Authors / Zoé Samudzi

Zoé Samudzi is a sociologist, art writer, and contributing writer for Jewish Currents.

The images that comprise Open evoke the almost spectral omnipresence of a malevolent state power.
Morgan Ashcom July 18, 2023
Under the Hood
A sanitized Philip Guston retrospective tries so hard not to offend that it skirts around the most interesting aspect of Guston’s work: his meditations on the American Jewish relationship to anti-Black violence.
Zoé Samudzi November 16, 2022
An Object Not Meant to Object
On The Wayland Rudd Collection
Zoé Samudzi June 6, 2022
Visions in Penal Time
Scholar Nicole R. Fleetwood discusses how incarcerated artists navigate the constraints of the prison’s built environment.
Zoé Samudzi January 4, 2021
A Journey Into the Heart of Whiteness
For more than 50 years, Rosalind Fox Solomon has sought to understand whiteness from its margins.
Zoé Samudzi July 22, 2020
Stealing Away in America
Vicky Osterweil, author of the forthcoming book In Defense of Looting, discusses the ways that looting contests the racial capitalist logics at the heart of American empire.
Zoé Samudzi June 10, 2020
Searching for Black Thought in White Antifascism
Natasha Lennard’s otherwise incisive new essay collection fails to adequately address what nonwhiteness might offer antifascist thought.
Zoé Samudzi August 1, 2019
Policing the Borders of Suffering
When it comes to concentration camps and other carceral spaces, the debate over vocabulary lays bare the inconsistencies in our fights for justice.
Zoé Samudzi June 21, 2019