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A Pantomimed Reckoning
Forty years after the catastrophic invasion of Lebanon, the films of Israel’s “Lebanon Trilogy”—often understood as works of “anti-war cinema”—appear instead as efforts to sidestep accountability.
Hazem Fahmy November 10, 2022
Israel’s Ascendant Far Right Can’t Be Understood by Analogy
In other countries, the right clashes with the center over the basic nature of the state—but Israel’s Itamar Ben-Gvir and his rivals are on the same page about ethnocracy.
Peter Beinart November 7, 2022
Language: Replete with Transformative Monsters
“language not assembled embitterment / or ruse / or disjunctive gesture / but alive”
Will Alexander November 4, 2022
The Power and Limits of Israeli Dissident Cinema
The Other Israel Film Festival highlights state violence past and present, but can films funded by the government ever truly hold it to account?
Mitchell Abidor November 3, 2022
ACLU Asks Supreme Court to Take Up Right to Boycott
If the top court does hear the case, it would lead to an unprecedented ruling on whether anti-boycott laws violate the First Amendment.
Alex Kane November 1, 2022
Understanding Apartheid
Embracing a radical critique of Israeli apartheid is a precondition for bringing it to a just end.
Noura Erakat and John Reynolds November 1, 2022
Progressive Groups Need a New Approach to Fighting AIPAC
Unless left-wing groups band together, Congress will grow even more hostile to Palestinian rights and other progressive priorities.
Peter Beinart October 31, 2022
“They’re Destroying Our Support Networks”
Under the guise of Covid protections, prisoners are denied family visits, yet forced to work through outbreaks.
Christopher Blackwell October 27, 2022
When Is Violence “Terrorism”?
The use of the term to condemn Palestinian armed struggle raises questions about who gets to define it.
Alex Kane October 25, 2022
Point of No Return
Palestinians cannot turn back the hands of time. But we might still imagine a world beyond exile.
Dylan Saba October 24, 2022
Everyday People
“Everyday people do impossible things / Bury their child on a warm / Spring day then make / A fresh pot of coffee”
Ana Božičević October 21, 2022
The Legal Offensive on the Right to Strike
With a new Supreme Court case, employers are seeking to curb labor’s growing assertiveness on the shop floor.
Aparna Gopalan October 20, 2022
The Sanitizing of Conservative Judaism
Conservative Judaism’s origins lie in a donor plan to neutralize and refine the radical Jewish immigrant masses.
Allen Lipson October 19, 2022
Israeli Settler Violence Surges as Palestinians Turn to Armed Resistance
The increase in settler violence is part of an intensification of Israeli repression—which also includes a closure on Shuafat, preventing Palestinians from leaving for work or study.
Joshua Leifer and Activestills October 18, 2022
Office Hours
Office Hours: Mabel Bellucci
“It was no longer necessary to have one group raise the question of abortion. Abortion became a pillar of all the fronts and coalitions.”
Camila Valle October 17, 2022
In Internal Memo, American Jewish Committee Blasts Op-Ed on “Jewish-Free Zones” at Berkeley Law
The group’s disavowal of an article written by Israel advocate Kenneth Marcus revealed tension over the best strategy to combat campus Palestine activism.
Mari Cohen and Alex Kane October 14, 2022
A Religious License to Discriminate?
Yeshiva University’s decision to ban a queer student club has sparked a lawsuit about discrimination at religious institutions.
Jess Schwalb October 13, 2022
Performative Utterances
In People Love Dead Jews and Jews Don’t Count, Dara Horn and David Baddiel inflame discourses that they claim to find disturbing.
Linda Kinstler October 12, 2022
The PA’s Faltering Authority
Palestinian opposition to the PA’s security coordination with Israel has risen to a level of intensity unseen since the Second Intifada.
Alex Kane October 11, 2022
Red Puncta
“The other girls’ bodies / conduct a current of faith but she stands outside / of the circuit.”
Jenny Xie October 7, 2022
The GOP’s Plan to Build the Third Temple
Republicans are working with Kahanist activists to advance a violent vision of Jewish control over Jerusalem’s holy sites.
Corey Sherman October 7, 2022
Jewish Studies Draws a Line on Tablet
The field’s largest scholarly association says it has “paused” its advertising relationship with the online magazine after receiving complaints from members.
Mari Cohen October 6, 2022
How Social Media Companies Silence Palestinians
A new report shows how Facebook and Instagram harm Palestinian freedom of expression—but leaves out the role of Israel’s Cyber Unit.
Alex Kane October 4, 2022
The Political Unconscious
Is psychoanalysis in Israel/Palestine doomed to reinforce the dynamics of the occupation?
Eta Demby October 3, 2022
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