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Noah Kulwin is a writer and contributing editor at Jewish Currents. He is also co-host of the podcast Blowback, and an associate editor at The Drift. He lives in New York.

The Unbearable Ignorance of the ADL
The organization uses its moral authority to shield Israel from criticism while spreading misleading information about contemporary antisemitism.
Noah Kulwin December 8, 2022
American Anti-Communism Abroad
Vincent Bevins, author of The Jakarta Method, discusses the legacy of US intervention in Indonesia and Brazil.
Noah Kulwin September 9, 2020
Let the Right Have the Conference of Presidents
Liberal groups have an opportunity to reassess their membership in a body designed to rubber-stamp right-wing policy.
Noah Kulwin April 29, 2020
This Is the Important Part
Leveraging US military aid to Israel is the only serious path to peace.
Noah Kulwin August 15, 2019
The Right Kind of Continuity
Jeffrey Epstein and the sexual politics of Jewish philanthropy.
Ari M. Brostoff and Noah Kulwin August 7, 2019
Democrats Fail the Left, Once Again
Trump’s racist attacks on Ilhan Omar have been enabled by her own party.
Noah Kulwin July 19, 2019
Whose Concentration Camps?
AOC is drawing the correct lessons from Holocaust history, unlike mainstream Jewish institutions.
Noah Kulwin June 19, 2019
The Congressional Black-Jewish Caucus Is a Sham
Linking arms with allies of white supremacists to fight white supremacy won’t work.
Noah Kulwin June 6, 2019
Doomed to Repeat It
The case against Iran in 2019 looks a lot like the case against Iraq in 2002.
Noah Kulwin May 16, 2019
Call It By Its Name
The right is scapegoating the left for its own deadly antisemitism.
Noah Kulwin April 30, 2019
Leading Liberal Think Tank Teams Up With AIPAC
The Center for American Progress is still tight with the Israel lobby.
Noah Kulwin April 15, 2019
No Reason for Optimism
Right-wing parties will be ascendant in Israel for years to come.
Noah Kulwin April 11, 2019
Why Are the Democrats Doing Bibi’s Dirty Work?
Democratic leaders are again attacking BDS and their party’s own base.
Noah Kulwin April 1, 2019
Mask Off
At its flagship conference, AIPAC has embraced partisan Israel politics.
Noah Kulwin March 25, 2019
Crocodile Tears After Christchurch
The right will never accept responsibility for the Islamophobia it has stoked.
Noah Kulwin March 16, 2019
The Israel Lobby’s Plan to Save Its Influence
AIPAC allies are launching a group aimed at collecting small-dollar donations for pro-Israel politicians.
Noah Kulwin March 4, 2019
Where’s the Lie?
Calling out the Israel lobby is not ipso facto antisemitism.
Noah Kulwin February 11, 2019
The Schism is Here
The bipartisan gloss on Israel is finally cracking.
Noah Kulwin January 31, 2019
Marc Lamont Hill Did Nothing Wrong
Moral seriousness is no reason to be fired.
Noah Kulwin November 30, 2018
Struggle in Nabi Saleh
Can Palestinian popular resistance regain popularity?
Noah Kulwin November 20, 2018
After Squirrel Hill
A New York City vigil imagines a path forward.
Noah Kulwin October 29, 2018
The American Jewish Establishment’s Sinister Turn
A new report links influential Jewish institutions to a McCarthyite blacklist of pro-Palestinian activists.
Noah Kulwin October 3, 2018
It’s Bigger Than the Candidates
New York’s Democratic primaries reveal how the movement is breaking the machine.
Noah Kulwin September 14, 2018
The Cultural Boycott of Israel Strikes a Chord
More than a dozen high-profile cancellations at an Israeli music festival shows the BDS movement still has some teeth.
Noah Kulwin September 12, 2018
Israel’s Nation-State Bill and the European Ethnonationalist Wave
Codifying Jewish supremacy further aligns Israel with nativist governments in Hungary, Austria, and elsewhere.
Noah Kulwin July 19, 2018
Sacha Baron Cohen and the Right’s Imaginary Israeli
The British comedian returns to form with his new show, Who is America?
Noah Kulwin July 16, 2018
Gaza and the Question of Culpability
Hamas did not force Palestinians to march to the fence. Gaza’s desperate situation did.
Noah Kulwin May 16, 2018
IfNotNow Activists Take to the Streets Protesting the ‘Embassy of Occupation’
Young American Jews protested on Washington streets on Monday, as dozens of Palestinian demonstrators were killed by Israeli forces in Gaza.
Noah Kulwin May 14, 2018
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Ahed Tamimi Sentenced
Noah Kulwin March 22, 2018
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Inside the Israeli-Government-Sponsored Settler Party Too Extreme for AIPAC
Noah Kulwin March 5, 2018