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Shatzi Weisberger
“Dying is a very mysterious thing, and I want to experience it.”
Elena Stein July 18, 2023
The Strange Logic of Germany’s Antisemitism Bureaucrats
An army of antisemitism commissioners was supposed to help Germany atone for its past. Critics say it is evidence of a memory effort gone haywire.
Peter Kuras July 18, 2023
The Theologian of the Abyss
“He claimed that God did not exist, and if He did exist, must be an idiot.”
Daniel Guebel July 18, 2023
Step by Step
Can Holocaust remembrance stones break Spain’s “Pact of Silence” around its civil war?
Andrew Silverstein July 18, 2023
The images that comprise Open evoke the almost spectral omnipresence of a malevolent state power.
Morgan Ashcom July 18, 2023
Unpacking Israel’s Legal Fictions
Noura Erakat discusses the Jenin invasion and Israel’s efforts to unilaterally change the laws of war.
Alex Kane July 14, 2023
The Heat of an Old Tale
In her new book, Happily, Sabrina Orah Mark uses fairy tale forms to open the hidden doors of family life.
Kate Bernheimer July 13, 2023
“We Are in a Daily Battle for Survival”
Abandoned by the Israeli government, the country’s Palestinian citizens live at the mercy of organized crime.
Elisheva Goldberg July 11, 2023
Exile in the Interior
In his recently reissued Hebrew novel, Anton Shammas uses the arabesque’s infinity to contest the Zionist enclosures of Palestinian life.
Isabella Hammad July 10, 2023
Are You Sure You Want To Move There?
A car ride conversation on Jewish identity
Jenny Lesser Holman July 7, 2023
Bad Memory
Germany is acclaimed for its efforts to atone for the Holocaust. But its method of repudiating the past has become a tool of exclusion.
Bad Memory
Die Welt rühmt Deutschland für seine Aufarbeitung des Holocaust. Aber aus Vergangenheitsbewältigung ist ein Instrument der Ausgrenzung geworden.
Recent Polls of US Jews Reflect Polarized Community
Trying to keep up with shifting opinion on Israel/Palestine, surveys of American Jews are beginning to ask new questions.
Caroline Morganti June 29, 2023
The Hindu Nationalists Using the Pro-Israel Playbook
Inspired by Jewish groups that cast criticism of Israel as antisemitism, Hindu American organizations are advancing a concept of “Hinduphobia” that puts India beyond reproach.
Aparna Gopalan June 28, 2023
Under a Settler Government, Violence Grows
Haaretz’s West Bank correspondent Hagar Shezaf discusses why settler attacks on Palestinians are becoming bolder.
Alex Kane June 27, 2023
The US Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Modi
In pursuing a strategic alliance with India’s Hindu nationalist prime minister, Biden has betrayed his promises to uphold human rights.
Aparna Gopalan June 22, 2023
Fatima Mohammed Has No Regrets
The CUNY Law graduate, who delivered a commencement address criticizing Israel, gives her first interview since becoming the target of a national smear campaign.
Alex Kane June 21, 2023
“Without you, imagine, otherwise the paltry sum of speech I’d be.”
Jos Charles June 16, 2023
Settlers’ Triumphant Return to Homesh
By granting Israeli citizens legal access to a disbanded settlement in the West Bank, the government has fulfilled one of the settler movement’s central demands.
Alex Kane June 13, 2023
The Israeli Far Right’s Man in Princeton
How did Im Tirtzu founder Ronen Shoval end up promoting Israel’s judicial overhaul at one of the US’s most prestigious universities?
Dahlia Krutkovich and Sarah Rosen June 8, 2023
Netanyahu’s Salami Method
Using a classic authoritarian strategy, the Israeli right has quashed dissent and entrenched the occupation slice by slice.
Joshua Leifer June 6, 2023
National Plan Reflects the Debate Over Antisemitism
While generally promising more of the same, the Biden plan signaled in multiple ways that progressive groups have succeeded in making Jewish politics a contested space.
Mari Cohen June 1, 2023
Why Are Progressive Legislators Opposing New York’s First Anti-Settlement Bill?
The “Not on our dime” act would ban tax-deductible donations to Israeli settlements, but centrists and progressives alike say the proposed law is “a ploy to demonize” Jewish nonprofits.
Alex Kane and Mari Cohen May 31, 2023
Reform Judaism Needs an Identity Beyond Israel
A major conference proposes to “re-charge” the movement by strengthening ties to the Jewish state, neglecting an opportunity to develop its unique religious vision.
David Regenspan May 30, 2023
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