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Jacob Plitman was the publisher of Jewish Currents from 2017 – 2022, during which time he stewarded the relaunch of the magazine.

mount sinai
Slow Burn: Quarantine Edition
Exodus: Yitro
What does it mean that we do not consent to our ethical obligations?
Jacob Plitman June 4, 2020
Dual Disloyalty
Who do Jewish institutions actually serve?
Jacob Plitman August 13, 2019
Making History, Blintzes, and Trouble
Longtime leftist activists Dick and Mickey Flacks reflect on their lives, their work, and their new memoir.
Jacob Plitman January 21, 2019
Julia Salazar In Her Own Words
In a Q&A just ahead of her primary, the New York state senate candidate addresses her past, present, and the future of her campaign.
Jacob Plitman August 27, 2018
On an Emerging Diasporism
The simultaneous crises of the Trump presidency in America and the ongoing rightward radicalization of Israel are fueling a Diasporic revival. Where might it take us?
Jacob Plitman April 16, 2018
Exclusive: Two New Women Accuse Ari Shavit of Sexual Misconduct Amid Attempted Comeback
Jacob Plitman December 23, 2017
Blog-Shmog Cultural Jewish Life
These homemade hanukiyahs are perfect
Jacob Plitman December 13, 2017
Protesting Conservative Judaism’s Support of Embassy Move
Goldie Poll and Jacob Plitman December 12, 2017
Writings Grid Blog-Shmog
Linda Sarsour, Anti-Antisemitism, and Some Unintelligible Yelling
Jacob Plitman November 29, 2017
Honoring the Meyer Awards: Complimentary subscription to Jewish Currents
Jacob Plitman November 6, 2017
Writings Grid Blog-Shmog
Who Deserves a Holiday More than Columbus?
Jacob Plitman October 8, 2017
Call for Bund-Related Submissions! Deadline 10/23
Jacob Plitman October 7, 2017
Writings Grid Blog-Shmog
Stanford Study: Campus Antisemitism Greatly Exaggerated
Jacob Plitman October 6, 2017
Writings Grid Uncategorized
Exclusive: Swastikas Spark Backlash at History Festival
Jacob Plitman September 26, 2017
Writings Grid Uncategorized
Police Surround St. Louis Temple, Nazis Tweet “#GasTheSynagogue”
Jacob Plitman September 16, 2017
Reform Movement Considering Endorsement of Bernie Sanders “Medicare For All” Bill
Jacob Plitman September 13, 2017
Writings Grid Blog-Shmog
Of Course the ZOA Loves Steve Bannon -- They’re Fascists
Jacob Plitman September 8, 2017
Writings Grid Blog-Shmog
“Outraged and Unafraid” Undocumented Youth and Allies Shut Down Trump Tower
Jacob Plitman September 5, 2017
Writings Grid Blog-Shmog
A BDS Endorsement from a Resurgent DSA
Jacob Plitman August 25, 2017