kirkpatrick April 20, 2023
Could Israel Carry Out Another Nakba?
Expulsionist sentiment is common in Israeli society and politics. To ignore the warning signs is to abdicate responsibility.
Peter Beinart April 19, 2023
Amira Hass Is Still Angry
As Israel’s new government emboldens its settler right, Haaretz’s longtime occupied territories correspondent discusses the state’s old and new forms of domination over Palestinians.
Alex Kane April 18, 2023
Necessary Defense
Director Daniel Goldhaber on turning Andreas Malm’s eco-terrorist manifesto How to Blow Up a Pipeline into a heist movie.
Malcolm Harris April 18, 2023
A Fatal Disease
“The thought that his end was imminent always gave him a sense of release and new vitality.”
Susan Taubes April 17, 2023
The Men With the Pink Triangle
An excerpt of one of the first complete testimonies from a Holocaust survivor sent to a concentration camp for homosexuality.
Heinz Heger April 14, 2023
Israel Strains Its “Cold Peace” with Jordan
Israel’s far-right government is undermining a longstanding treaty that many Jordanians already oppose.
Dalia Hatuqa April 12, 2023
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