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These homemade hanukiyahs are perfect

Jacob Plitman
December 13, 2017
by Jacob Plitman Banner credit: Alex Foley LIKE OUR COUSINS the Elves, we Jews are a crafty, clever and resourceful people. Marooned as many of us are within a Christian-hegemonic superpower, we reach for what is at hand -- ritually, by turning a minor holiday about the Jewish Taliban into a major celebration, and literally, by turning any old piece of shit into a good dang hannukiyah. Let us celebrate some of them good dang hanukiyahs here.

1) (((beer)))


2) Painfully beautiful couple, v in love

Credit: Liana Thomason

3) mnmlst hnnkyh

Credit: Emily Ivey

4) Hannukiyahhh mother fuckre

Yea that’s a shemesh cigarette lighting a candle cigarette. The source of this photo added, “for context, I’m in Amman, Jordan and it’s really hard to find Chanukah stuff on the fly.”

5) True Craftspersonship

Credit: Sarah Mclain

6) 8 nights of loud


7) those are cheetos

Owner of the photograph would like to assure you that she did not light them on fire. Credit: Natalie Lyons-Cohen - Post yours on our Facebook or Tweet it at us. Jacob Plitman is associate editor of Jewish Currents.

Jacob Plitman was the publisher of Jewish Currents from 2017-2022, during which time he stewarded the relaunch of the magazine.