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The Fight for the Sabbath
The partnership between rabbis and labor that delivered the two-day weekend.
Avi Garelick February 21, 2023
Empty Gestures
Even unprecedented criticism of Israel by American Jewish leaders rings hollow without action.
Joshua Leifer February 16, 2023
Do Less
nibia pastrana santiago confronts the politics of movement by making dances that refuse to dance.
nibia pastrana santiago February 15, 2023
Civil Rights Complaint Details an Anti-Palestinian Climate at GW
Palestinian students ask the Department of Education to crack down on discrimination at George Washington University.
Alex Kane February 14, 2023
The Trap of Palestinian Participation
An open letter considers the impossible choice facing Palestinians: Participate as a token in conversations premised on their oppression, or be branded rejectionists.
Tareq Baconi February 10, 2023
New Report Could Hamstring Palestine Advocacy in Britain’s Largest Student Organization
Long a platform for anti-Zionist politics in the UK, the National Union of Students has agreed to limit speech about Israel/Palestine.
Dahlia Krutkovich February 8, 2023
Israeli Right Plans to Erode Palestinians’ Residency Rights
The right-wing security cabinet announced intentions to revoke fundamental benefits from families of those convicted of terrorism.
Elisheva Goldberg February 7, 2023
Who Will Power the Climate Revolution?
Two new books exemplify divergent approaches to the climate crisis. But who are the revolutionary subjects positioned to enact them?
Dylan Saba February 6, 2023
The Store
“the floors we cleaned, / the money we made to pay off / ownable things”
Mario Chard February 3, 2023
“My Body Lives in History”
The author Aleksandar Hemon on writing the body at war and his Sarajevan Jewish protagonist.
Sasha Senderovich February 2, 2023
J Street’s Balancing Act Comes Under Pressure
The liberal Zionist organization is proving too critical of Israel for the mainstream Democratic establishment it courts—and not critical enough for its own constituency.
Alex Kane February 1, 2023
Planting a Palestinian Flag at Israel’s Anti-Government Protests
A group of activists are pushing weekly pro-democracy protesters to stop ignoring the occupation.
Alex Kane January 31, 2023
Shmita Means Total Destroy
A manifesto from the threatened Atlanta forest
Fayer Collective January 30, 2023
The Harvard Kennedy School’s Anti-Palestinian Bias
The elite institution reversed course on refusing a fellowship to a prominent Israel critic, but for students, its suppression of Palestine speech is ongoing.
Joseph Leone January 26, 2023
How a Giant of Responsible Investing Agreed to an Israel Exception
After a multi-year campaign by Jewish groups, Morningstar—a major firm known for socially responsible investing—is softening its approach to Israeli human rights abuses.
Mari Cohen January 25, 2023
Biden’s Education Department Delays Defining Campus Antisemitism
To the relief of Palestinian-rights advocates, the department’s Office for Civil Rights did not adopt the controversial IHRA definition of antisemitism this past December.
Alex Kane January 24, 2023
Song of the Scent of the Beloved
“No one sensory mode sufficed. No / one / sense was enough.”
Nathaniel Mackey January 20, 2023
The State of Antisemitism Reporting
How America’s major newspapers have stumbled in covering a serious phenomenon
Mari Cohen January 19, 2023
The Nationalist Heresy of Temple Mount Activism
For Israel’s right-wing religious Zionists, ethnonationalism has overwhelmed the commitment to Jewish law.
Joshua Leifer January 18, 2023
Days of Rest
On anti-work politics and the meaning of Shabbat
The Editors January 17, 2023
“We Don’t Want Bad. We Don’t Want Worse.”
Historian Lior Sternfeld discusses the Iranian Jewish community’s response to the ongoing political protests in Iran.
Sophie Levy January 12, 2023
What Is Debt and When Can We Refuse to Pay?
An investigation through Jewish text.
Allen Lipson January 11, 2023
Israel’s Populist Judicial Revolution
A series of reforms proposed by Israeli Justice Minister Yariv Levin will effectively neutralize the judiciary, eliminating the only backstop to legislative overreach.
Elisheva Goldberg January 10, 2023
Antisemitic Zionists Aren’t a Contradiction in Terms
Pundits express surprise when antisemitism and Zionism overlap, but the ideologies share much in common—and many adherents.
Peter Beinart January 10, 2023
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