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Mairav Zonszein is an Israeli American journalist and commentator who has covered Israeli politics and US foreign policy for over a decade. She is a founding editor of +972 Magazine, and her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The New York Review of Books, Foreign Policy, The Columbia Journalism Review, and more. She is currently senior analyst on Israel/​Palestine with the International Crisis Group.

Vaccination Under Occupation
Israel has a legal responsibility to ensure that Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza are vaccinated. The question is one of execution on the ground.
Mairav Zonszein January 12, 2021
Will Biden Undo Trump’s Disastrous Legacy on Israel/Palestine?
The new president-elect has the authority to do so. It’s unclear whether he’ll use it.
Mairav Zonszein November 24, 2020
Palestinians protest in Gaza City
Searching for a Strategy
As Arab states normalize relations with Israel, Palestinians are struggling to build consensus around a new way forward.
Mairav Zonszein September 30, 2020
anti bibi protesters
Till Bibi Goes Home
An activist in Israel’s anti-Netanyahu protests discusses the movement to unseat the prime minister.
Mairav Zonszein July 28, 2020
Accounting for Jews of Color
Critics say a new article challenging the number of Jews of color undermines the slow progress Jews of color have made in securing communal funding for inclusivity efforts.
Mairav Zonszein May 26, 2020
Freelance Journalists in Crisis
The pandemic exacerbates existing struggles for freelancers as the media landscape becomes even more precarious.
Mairav Zonszein April 8, 2020
No Time to Waste
The annexation of the West Bank appears imminent. Is the American Jewish peace camp ready to respond?
Mairav Zonszein February 27, 2020
The War on Free Speech Comes to High School
A New York private school recently fired a teacher with pro-Palestine views who had been targeted by the right.
Mairav Zonszein January 24, 2020
What Really Happened at Bard College?
A Forward editor alleges she was protested for being Jewish. Witnesses tell a different story.
Mairav Zonszein October 14, 2019
One of Us
A new documentary portrays outgoing Knesset member Dov Khenin as a lone, heroic figure in a hopeless political landscape.
Mairav Zonszein July 5, 2019
Seeking Justice in an Unjust System
Gaby Lasky’s losing battle for Israeli democracy.
Mairav Zonszein November 20, 2018