Authors / Maya Rosen

Maya Rosen is a graduate student studying history at the Hebrew University. She lives in Jerusalem and is active in anti-occupation work.

Hostages’ Families Fight to Be Heard
The families of those held in Gaza have faced violence and neglect in their quest to retrieve their loved ones.
Maya Rosen November 15, 2023
Remembering Khalil Abu Yahia
The Gazan scholar and activist, who was killed in an Israeli airstrike last month, believed in the radical potential of solidarity.
Maya Rosen and Erez Bleicher November 6, 2023
“We Have Lost the Ability to Provide True Care”
Three doctors describe coping with fatal shortages and agonizing choices in Gaza’s overwhelmed hospitals.
Hammam Alloh, Yousef Al-Akkad, and Reda Abu Assi October 30, 2023
Dispatches from the West Bank
In the West Bank, violence and dispossession intensify as the line between settler and soldier is fast disappearing.
Mustafa, Luna, Mariam, Ghassan Najjar, and Sabri October 20, 2023
Dispatches from Gaza
Three Palestinians describe life under constant Israeli bombardment—and lay out their visions for liberation.
Mohammed Zraiy, Khalil, and Rania Hussein October 17, 2023
Reclaiming a Minor Literature
The editor of diasporic Hebrew journal Mikan Ve’eylakh seeks to recover the possibilities of Hebrew language not tied to the State of Israel.
Maya Rosen February 21, 2022
Photo Essay
Portraits of Resistance in Masafer Yatta
Israel’s Supreme Court will soon decide the case of the residents of Masafer Yatta, who have lived for decades under the threat of displacement by the military.
Emily Glick November 10, 2021
Shabbat Terror in the West Bank
For religious Zionist settlers in the South Hebron Hills, attacks on Palestinians have become a Shabbat afternoon pastime.
Maya Rosen September 9, 2021
This Purim, Stand Against Kahanism
We are still living with the consequences of the Hebron massacre.
Maya Rosen March 20, 2019