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“Resistance Is the Lesson” — A Traveling Exhibit

April 26, 2017
THE SUCCESS of our Autumn 2015 issue dedicated to the commemoration of Jewish resistance to Nazism has prompted us to create a traveling exhibit on the subject. “Resistance Is the Lesson” tells the details about more than twenty acts of armed resistance against Nazi oppression, in ghettos, concentration camps, and the forests and fields of Central and Eastern Europe, France, Italy, Greece, and beyond — with prominent photo portraits of Hannah Arendt, Mordechai Anielewicz (commander of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising), Vitka Kempner and Abba Kovner (partisans of Vilna), Roza Robota (a heroine of the Auschwitz uprising), Janusz Korczak (who died with the orphans of Warsaw), and numerous other well-known and little-known heroes and heroines of the Jewish resistance throughout the lands of Europe. Also included is a special section on Righteous Gentiles who risked their lives to help Jews. Korczak“Resistance Is the Lesson” is an adaptable show that can be tailored to fit a variety of exhibit spaces. It includes brief summaries of how the “sheep-to-slaughter” vision of the Holocaust took shape, about the meaning and scope of Jewish resistance, and about some of the lessons we might draw from that reality for our contemporary lives. Jewish Currents is charging only $600 to prepare an exhibit for your institution, and can provide speakers, a slide show, and other educational elements at additional cost. Please contact our editor, Lawrence Bush, at 845 626-2427 or via email. Jewish Partisans outside a hut they built in the Rudniki forestKampner photos