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RIP (Retire in Peace), Al Franken

George Salamon
November 27, 2017

by George Salamon

IT DOESN’T MATTER anymore: how many women have stepped forward, how many more might step forward soon to accuse Al Franken of grabbing or groping them.

The Senator (D) from Minnesota issued another statement about the much-discussed allegations of “sexual misconduct” he now faces. This is what he said:

I’ve met tens of thousands of people and taken thousands of photographs, often in crowded and chaotic situations. I’m a warm person; I hug people.”

These words are breathtakingly smarmy and weaselly. They also insult the intelligence of every citizen, including those willing to overlook his “crossing the line” (as he put it) because his support of liberal/progressive causes is needed in the Senate.

The Senator wants us to believe that he, Harvard AB 1973 (cum laude in political science, aka Government at Harvard, or in psychology and social relations -- depending on where you look that up) got so confused at a campaign or party meeting that he confused a friendly hug with a lusty grab of a female ass.

Not the dimmest and horniest high school kid, caught in the act of bottom-grabbing, would offer so ludicrous an explanation for his actions.

Franken is an arrogant and oily character. I prefer the admissions by others, caught in similar acts, that their celebrity or status or power enabled them to commit such acts and that they were delighted they could get away with them -- for a long time, too.

If you like Franken, the Senator-Prankster, tell him you’ll watch his pranks on TV. The boys at the neighborhood tavern might enjoy them, too, but only if he leaves his liberal politics out of them. And if no longer on SNL, other venues are available.

Maybe a liberal adult with a touch of integrity could be found to take his place.