The Push to “Deactivate” Students for Justice in Palestine
Civil liberties experts say a law banning “material support for terrorism” is being used to quash pro-Palestine speech.
Alex Kane
After the Hit-and-Run
Can restorative justice offer crash victims like me—and the drivers who harmed us—the healing we need?
Mari Cohen
The Abolitionist Logic of “Everyone for Everyone”
A call from the families of hostages contains the seed of true safety.
Dan Berger
The Problem of the Unionized War Machine
Union workers in the US weapons industry present a paradox for anti-war labor activists, but a history of “conversion” campaigns offers a route through the impasse.
Jeff Schuhrke
Israel’s War on Journalists
By casting reporters as Hamas accomplices, Israel seeks to discredit critical coverage—and to justify unprecedented violence against Palestinian journalists.
Jonathan Shamir
Dispatches from Gaza
Three Palestinians describe life under constant Israeli bombardment—and lay out their visions for liberation.
Mohammed Zraiy, Khalil Abu Yahia, and Rania Hussein
Amid a Settler Onslaught, Protective Presence Activism Falters
As settlers rampage, Israeli and international activists are struggling to leverage their relative privilege to protect Palestinians in the West Bank.
Aman Abhishek
Toward a Sober Assessment of Campus Antisemitism
In a moment when many American Jews are afraid—and their fear is being used to erode civil liberties—we must examine the incidents coming across our screens with calm.
Ben Lorber
Current IssueFall 2023
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