Authors / Rebecca Pierce

Rebecca Pierce is a Black and Jewish filmmaker and writer from San Francisco and a contributing writer for Jewish Currents. Her writing has been published in The New Republic, The Forward, The Nation, and +972 Magazine.

Shared Grief Is Not Enough
After the Buffalo massacre, Jewish institutions must confront their own complicity with white supremacy.
Rebecca Pierce May 19, 2022
The Politics of “Jewface”
Sarah Silverman has come out against the casting of non-Jews in Jewish roles—a stance with a fraught racial history bound up with the legacy of blackface.
Rebecca Pierce October 22, 2021
White Savior Cinema
A conversation with Palestinian German director Lexi Alexander about Wonder Woman’s promotion of Arab stereotypes, her experiences of racism behind the camera, and the stakes of accurately portraying marginalized communities on screen.
Rebecca Pierce January 8, 2021
Selective Memory
Throughout the Trump presidency, the American Jewish establishment’s focus on policing Holocaust analogies undermined efforts to hold the president accountable for stoking white nationalism.
Rebecca Pierce December 4, 2020
Beyond Good Intentions
Organizers of the Not Free to Desist campaign discuss their efforts to push Jewish institutions to embrace anti-racism.
Rebecca Pierce August 27, 2020
Jews of Color and the Policing of White Space
The infamous 911 call in Central Park has hard lessons for Jewish communal spaces.
Rebecca Pierce May 29, 2020
Jersey City responders
Black Antisemitism Is Not Inherently “Left-Wing”
Blaming tragedies like the Jersey City shooting on the left is reductive and dangerous.
Rebecca Pierce December 20, 2019
An Antisemitic Judge, a White Supremacist System
A Jewish death row inmate in Texas confronts the same forces that kill and incarcerate Black and Brown people daily.
Rebecca Pierce and Isaac Brosilow October 4, 2019
New Zealand
Sites of Worship, Sites of Resistance
After Christchurch, communities of faith must fight white supremacy with solidarity.
Rebecca Pierce March 19, 2019