Authors / Peter Beinart

Peter Beinart is the editor-at-large of Jewish Currents.

How the US Media Misreads Naftali Bennett
Despite recent favorable coverage, the new Israeli prime minister is just as authoritarian and anti-Palestinian as his predecessor.
Peter Beinart October 11, 2021
Reclaiming the Covenant of Fate
As American Jewry’s Zionist consensus crumbles, we must learn to address one another across communal divides.
Peter Beinart September 20, 2021
It’s Time to Name Anti-Palestinian Bigotry
Anti-Palestinianism is as ubiquitous as it is invisible.
Peter Beinart July 16, 2021
From the Newsletter
The Two Paths of Palestinian Islamism
Scholar Khaled Al Hroub discusses the common origins and divergent strategies of Hamas and Ra’am.
Peter Beinart June 25, 2021
Teshuvah: A Jewish Case for Palestinian Refugee Return
Given our history, how can Jews deny another people the right to return to their homeland?
Peter Beinart May 11, 2021
Rejoining the Iran Nuclear Deal Is Not Enough
To promote peace in the Middle East, the Biden administration must accept that Iran is not uniquely malevolent, but one brutal regime among the rest.
Peter Beinart March 1, 2021
There Is No Right to a State
The American Jewish establishment argues that denying Jews a state of their own violates their right to national self-determination. They’re wrong.
Peter Beinart January 27, 2021
How “Pro-Israel” Orthodoxy Keeps US Foreign Policymaking White
Recent attacks on Raphael Warnock are part of a long history of Black politicians being targeted for sympathizing with Palestinians.
Peter Beinart December 22, 2020
Obama and the Israel Lobby
In his new memoir, the former president subtly reveals how AIPAC stymied his administration.
Peter Beinart November 25, 2020
Israel’s Repressive Diplomacy
The recent normalization agreements with Arab states rely on—and contribute to—growing authoritarianism.
Peter Beinart October 26, 2020
Separation Wall
Yavne: A Jewish Case for Equality in Israel-Palestine
The two-state solution is dead. It’s time for liberal Zionists to abandon Jewish–Palestinian separation and embrace equality.
Peter Beinart July 7, 2020
No Bark, No Bite
Senate Democrats’ watered-down letter on annexation is an object lesson in how Biden’s candidacy is already letting Israel off the hook.
Peter Beinart May 21, 2020
A New Cold War Threatens Chinese Americans
The previous cold wars exacted a terrible toll on American Jews. The new cold war will do the same for Chinese Americans.
Peter Beinart April 30, 2020
The Scarlet B
Bernie Sanders’s use of the word “bigotry” to describe AIPAC is a gamechanger.
Peter Beinart February 26, 2020
Bloomberg Bibi
“The One Issue That Matters”
Time and again, Michael Bloomberg’s unquestioning devotion to Israel has led him to defend immoral and disastrous policies.
Peter Beinart February 13, 2020
Trump Kushner Bibi
What’s In It For Trump
The president’s new Mideast “peace plan” is designed to satisfy his narrow personal interests.
Peter Beinart January 29, 2020
Joe Biden’s Alarming Record on Israel
No one in the Obama administration did more to shield Netanyahu from consequences.
Peter Beinart January 27, 2020