The Right’s War on “Wokeness” in Virginia
Progressives can’t afford to avoid the new culture war.
David Klion November 5, 2021
Can Minneapolis Reimagine Policing?
A proposed new department would include professionals like mental health workers alongside cops.
Nathan Goldman October 29, 2021
The Politics of “Jewface”
Sarah Silverman has come out against the casting of non-Jews in Jewish roles—a stance with a fraught racial history bound up with the legacy of blackface.
Rebecca Pierce October 22, 2021
“They Want To Kick Us Out of This Land”
An interview with journalist and activist Basil al-Adraa about covering settler violence
Mari Cohen October 15, 2021
Manchin and Sinema’s Dying Brand of Centrism
The Senate moderates may weaken Biden’s agenda, but they can’t stop the left’s takeover of the Democratic Party.
David Klion October 8, 2021
When Prison Guards Refuse Vaccines
A dispatch from an incarcerated person in Pennsylvania on the risks unvaccinated guards pose to prisoners.
Mari Cohen and Stephen Wilson October 1, 2021
Does Everybody Really Hate the Jews?
Unpacking the suspect framing of a new survey on campus antisemitism.
Mari Cohen September 24, 2021
Spencer Ackerman
Mainlining Fear and Hatred
An interview with Spencer Ackerman, author of Reign of Terror.
David Klion September 17, 2021
Michael Shulan
What the 9/11 Museum Could Have Been
Michael Shulan, the museum’s former creative director, on the 20-year legacy of the attacks and his unrealized vision.
David Klion September 10, 2021
San Antonio abortion protest
“Funding Abortion Is a Radical Act of Compassion”
An abortion fund worker in Texas on how their efforts will shift now that the state has effectively banned abortion after six weeks
Arielle Swernoff September 2, 2021
Britain’s Labour Antisemitism Controversy, Revisited
An interview with British socialist historian David Renton on lessons from Jeremy Corbyn’s tenure as Labour leader.
Shane Burley August 27, 2021
Kabul evacuation
“No One Wants to Listen to the Afghan People”
A conversation with scholar Mejgan Massoumi on how Afghans have experienced the war between the United States and the Taliban.
Marya Hannun August 20, 2021
Sicily Wildfires
“There’s Plenty of Suffering that Can Be Prevented”
Climate journalist Kate Aronoff on how to process the UN climate report.
David Klion August 13, 2021
Nina Turner and Bernie Sanders
Lessons From Defeat
Reporter Daniel Marans on Nina Turner’s loss, the role of Jewish organizing and the Israel lobby, and what it all means for the left.
David Klion August 6, 2021
When Cruelty Builds Community
Adam Serwer discusses his collection of writings on the Trump era.
David Klion July 30, 2021
Ben & Jerry's
Ben & Jerry’s Tests Anti-BDS Laws
Lara Friedman on the wider stakes for free speech.
Mari Cohen July 23, 2021
Pink Peacock
The Yiddish Tote Rankling Glasgow Police
A co-founder of the queer, anarchist café Pink Peacock discusses recent run-ins with law enforcement and Jewish leftism in the UK.
Arielle Angel July 9, 2021
The Two Paths of Palestinian Islamism
Scholar Khaled Al Hroub discusses the common origins and divergent strategies of Hamas and Ra’am.
Peter Beinart June 25, 2021
What Does “From the River to the Sea” Really Mean?
The much-maligned slogan resists the fragmentation of Palestinian land and people by Israeli occupation and discrimination.
Yousef Munayyer June 11, 2021
Eve Adams Passport
Rediscovering a Pathbreaking Queer Jewish Writer
A conversation with historian Jonathan Ned Katz on the life of Eve Adams.
Alisa Solomon June 10, 2021
Dispatch From a Mixed City
Violence in Israel’s Jewish–Arab cities is an attack on the already fragile fabric of joint life.
Matan Kaminer May 20, 2021
Contextualizing the Crisis in Israel/Palestine
A selection of our articles from the past few years.
The Editors May 18, 2021
“They Have Never Lived One Day of Freedom”
An interview with Rep. Betty McCollum, author of a bill that would restrict US military aid in support of the occupation.
Alex Kane May 14, 2021
“Everyone Deserves Care”
An interview with labor historian Gabriel Winant about his new book, The Next Shift, and how care work could become the basis of a new class solidarity.
Ari M. Brostoff April 16, 2021
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